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  1. Damn!! I was SJ this whole time? Well if I’m SJ then I’ve changed my mind, the Nazis were horrible awful people.
  2. Trump should challenge him to debate, and when Trump is standing there by himself Biden will look like a puss.
  3. Looks like you just shaved all the purple off. You can’t go out when your roots are showing.
  4. There is no concrete evidence that he didn’t. You said he DID NOT have a gun or knife in his hand. Yet there was one in the car, and the police guessed correctly (I guess), and said drop the knife (they were guessing he could have), but now you say well he wasn’t using it on the cops. Do you think he was going to cut a steak? Should they wait for the stabbing motion or wait until one of them gets stabbed? It’s scary to me how badly some people want these cops to be in the wrong. The guy in the story hadn’t used the gun on the cop yet either, but the funny thing is nobody here is defending the guy including you.
  5. Defunding police is not temporary, and she’s not changing her vote. She wasn’t going to vote at all. Any normal person can see there is something wrong with Biden, you guys just don’t care. That’s weak minded
  6. Or even better pushing moderates further to the right. Like I keep saying my wife is full blown Democrat, and she went from not voting at all because she can’t stand Biden or Trump to now voting Trump, thanks to the rioting and looting that the left seems to care nothing about.
  7. I couldn’t believe it, I thought this was a sports thread by Frawk. Nope
  8. Doesn’t hurt to be responsible lol. I don’t no anyone who can’t buy condoms either
  9. In this day in age with all the birth control and morning after pill there is almost no excuse for it other than maybe a teen who doesn’t want to tell their parents. Rape should be take care of the next day 100%.
  10. And surprisingly it’s not even all about the pro life thing I know abortion isn’t going away. Its the fact that they are trying to push it to late term all the way up to moment of birth, and in 1 case infanticide. That to me is sick, and I will not vote for a president who even thinks that abortion is ok and should be taken with a grain of salt. At least lie to me and say “yeah it’s fucked up but what can you do?” You know like Bill Clinton would do. Put to say baby killed in the womb is murder, but abortion is ok is a double standard. When I argued this with a Democrat coworker he said he hated kids anyway. Some people you can’t even talk to.
  11. Enamored? See there it is, no I think he’s a douche. I didn’t like Obama as President but he seemed like a nice guy, like Carter.
  12. Yeah, but they act like the ones who voted for him treats him like he’s the Beatles. Wearing T-shirts of his and posters of him on our walls, driving around blaring his speeches. They hate him more than we like him but the funny thing is they think we love him as much as they hate him. Obsessed and delusional
  13. This just in All politicians are dirt bags. ALL of them car salesmen Lawyer Politician
  14. Sorry dude you have me all wrong, not even close. I didn’t call you my buddy, trust me. You are an evil person, and a bully. You name call and threaten and wish harm on people. You are the ONLY one I talk to like this here. Not Frawk, not Piggy, not F8 you are the only one who wishes harm on people and such hate.
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