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  1. Good sell the forum, we don’t need your ass. You aren’t a Bills Fan anyways.
  2. Because you have TDS and aren’t thinking clearly. Anyone who isn’t bashing him or thinking the worst is a trumper according to you.
  3. butthurt by what the fact that impeachment = conservatives winning big in 2020. It will only open up inquiry’s in the Senate into Biden’s affairs. Never said I was a Trumper, if you pay attention I’m just an anti socialist. If you think I’m a Trumper because I can careless about a phone call and I’m not this fanatical lefty screaming at the sky over everything this president does then so be it.
  4. I corrected it before you sent that. Tells me a weak argument is to follow. You don’t know how to think for yourself.
  5. Even if guilty, although it is subjective at best and thrown out in any court case, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime since it’s common practice in politics. Then almost all of Congress needs to get impeached.
  6. It’s my pun, I’m a pilot. You fucking grammar pussy.
  7. What does that have to do with anything, Hitler murdered everyone. Doesn’t change the fact that he came to power because of socialism. Because of Germans wanting to punish the rich Jews. It’s plane as day. The military raided farms and controlled the means of production. Same old Marxist bullshit.
  8. Ya he’s a piece of shit though. He’s a total dick in his interviews. The one I was disappointed for was Bill Murray
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