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  1. Wonder Women of History. Aoc but no Betsy Ross? Cleopatra? Billie Jean King? I think they mean Wonder Women of "woke" history.
  2. Color me disappointed, I thought this thread would be about Hip professing his love for Kim Pegula.
  3. Watch the Mets play, what you described is a good inning for their pitching staff.
  4. There is not one politician in D.C. that cares about or understands the American Worker. All they know is how to squeeze us for as much as they can get.
  5. "Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts." Richard Feynman
  6. This is the response to Cannon's murder that I am seeing from liberals on facebook. Some are actually upset that we are daring to compare his murder to St. Floyds. Is it me or is this pathetic?
  7. As quiet as the left is on the murder of Cannon Hinnant?
  8. If the left believe something is a great idea, its definitely bad for America.
  9. The very same liberals who call Melania Trump every name in the book are suddenly labeling anyone who doesn't slavishly worship Kamala misogynists. You have to laugh, four years of calling Melania a slut and a whore, they've gone and selected a bona fide slut and whore as their VP choice.
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