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  1. I don't know the pay in my industry went way up before the plague of confusion hit. I kept a lot more of my pay check in taxes too. Definitely some good investment opportunities. I was quite happy then. Still I was annoyed with all you people who can't have nice things(you guys) need to be miserable and wanted company
  2. Exit polls, beginning polls and everyone you communicate with on the regular wasn't too thrilled with the dementia guy as president. Oh ya!!! I said both sides to blame and you argue one side and say I'm hypocritical. That's rich. Let's just chalk this up as a loss for all Americans and that includes the people who sold their soul because of the hatred in their hearts to make this happen. God bless
  3. Cult isn't half the country🥴 that's ridiculous you all keep saying that. You ever think that maybe I'm missing something here. All these people are probably pissed about something. Liberals never stand up for the constitution. They don't support the individual. That's what the constitution is all about.
  4. The crazy thing is that Trump gained something like 9 million votes and still lost
  5. He didn't exactly say come on in. Like this dope is claiming. I'm telling ya people are fucked from being locked down so long.
  6. And its like the NFL fixing to start Mahomes this Sunday regardless of protocol. The show must go on
  7. When you tell me how the hell 65 million voted for Hillary and 84 Million this time voted for Biden with the lowest enthusiasm polls in history Lol. This is called looking the other way is it not? Come on just admit it and then we can just move on being the hamster society that we are and thinking we have free elections in this country. It is what it is we have Biden as president whether we like it or not.
  8. There was a town that voted 100 percent for Biden though! lol They weren't exactly hiding it well. Let's just act like that didn't happen
  9. First of all you give Trump all the material he needs by demonizing his followers. Their was a time for dialogue before Trump came around. Instead of you will eat this and you will like it approach. Second, you are in denial, you aren't anywhere close to being a Republican. After reading what you wrote over the years, your stance on policy couldn't be more left with a few exception. Yes Republicans do have some leftist principles these days but you are clearly a Democrat in your ideology whether you know it or not. Second keeping us caged in our homes did way more damage than we can imagine long term. NY was quarantined so much more than here in Florida. All they did was delay the inevitable. which is everyone will get the virus eventually. Example...NY numbers are worse than FL last time I checked.
  10. That's what small minded people do. They generalize everyone in order to create disorder. They fail to see what the majority values and hide truth behind it all. It's the same small minded people calling all white people racist. It's just primitive minds stuck in the past thinking we need follow the fears bestowed upon us by the opportunist, who in the grand scheme of things don't give a fuck about anything but power.
  11. How pointless.. I know you are what am I bs. Plenty of blame should be laid on both sides especially those trying to force shit down our throats like a third world country as if our votes and voices don't matter. Look around...If you want to know the real problem it's from keeping people caged like animals this past year. The amount of mental illness I saw just going out to dinner last night was ridiculous, people are fucking goofy now. It's only the Bills fans that are living in a glorious bubble. Only feel good story out there that the media can't dictate. Bills mafia donating to charity and getting respect. Allen overcoming doubters and quarter of a century misery to now return to glory.
  12. Green Bay is a better team. I think we smoke the Chiefs next week, they look very beatable and aren't playing with the same chip on their shoulder, especially after beating us this year. The same Allen that beat the dolphins will show up. Beasley, Smoke and Diggs are getting healthy and we have played well in primetime all year. This Bills team is special
  13. Didnt you see the leagues best kicker last night? Lol Allen threw accurate short, no other passes where you can be say Allen sucked in those conditions. Cracking 62 percent was an amazing feat.
  14. Called this a long time ago. Why would he go anywhere else...Perfect fit for both sides. Their QB has a lot of similar traits as Allen
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