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  1. cool story Bro, what ever it was. The fact is, CB has been a bandwagon fan for ever. Fuk that guy
  2. You're a Douche and likely deserved to be banned. Your shit is lame as fuk everytime the Bills get down. I remember years ago when the Bills suked ass and you were on this board proclaiming how you were a Steelers fan even though you were on this Board non stop (the steelers were good at that time). You're a loser bandwagon fan. Fuk off
  3. It doesnt matter, what has Brady really done this year? Not much. Buffalo offense needs to show up this week in order to win the game. Put up 21 points and they should win. Brady is good for 2 TDs and 128 yards. maybe 135.
  4. First time this year besides Thanksgiving that I can see a game without having to stream it. Typically get the Chargers, Rams, SF, or Oakland.
  5. Winnable - Cowboys. Should win easy - Steelers and Jets. Losses - Baltimore and NE. Possible for 3 wins, should be at least 2 wins.
  6. Seems like every game is a must win for the Bills and its because of the easy schedule and they haven't put any team away yet this year. Would be nice to get a solid 4 quarters out of both sides of the ball. Last week the Offense came out and showed they can be good but then they shit the bed in 3Q. Defense was run all over in first half but then looked good in 2nd half. Would be nice to put a whole 4 quarters together to silence the critics. Would be good for my blood pressure as well. Just keep winning and I dont care that much.
  7. Doesn't anyone think he wants to leave to prove that He is the reason they won so much in NE and not Belicheat? Obviously they have been a great duo but maybe he thinks he can do it elsewhere and wants to try and prove that.
  8. way to much for A CB. Rams have looked like shit lately and a CB isnt going to help them.
  9. Getting Chargers vs Miami out here in San Diego. Going to be streaming the game as well. Went to the bar last weekend to catch the game. I would definitely pay a small fee to catch the Bills. Used to have Direct TV and the NFL ticket but we dont have Direct TV anymore. Go Bills
  10. I really like Josh Allen and think he will do well but I get nervous every time I see him start to scramble and is looking to throw. I assume its going to be an INT. He needs to stop forcing it. That first one was a tight window, 2nd one was open.
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