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  1. I was expecting to see Taylor Swift after her recent anti-republican coming out party.
  2. Sure....all they want is "some" socialized government. And Jenna Jameson only wanted to blow one c*ck.
  3. A cursory glance at history shows the greatest threat to the freedom and prosperity of man is government. Absolute power corrupts absolutely; governments throughout history have proven that statement true time and time again. Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Mitch Mcconnell, does anyone really believe any of these people worry about the happiness and security of middle class Americans?
  4. I believe in limited government and limited taxation. I will vote for whichever candidate fits that model best. Sadly, in today's world, no politician espouses that.
  5. Everyone feels they have great taste in music. Music is far too subjective to quantify a definitive answer as to who has "great taste" in music. I don't like a lot of the songs posted in this thread, does that make my taste in music great and the posters of the music bad? Of course not. Listen to what YOU like, not what the mainstream tells you to like.
  6. I think it's less about white supremacy and more about white survival. Only in white countries are diversity and multiculturalism placed above everything else, at any cost.
  7. I am still amazed they haven't latched onto \m/ as a racist hand gesture, most metal bands are white, most people who listen to metal are white, I need to get in touch with 4chan and tell them to get the process started.
  8. I thought this would be a thread comparing Allen to Romo. Romo never got it done, never won, Allen is the same, yada, yada, yada
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