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  1. It's always a pain driving on the strip, but they decided the minimal walking distance from all the resorts would be a big selling point. I thought it would be good to place it down by the speedway just outside of the city, but that would have been a long distance from UNLV and part of the deal was to have the Rebels play there.
  2. I have yet to meet anyone here in Vegas who believed this stadium was a good idea. The only time I'll go is when the Bills play here. What sucks even more is that UNLV has to pay rent to play there. Our politicians wanted an NFL team so badly that they screwed us.
  3. File this under duh. Of course it's an issue, but the only way for Allen to get experience is to play and since we named him the starter last year we cannot go backwards. Hopefully a better line and more offensive weapons will help him this year.
  4. I thought it was really good. Those Russian miners were total badasses.
  5. Deadwood, if you haven't watched it yet. I'm currently binging it.
  6. Yeah, they publicized that it was only 6 episodes this season, but over half of them are about 1 hour 20 minutes long.
  7. Agreed. Let's look to the future and creating new teams that we can honor in the future. We have to stop looking to our past in hopes to recapture those moments.
  8. I'll end up at a Super Bowl party, but I don't plan on actively watching this year.
  9. Lit, you're right, McD would never do that, but I would also argue neither would the majority of coaches in this league. Payton is just a ballsy coach.
  10. Gotta go with Baseball, too. better for overall health, and a greater earning potential.
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