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  1. Worship Trump huh. Lol I never mentioned Trump today until you chimed in Sally. You know you would suck on Trumps toes if he asked you to, you can’t get the guy out of your mind. You are way too obsessed. Upon further review...Actually half true I mentioned it wasn’t Trump related media
  2. I figured you would like Denmark that's your kind of place. That's cool you lived there though. Like I said the truths are usually somewhere in between. Since all you hear is that Denmark is Valhalla for socialist. This article gave an opposing view point. You at least contribute something to the conversation than these other idiots looking to make stuff up and argue over nothing
  3. Well...The Democrats lost the Russia Hoax and Impeachment battle. Now they are trying biological war fare to take down Trump 🤪
  4. Where are you getting that from? I don't see the source. I believe the US is low. I always knew we were consistently number 1 in medicated countries in the world but usually not in the top 40 of longevity. That probably has something to do with it. That's cool you got to visit Denmark though
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