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  1. EJ just did not work out! Time to move on . Our luck in Buffalo ,he finally becomes good back up!
  2. Hey the draft is over! It is what it is ! I am not going to cry because Buffalo did not get the first pick! Eichel is a fantastic addition to the Sabres! Not a Second rate player. A quality future NHL Star. Couda, Wooda, Shoulda. You can speculate all you want. Done deal !
  3. Sorry but I side with the county Ex. " Not right now the stadium is fine." Plans for a New Dome on the Orchard Park Stadium or Downtown say in 2025 Not now!
  4. I was at the Carolina game when Eichel scored in the last second to win the game! I can see the rookie is developing nicely. Big, durable and in Buffalo! I an Happy, Very happy with his play!
  5. Who gives a Shit! A proven cheat for a coach! Brady is a cry baby! Its truly sad when you do dishonest things to win! The NE fans are assholes Too!
  6. Lets see in 6-8 years and then Judge! McDavid had skilled players on his line to work with! Eichel is working with little or no skilled players! You don't always get what you want! I am very happy with Eichel! Time will show the truth!
  7. How about a push to sign him to a 4 year contract now! Get him while the getting is good! His value is going up fast!
  8. Another reason to fire our GM ! Damaged Goods with little smarts! You don't bite the hand that feeds you!
  9. You guys have a very good strong argument. The Bills are in Buffalo here to stay! Thank You Terry and Kim. This whole story could have turned out to be a living nightmare !
  10. Actions speak louder than works ! Talk the talk, walk the walk! Get it done !
  11. I was watching and wondering, waiting for a stupid play or a bad call from the coaches. Or Luck would make a unreal come back. For the most part these guys played there hearts out. The coaching was excellent. I know its the first game but it just felt different! Even WGR commented we get the ball the rain stops. They get the ball and the rain starts. What a nice feeling to beat a well respected team. The fans were insane! Savor the moment and lets get ready for a hell of a game next week!
  12. The Patriots have a credibility issue from now on! They will get booed at every stadium they go to. Damaged goods. The team you love to hate! How far does this cheating go back? One date was the 2002 season! The next thing they will say is every team does it! Stick with do what ever it takes ( Using NFL Rules ) I too can't stand cheating and liars.
  13. I hope Fred does exceptionally well. I will be rooting for the Seahawks! I also hope he does not get injured! This could end up being a dream finish for Fred. Going all the way to the Big Party! WOW!
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