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  1. In his paper thin defense I brought it up, I think in my mind what else would he be wearing with a name like that coming up with conspiracy theories in his moms basement. He's obviously sheltered. He doesn't want to conform with anything in society out of fear of losing his imaginary freedom. Why get dressed to go out side. It's scary out there. Might as well have Mom cook em some hot pockets and post dumb shit on the range to piss us off.
  2. Jokes on you! You are on the rat wheel, nothing is original here, you aren't different you are a FOLLOWER of idiots. You aren't free! You are a follower! They control you! You are controlled by idiots. You should be invited to a dinner for schmucks!
  3. They are coming to get you! You are not safe in your moms basement with your thin tighty whitey dukes on anymore, they are coming to vaccinate you! Omg so scary, Hide!
  4. And you are a loon. Let the data come out. Take it if you want or don't take it. You have a choice It's not mandated so stop wasting my time with this dumb shit. Nothing is new about vaccines, you aren't educating anyone here. Sick of having to shift through your trash
  5. You think we are in control now? We already lost that battle, you are a rebel with out a cause at this point. Let's pretend like these vaccines below don't exist as a requirement to go to school. Attending a Bills game ticks you off? People can still continue hiding in their basements and watching it on TV. It's better on TV anyways. That's still a choice, home school is a choice as well but then again you might end up on a sports forum, posting a gif of a man dressed as a woman dinging some stupid triangle every two hours. Thinking you are a special intellect but can't hold a normal conversation with anyone in society and everything is a conspiracy(btw even if you got one right, you really have no control over it anyways and your whole life you worried about it for what). Do something productive because isn't that your whole point of giving fans shit for enjoying a good damn football game. As if you are doing something better. Something tells me a conspiracy is your release from your daily routine. Like all of us we need to relax. Until it consumes us and becomes a stress like Seandevelan's constant state during a football season or defensive heavy draft. Polio. Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis (DTaP) Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) Hepatitis B. Varicella (Chickenpox)
  6. I see where you are coming from Hip. I respect that. That's why I wait until they are 18 to ask them to be my flight attendants 😂
  7. Bottom line...George Floyd would be alive today if he wasn't a piece of shit human. No one is paying for his incarceration. That's the silver lining. White, Black, Purple doesn't matter. None racist people view his value to society based on his actions not skin color. The news executives that withheld crucial information of Mr Floyd's condition and background from the public, should be impeached from their jobs for inciting violence and riots. Under the racism against orange people act. Everyone should be treated the same don't you agree flip flop?
  8. You should change name from HipKat to FlipFlop.
  9. Got ya lol. You know how contradictory this sounds right because you showed data of improvement
  10. Okay so based on your logic over the last 4 years, you are now giving Trump credit here right?
  11. I hope it's wildly successful then maybe he can give the Bills a hometown discount. Although he did say it takes 5 years before the first harvest.
  12. You want to win whole fucking thing! You protect Allen and get after the other teams QB. It's simple as that. We need the reinforcements there.
  13. His carefree island mentality doesn't help either. You need to be a boss to lead a franchise.
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