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  1. If she had anything on anyone important still alive, she'd have already "committed suicide".
  2. Diversity over qualification and talent. What could go wrong?
  3. She listened to Pink Floyd in college! Really, how bad can she be? If we can't trust the government to handle our money, who can we trust?
  4. Biden does more than enough to expose himself as the American hating piece of shit that he is, he doesn't need our help to make him look any worse.
  5. Biden is without a doubt one of the worst presidents in U.S.A. history, but (like the Russian pee tapes) I have yet to see any definitive proof he shit his pants whilst meeting with the pope. Is this just a rumor or is there proof it happened?
  6. What are we as citizens supposed to do when the police won't do their job? Sit back and let the criminals overrun us?
  7. Biden is easily the worst puppet...er...president in U.S.A. history. A huge bill that will really sock it to the hard working taxpayers of this country. More free shit for the useless!!!
  8. Imagine if this was Ivanka's diary and she claimed, "Inappropriate showers with daddy.". would the media be ignoring that story?
  9. They will never do this, because they know we will realize we do not need them.
  10. I've been seeing posts on Facebook about this, but nothing linking to any proof. I'd like to see some proof as well.
  11. Something like, "NBC! LOL Everyone knows NBC is a Republican shill, wake me when you have a reliable source."
  12. These clowns talk in circles. We can't compensate you for getting sick from taking the vaccine because there is no evidence it caused your injury. You must take the vaccine because it works despite the fact we have no evidence to show it works.
  13. Sure looks like Josh folded just as you predicted. (that was sarcasm)
  14. Democrat politicians are like an abusive husband who tells their wife they love her while punching her in the face, democrat voters are the abused wife covering their bruises with makeup while convincing themselves that deep down, their husband loves them.
  15. If only democrats cared 1/10th as much for hard working taxpayers as they do for illegal aliens they might actual do something to help America.
  16. But if he gets the vaccine, according to you, he can still catch covid and spread it to the team. So what's the difference if he's vaccinated or not?
  17. It was a misprint, he meant to say, "I'm going back to wipe their butts.", after they were done shitting all over his team.
  18. What happened to Obama's "shovel ready jobs" bill that was going to rebuild the infrastructure? Biden's bill is so bad, democrats are coming out against it.
  19. Crinoline

    Who is Q?

    " But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.-" Thomas Jefferson
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