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  1. Uh.. we are currently in a thread where a guy is laughing about the president being sick lol
  2. What proof do you have of that? That’s an ignorant thing to say, sorry
  3. Actually my church does a lot for people who have low income and starving families. Also giving jobs at the church to homeless doing grounds work and such. So yeah I would say that the Conservative Christians do a lot. Pretty selfless and classy if you ask me. Lesser of 2 evils I would say
  4. Yeah, conservatives are little more conservative I guess lol. Classy too
  5. I’m not dipshit, none of you dumb asses have had problem with her suggesting the same thing, there is nothing to worry about. I’m not the one triggered by what Trump said. I watched the news I knew people were dying from it.
  6. Fateful has Covid lol hahahahahahahahaha Cain died hahahahahahahahaha a lot of people don’t want to wear masks, and don’t wear masks. I still don’t want people to get sick. I don’t laugh at prostitutes who get an STD because they don’t use a condom, and I don’t laugh a drug addict when they OD even though they know the consequences.
  7. Pelosi said the same thing. Nothing to worry about. Frawk, I missed your post ripping her up. Getting hair did while they were shut down, making a lady open her salon because I’m Nancy mutha fuckin Pelosi and I ain’t wearing no mask. By the way there are no tears brother, I know you have been hoping to see some with all your memes and shit, but as said many times. You care way more than any of us.
  8. I wouldn’t laugh at Pelosi if she got it, even though she had a salon open up just for didn’t wear a mask, and wanted to have a party in Chinatown because “there’s nothing to worry about”.
  9. Ok bro, twist it however you want. You will never see me “dancing in the streets” or making hahahahahaha threads about sick people or dying people. And on top of that posting bitch thread because people quote others and it’s too long, but we have to scroll through bunch of laughing at sick people.
  10. No that’s the difference between the 2 of us. I don’t wish sickness or death on anyone. I definitely wouldn’t start a thread laughing about it, but we all know Frawk, he laughs at people who have died and or get sick.
  11. You think Biden would denounce the Black Panthers and other black hate groups?
  12. So... what the hell are you arguing for? Just to troll?
  13. Yeah, maybe it was the witness closest to the incident.
  14. No, because the police were doing their job. All you need is one witness lol. Obviously they weren’t planning on this outcome.
  15. Of course they were, and from my understanding all the neighbors heard them yell police. If someone is to blame it goes way further down the line then the cops in that apartment. Of course the powers that be will point fingers every other way. I guess this precinct never heard of staking out a place to see if that was where the ex boyfriend lived.
  16. None of us are saints. She shouldn’t be dead for sleeping in her bed, but I don’t blame the police and it has nothing to do with race.
  17. This coming from a guy who wanted Bernie, and I’m the one who doesn’t know what democracy is?
  18. I see f8’s ideal future as the future from demolition Man. What seems to be your boggle?
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