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  1. I don't see this happening. I see #12 and Gundlach teaming with Golly but ultimately losing to Pegula. And I see the Bon Jovi group being granted an expansion team or relocating someone else to Toronto or LA in the not so distant future. This whole thing has become ridiculous. Just get it done.
  2. Everyone chillax. I'm sure this is very common. And put yourselves in the shoes of a group that wants to move the team. It will cost upwards of 1.5 bil to purchase the team. Then you have the option of paying the 400 million dollars it takes to buy out of the lease OR play out SEVEN lame duck, money losing seasons in Buffalo to get out cheap. Either way, I'm sure that there are relocation fines or fees on top that the league will impose. Right there we're talking about two billion dollars (give or take). THEN you have to build a billion dollar sandbox in either Toronto or LA (and the Canadian government is very reluctant to fund stadium/arena projects). So there's about three billion to move the team. Oh.....and who knows if the NFL even works in either place (LA has lost three or four football teams and Toronto is a pucks town)? Not two mention that a super majority of owners have to approve a move. I'm not definitively saying that they WON'T move. I'm just looking at it as simple math and saying: Advantage local bidders.
  3. Also, put yourselves in the shoes of the Toronto, LA or even London folks. Is it easier to jump through all of the hoops listed above or wait for A.) Another NFL club to fail in it's market and look to sell or relocate or....B.) Another round of expansion. LA will have another football team very soon and, more than likely, and I believe Toronto will have a team, too. I just don't see it being our Bills. Also, remember the abuse the league took for the Browns leaving Cleveland. Just for fun...here's what I see in the future: The LA Chargers.....The San Antonio Raiders.....The Toronto Rams.....The Barcelona Matadors (expansion).....the London Rippers (expansion). Oh.....and the BUFFALO Bills!
  4. I like this. I don't see it as a long term thing. Can see him buying the team, getting the new stadium built and securing both the team's future and his legacy in the region where he is from. Then he flips it to Pegula or the Jacobs or someone else. By that time, the team is in Western New York until most of us die. I don't see a downside to this. I see lots of people saying that he ran the Sabres into the ground but I remember a couple of Cup contenders during his time as owner. I'm not as huge a Sabres fan as a Bills fan so I could be wrong or missing or forgetting a huge point. And, of course, he probably saved hockey in Buffalo.
  5. I would be loving life if my Bills played a season here in The 'Cuse! Bring it! Actually, I could see four or five in Toronto with the rest in the Dome. SU split between Rich Stadium and Giants Stadium back when they were building the big top in '79. I can see something similar happening here.
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