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Bills vs Chiefs UPDATE

Reports are that if Milano plays, it will be in specialized roles and in a limited capacity.



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  1. So let me get this straight....


    Because people have said it in the past we should just turn a blind eye.


    Maybe if you guys focused on talking about football and not making jokes in poor taste the post count will rise. Im not bent out of shape and have been here for 8 years. But whe nI see ignorance Im going to call it out, whether its on line, at the game, or anywhere.

    Dude, just shut up. Im so sick of your bitching thread after thread. You bitch just to bitch. I have shown this picture and the one with brady going down the waterslide to my gay boss (who happens to be a Pats fan) and he thinks Brady looks like a fruit. Get a girlfriend and stop trolling the boards for a reason to cry like a little whiney girl.

  2. Guess you guys don't read my posts. Ebron is an inconsistent player who drops 12% of all passes

    that are right in his hands. Most drops are in the red zone. Are you trolls who are lobbying for

    us to take a shitty player??? We need a top OT to keep Manuel on his feet so he can get off

    passes to guys that will actually hold on to the ball.

    Did this guy just call me a troll?

  3. I don't see them moving up for Clowney. That would be a lot of money invested on 4 starters of the DL. Assuming we re-sign Dareus, we'll see if that happens. Either way its a huge percentage of the salary cap going to one group.

    Since they picked up the option they dont have to worry about that for 2 years. At that point it could be Kyle whos shown the walking papers. You dont let they young guy go and keep the old.

  4. You can't take a swindler for his word. How can you be confident in Trump's empty promises? He has no allegiance or loyalty to Buffalo. What he does have is excuses.


    "I tried to make it work in Buffalo, but there wasn't enough corporate support and sponsors to make it a viable product in a shrinking small market. It is with great regret that I must make the decision to move the Buffalo Bills to x city. At the end of the day I'm a business man first and fore most and I am thankful for Buffalo welcoming me with open arms. The NFL is a business."


    That's what I would expect from him. He would have no reason to keep the Bills in Buffalo. But I can see him seizing the first opportunity and excuse to jet out of town.


    Look at it this way, the Buffalo Bills is a major league franchise on the open market. Why would Trump hamstring himself by comitting and limiting himself to the Buffalo market? This is his one shot to buy a money making enterprise. This is also our shot to find an owner, the right owner that has WNYs interest in his or her mind. We cannot mess this up by (not that we have any choice) taking this guy for his word.


    I'd like to see him prove me wrong.


    Wheres he going to move them Famous? He already said his business is is in NY. "Why would I want to fly across the country to LA?" Make sense to me. And believe me he is either down here in Florida or NY. Hes not going move them to LA. And theres no way the guy moves them to a different country. He probably likes Canada about as much as he likes Obama.

  5. I want Lewan in the 1st round and Seferian Jenkins in 2nd round. Or Eric Ebron in the 1st round and Antonio Richardson or Brandon Thomas or Ja'Wuan James in the 2nd round.


    The Bills will upgrade the RT and TE spot in the 1st two rounds, we just don't know in what order they will do it.


    Idk I can see us going DE in the 1st or 2nd. We are very thin there. We dont even have a true DE opposite Mario, and we have no depth behind him. They let Carrington walk and cut another so...

  6. Not sure he would be willing to get rid of the Bruins, since NFL rules prohibit owning another sports team in a different market to the NFL team....but you never know...


    I wish I remebered the reporter they spoke with on NFL radio, but he said that he would give majority ownership of the Bruins to his son. And he can be a minority owner for a little while. But he said that this guy is a froont runner and wants the Bills. He also said that the new stadium group has a plan in place but are all sworn to secrecy. Interesting

  7. As a diehard Boston Bruins fan I despised this man for decades. However, since he has got the salary cap and brought in Cam Neely he has finally become an alright owner. I assume his intentions are well being from Buffalo himself but I still have a hard time trusting this person.


    Yeah, ive been hearing alot of good things about him as an owner. NFL radio was talking about him, and Buffal reporter both said he seemed like a guy who wants to win. But its good to hear from an actual Bruins fan. I was excited when I heard it because of how well the Bruins have been managed.

  8. The Bills now also have the option to move Stevie if the right situation pops up. Lots of options. I'm still salivating over the thought of Clowney in a Bills uniform. He, Mario, and Kiko would be wrecking balls


    Who would be starting opposite Mario if the season started today? I didnt realize but we need DE as much as a OT.


    Right now billsdaily has allen branch as a starting de, ouch


    Right now billsdaily has allen branch as a starting de, ouch


    Right now billsdaily has allen branch as a starting de, ouch


    Right now billsdaily has allen branch as a starting de, ouch

  9. I agree that the Bills have to overpay to get many FA's, but I don't think Jackson is the type of person i want to take a chance on.


    I'm fine with overpaying some talent but he has a reputation of having a bad attitude, being late to meetings and having gang ties. That is not the type of player I want to overpay for.

    I agree. Even if he just hangs out with gang members, its no better than hanging out with a murderer or rapist

  10. What did you want? To get into a bidding war?


    I don't think this was a case of "Ralph is cheap", "the Bills never pay out". They put a dollar amount on him and I assume it was competitive. Why would they even pick up the phone is they didn't think they had a chance?


    In the end Washington is a good fit and the Bills would have had to really overpay to even be considered.


    We will never get anyone if we are just competitive with our offers until we start winning. They will always pick the other team. Why go to Buffalo when you can go to Jacksonville?

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