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  1. He was definitely trying to throw it out of the stadium. I watched a video of Kelly and Allen and he even talked about throwing it out of the stadium. Mahomes threw one out of Arrowhead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDit9CBUF-8
  2. But how many pro bowlers can you pay? This approach works for a team that is ready to win, the window closes and the players resign elsewhere.
  3. There are certainly NFL teams in worse shape at the defensive end position than the Buffalo Bills. Both Trent Murphy and Jerry Hughes are effective players off the edge and Shaq Lawson is a solid player to bring in to spell either guy. While Murphy and Hughes are good players, though, Clowney would be an upgrade over either and give the Bills a truly scary blend of athleticism up front on defense. Buffalo selected defensive tackle Ed Oliver, a physical marvel at the position, in the first round of the 2019 draft. Putting Clowney alongside Oliver on the defensive line would be a nightmare for opposing offenses trying to keep up with that level of speed and explosiveness, and for that reason General Manager Beane picked up the phone decided a discussion was required from Buffalo – the outcome of that conversation is unknown, but it would seem that the Bills are definitely doing their due diligence in the matter. The Bills adding Clowney would be a move that could truly take the Buffalo defense to an elite level. https://www.nflchatter.com/2019/07/16/6-teams-show-strong-interest-in-texans-star/4/
  4. I might have misunderstood. It says tickets are needed but it's not listed as one of the three dates to request tickets. It might be a season ticket holder thing, but I haven't heard anything about it yet.
  5. They could make four straight SuperBowls this year too. Hate them! https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2019/6/7/18655477/2019-buffalo-bills-key-to-retaining-franchises-proud-super-bowl-legacy-thurman-thomas-jim-kelly
  6. So I guess you don't know that much about him? QB's moving to WR and then being great players is not that common. Even more rare for white guys! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000972238/article/how-wvu-wr-david-sills-went-from-qb-prodigy-to-nfl-prospect "An NFL career is coming for Sills, but the quarterback dream he relentlessly pursued from age 7 to 20 is now a pile of proverbial ashes, lost between those couch cushions back in Los Angeles. Near the end of his six months in L.A., he finally, painfully, acknowledged that the quarterback he'd always seen in the mirror was actually -- underneath it all -- a wide receiver scratching to be released."
  7. DT does not work for the sports car in your analogy. Drafting a skill position like WR, RB etc. is the sports car. The hog mollies are more like tanks or 4x4's.
  8. The parts that worry me are that the Jets might be set up to trade back again with our 9 to accumulate even more picks by a team looking to move up for a QB with all the defensive players coming off the board early AND will Willams be that much better than the other DT's in such a deep draft. The good part is the middle of the Dline should be able to stop the run and generate pressure up the middle to finally get to Brady.
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