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  1. You have always been a allen hater. You couldn't wait to post this
  2. Guy he said the virus was not serious its because of him it's this bad now
  3. If trump would have listened to people instead of golfing things might be different .
  4. It's hard when your whole team quits and it's all on you . I'm telling you right now if we sign watt he will go all pro next year he wants to win bad
  5. This is good news for us jets won't be good for another 3 years I'm good with it
  6. We finally have a franchise QB and you want to throw him away lol I'm pretty sure everyone here thinks we have something special with Josh and he will get us a superbowl ..
  7. And you're wrong lol please go to another team if you think a top 3 QB sucks
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