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  1. Knox went from a seldomly used player in the passing game in college to a passing weapon for us in the pros. I can see why his head was spinning last year. If he settles in and improves like I think he will, this offense becomes much more of a match up problem for defenses.
  2. Families are alive and well. More money than ever yet they pay big bucks to keep it a secret since the early 1900s. They funded wars for profit for years. Bush senior became VP for Reagan. Despite Reagan hating him during the Republican debates, only because one of the Rockefeller son or grandson told him he had to. If you look at that family..Prescott Bush president bushs daddy only got into politics and oil business from Rockefeller's. Rockfellers partner also got into head of the CIA, Secretary of State at the time. Their family tentacles have been influencing government policy ever since. Clintons and Obama's all part of the club. This is much deeper than just partisan politics. Presidents they don't lobby for, that look into abolishing the FED either get shot or smothered in media with scandals and attacks
  3. We are on the hook to Rockefeller, JP Morgan and 6 other families that own a piece of all the companies in the world! They aren't printing money anymore based on a gold value system. See my point. We are forever indebted and they are collecting taxes in the form of inflation. That's what happens when you have privately owned foreign and domestic entities as the central bank. They own the media and I wouldn't be surprised if they are tied to Epstein pimp ring to have dirt on very powerful people.
  4. How can you read that propaganda mess and pass it off as evidence? Better off reading the actual executive order. The US has printed money out of thin air for decades now. You think the 7 percent is keeping social security and Medicare afloat? This is such a bullshit article. Trump is trying to get money in the hands of people who need it "Temporarily " because of the stale tactics In Congress from the corona relief funds. They are playing petty politics with our well being while Trump is getting shit done in a crisis. This is what you call looking out for our self interest! This is the opposite what you are saying. Shame on Congress for doing nothing
  5. If you haven't figured out yet, the point of the people voting for trump wasn't because he's a good guy, it's to block the special interest that have kept the shackles on our ability to prosper. The FED the people who wrote us our stimulus checks have always prospered when we are at our weakest. The ones who just grabbed more regulatory control over the markets while we weren't looking. Rockefeller and other FED families bought the media years ago to hide the fact the FED is privately owned. Something the media NEVER covers.. this conflict of interest. Yet they have a stake in every Fortune 500 company in the world. Reagan was shot immediately after wanting to check the FED. Might want to look there and lay blame. Just following the money... Most of these social issues can be resolved if we rise people up from poverty. Some people have political reasons for not allowing that to happen. Demographic ones!
  6. Some critical thinking required. You only see what they want you to see. We are being herded to the left make no mistake about it.
  7. You are a blind man if you don't see the people gloating
  8. Trump does I know that. People like Biden and his followers are happy we aren't working right now.
  9. If we didn't have people like Biden. Could you imagine how much better the economy would be and how better it would be now.
  10. I'm done with you, you just can't admit when you are wrong and it's a waste of time arguing about nonsense you spew. Over two years it says Allen took a whooping total of 20 check downs. Mahomes and his big play offense took 45 for second least in the NFL. Which includes Allens rookie year. Take it or leave it. It's a fucking fact. We get it you still think Rosen is gonna be an all pro and downing Allen is your only hope for an ounce of creditability you think you have. I'm not here to say Allen is the greatest QB in the world or that he is an accurate QB, His deep ball needs work. I'm just stating the obvious he could improve those numbers based on where he decides to throw the football, period! And you just want to run around like a chicken with your head cut off to discredit that claim.
  11. Don't do numbers. You can't correlate can you? You clown! You too stupid to realize that percentage means half the throws that Mahomes took. Just stop with your nonsense.
  12. Lol you are always wrong, it's crazy how you always miss the point. Everyone in the data I have shown you had similar stats for check downs. Except one guy Allen! He far and away is number one! He elects to Not check down almost always...he is twice less likely to do that than the number 2 guy. You have zero players you can compare him to! That's why your stats are BULLSHIT! So go sit down and pee
  13. A player like Mahomes is great he will dominate regardless, just like Steph Curry does taking a lot of 3s and still has a high FG percentage. However it's common sense..a player taking the easy layups will have a higher FG percentage because it's the easier smarter play "at times". Make able shoots! For the love of all that is good...the fact I have to explain this to a guy that claims to be such a Football God and Draft expert is sad and pathetic. And the fact you want to ban me for it is even more pathetic.
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