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  1. We will never get anyone if we are just competitive with our offers until we start winning. They will always pick the other team. Why go to Buffalo when you can go to Jacksonville?
  2. No way. I think we neet Stevie and Jax. We can give up picks and move up. I dont think it will happen though. The story seemed to die down
  3. Yeah Murray played very well against talented teams. I just hate seeing balls batted down.
  4. Idk about that. It would be cool if they could build a state of the art dome stadium, and pick up some sSuper Bowls.
  5. You're right philups. Its you and everyother fan who shows up every week who have kept the team here snd will hopefully continue to keep them here in the future.
  6. Since has passing I have heard many great stories about Ralph Wilson. A guy on NFL radio called in and said his little brother had an inoperable tumor on his brain and that Ralph gave him complete access to the stadium and players. And the players were there for him til the day he passed. This story hadnme tearing up.
  7. If the team leaves will you guys pick a new team or just watch football for the love of the game? Or will you just stop watching?
  8. There is no way this team doesnt make enough money to compete. No NFL team loses money.
  9. I dont think it will take 3 years to get a new owner. Either the new owner is all in or all for getting out. The fans will know.
  10. Brandon Spikes was as big and more of an impact than any of those guys at their age, imo. If we some how get Jackson I would be ok with whatever the Bills do in the draft.
  11. True We had a good enough team to make the playoffs, but Donahoe didnt know how to pick a coach. He picked Greg Williams over John Fox and Marvin Lewis (in Buffalo fashion). But now I THINK we have the right coaching staff.
  12. I dont believe that any of the QBs are worth the 1st pick. With Clowney, I believe he could be a Ray Lewis or Brice Smith type player. That to me is worth moving up for. Our D-line would incredible. We would have the best D in the nfl. Write it down.
  13. We would be talking playoffs if we drafted Clowney and picked up Jackson.
  14. Oh yeah, I remember that game. Wasnt that call on Thomas Smith?
  15. Now more than ever the fans need to support this team, and show up to every game. The team has to spend to the cap, so its not like Major League where they can spend low to keep fans from showing. It would be hard for the owners and Goodell to ok a move. Also Goodell said before he has the final say.
  16. I would rather see Glen moved to G and draft a LT. I think the left side of our line would be stupid. They would punch open hole for Spiller. Keep Pears and Williams on the right.
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