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Bills vs Chiefs UPDATE

Reports are that if Milano plays, it will be in specialized roles and in a limited capacity.




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  1. Correct this. You are still as dumb as a box of rocks. Maybe someday you can change your focus to big picture things that involve critical thinking or just continue to be a boring conversation to someone with intellect. The choice is yours.
  2. And no one should take you seriously. Not surprised that's all you got. Those who call out grammar when I was writing this on a cell phone while making breakfast...just shows you got bitch slapped and don't have a logical comeback.
  3. I knew we would at least be better containing athletic QBs in the pocket and keeping outside containment in the running game due to his length. His ability to slip blocks has always been elite dating back to his freshman year in college. But people weren't impressed with his pro day, even though he had the best 10 yard dash in the draft and was extremely productive as a unpolished first year player. That negative reaction to that pick made as much sense as the people who thought electing Biden was a good idea.
  4. I will tell you meat run behind that rookie Spencer Brown more and you will see that number go up. Hard to find another player in the league right now getting more push.
  5. Or maybe we should delete you off this board or sensor your opinions too because we don't like it. Since your comments aren't worth the trouble and aren't productive. See imagine the world we live in if we adopted that mentality and went full cancer culture...I mean cancel culture. But we won't because we aren't evil communist pricks and enjoy freedom of speech around here.
  6. I'm starting to think even Mitch Trubisky can win a Super Bowl with this defense and offense. We have seen enough this year to say they can run it just fine, it's just we don't run it enough or scheme for it because of the weapons we have in the passing game. However, there will be weeks we take advantage of opponents with weak run defenses.
  7. What a panty ass world we live in today. Everyone is so offended and lives are ruined over name calling(everyone on here is guilty of it). Meanwhile really sick individuals are praised and glorified. Divorce rates are through the rough because men would rather be diva bitches than having a backbone. Woman have no respect for you. I have to look at my WW2 vet grandfather, who has two Purple Hearts, to see what tough, honorable and better human beings actually looked like back in the day. They definitely are a rare breed these days.
  8. I was all Rousseau, Knox and Allen. And fought him constantly on them. They are the best players on the team now
  9. We will all die, including you. But some will never live
  10. Then all you have is idiots educating our youth.
  11. And they will happy face those consequences as free people and don't give a shit.
  12. It's still the same..When the wheels fall off most would say it's old age and a doctor will prepare families for hospice talk because there are too many things to fix. How paperwork is filed is another story and a doctor can take their pick with some motivating factors for doing so. A lot of times unless they do an autopsy they won't know for sure because multiple things may be failing at once.
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