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  1. Biden was a pro segregation career politician that the phony left is supporting over, fake racist Trump. Hypocrites all of them.
  2. I just think he's out of position. What made him dominate in college was his quick first step. I don't know, I haven't been following him much in the pros but didn't seem like a 3-4 defense in NY was a fit.
  3. The National Television game makes me think we aren't ready for the big times yet. With that being said respect can be earned back next week against the chiefs
  4. Damn I used that info in another forum on why Allen didn't suck lol. I was counting your intel 😬
  5. Titans arent that great.. they beat shit teams and barely won.
  6. I think he was going to Gabe all along. The play may have been designed to draw attention to Diggs. Check out where Allen's feet were pointing to the whole time.
  7. Allen will open the playbook for any offensive coordinator because he can make every throw. With that being said Daboll has been great this year. Should we take the New England approach and promote from within? Thats why I asked last week in the chat...Who is going to replace Daboll? Dorsey? Dorsey didn't light up the wonderlick test as a player with a 25 and I'm not sure how good he would be playcalling/scheming. Who else from the staff is there, Bobby Johnson? Players do like him
  8. If the defense starts playing like a top 3 defense again. Super Bowl favorites! But that's a big if
  9. I say we let Allen do Allen. Do what the defense gives you. No one in the league is as gifted as Allen using his legs in a goal line situation to not take advantage of that because it doesn't fit a narrative is idiotic. Lit wants to act like it doesn't count as much. Sure we can talk about how great his passer rating was after the game if he throws a TD but it doesn't equate to wins how he did it. What does equate to wins is situational football and making sure you are doing the most efficient play to score 6.
  10. The team that has the most points on the board wins! Pretty simple and you are trying to complicate this with literisms!
  11. I think you are missing the point. You are arguing that a strength of his is a weakness, when it statistically is an efficient option(best in the league). If he didn't throw TDs at an insane rate I might see your point that he's one demential but teams now have to pick their poison.
  12. I don't care how you slice it. Allen is unique and very efficient in the red zone with that threat to score with his legs. He's damn near automatic when he's running it on 3rd/4th and goal. Teams are on notice and that's why we were successful last year. It's the reason why teams respect that ability this year and it's opening up more passing options to score.
  13. Why does that matter? His legs are a weapon I hope they keep using in the red zone because it's money.
  14. Ya this was just circulating on social media. I would have different boxes. Or at least offer an other option. Most people eating crow now would probably say because accuracy cannot be improved! Which if anything Allen has been has proven is very accurate this year. It's his decision making that could get better and fortunately that is something that will definitely get better in time.
  15. Please fill out and hand in by the end of the day to reapply for your fan status. Thanks
  16. Looking at the roster....Gonna need to draft defensive heavy moving forward. CB, LB, DE, Safety need to be retooled in order to stay a strong Defense in 2021 and beyond. Offense is pretty much set for a couple of years.
  17. That's just playing politics that both sides play. 100 percent chance that doesn't get over turned
  18. I don't think this changes anything in regards to abortion. Nothing will get over turned. It's just a left selling point
  19. If someone legally can why wouldn't they, it doesn't matter what I think. It's how the system works. This whole notion that we should let the American people decide after the election I don't understand. They already chose 2 years ago when they kept the majority in the senate. No one should wait to do their job they were elected to do. If anything there should be more of a urgency to get things done. I'll give you the hypocrisy argument. The Republican senators have to eat shit there. It may flip some seats in the senate as a result of those statements. So there is your silver lining.
  20. I don't see a problem with filling the seat because president and senate have the right to nominate and confirm another justice and that's what they should do....but Graham and O'Connell did paint themselves in a corner with their statements in the past. That was stupid on their part.
  21. Why didn't Obama nominate someone? Was it because he couldn't get it through without the senate majority?
  22. Besides...Try attaching a rocket launcher(Allen's Arm) and releasing a ball on a pendulum...a smaller degree of difference has a greater effect on its trajectory. It would need a more precision like guidance system than say a noodle arm playing catch in a bills parking lot. Add a 250 lb linebacker running after that fan and throw the opposite way of that roll out and that dad bod accuracy goes out the window real quick.
  23. When his non throwing arm is tight to his body it's money. It effects how he throws on an axis. Took a conversation with Toni Romo to figure that out. It amazes me none of his other coaches saw this and wanted to fix it over the years.
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