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  1. Yeah, that’s realistic all right. How about don’t loot and burn shit down and everything will be good. But when you have peaceful protesters mixed in and they can’t tell one person from the other then sorry you all have to go. If there is peaceful protest and shit gets out of control then it’s time to shut it down.
  2. Or maybe he is just trying to protect citizens and their property. Do you ever think outside of your liberal bubble?
  3. Wasn’t that on the run and across his body? He probably still should have hit him or even underhanded to him lol.
  4. Yeah, I like what I’m seeing from him so far. I just wish he wouldn’t miss those wide open receivers. But I would rather have him than Tannehill or Cousins so I guess I would pay him a bit higher than those guys. I also think he is probably the best his class. I was wrong about Rosen being “the one”, but I don’t think any of us wanted Allen.
  5. Actually she fought gender discrimination. Sometimes you have to be a bitch to get what you want. I am against abortion, but I think women should be treated as equals, but I also believe fathers should have equal say in their child being aborted. Equality works both ways.
  6. That’s a Democrat I could get behind. Not in a dirty way
  7. Wth is wrong with people? I lost my mom a year ago and I didn’t act like that. People friggen nuts!! But it’s fun to watch the meltdowns.
  8. Funny, said the same thing to Sack. He has a sense of humor. Anyway it’s football day beotch. We can talk about which President is more likely to push for more government and taking away your freedoms another day.
  9. So, wearing a mask and social distancing works for everything except voting?
  10. It’s not just those with underlying conditions, they found 3 here in Palm Beach County that were in accidents that they labeled Covid deaths. That what just the obvious ones that they lied about.
  11. So tell me what part she was lying about. The part where Dr Fauci said that Trump reacted as quickly to the pandemic as any world leader could have?
  12. I think a man who talks about any woman like that probably has to be concerned about a woman touching his pee-pee.
  13. Uh, did you even watch it? What part is she lying about? Funny how you left out the part of the story that reporter who asked her the question conveniently left out. It’s not about swallowing everything he says, it’s you don’t leave a choice to decide if what he did was right or wrong. It’s “he said this period isn’t that fucked up?”
  14. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/mcenany-trump-woodward-coronavirus in case anyone wants to hear the. White House response, and the part of the story Frawk conveniently left out.
  15. Yeah, he shouldn’t have been there. Where were his parents? I wouldn’t let either my kids do something like that, and my son has shot an AR-15.
  16. Not if it was self defense. I’m not defending him I haven’t read up on it, just what I’ve heard from a couple of my cop friends.
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