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  1. 21 minutes ago, 212frawk said:

    the idea that a 12 year old that got raped is going to the hospital right away is dangerous fantasy.  How does she get there?  how does she even know to do that?  who did it to her?

    Such BS that a child is made to carry a raped-induced child to term.

    Like I said before the percentage of abortion from rape is less than 1%, which makes much less for 12 year old girl. That 12 year old girl doesn’t know how to go to her parents and tell them that’s she’s been raped, but knows how to set up an appointment for an abortion? Lower that percentage even more. I have a daughter and if she was raped and impregnated I would drive to where I need to go. Now that percentage is at .000000001. If it was illegal then the child goes up for adoption. I actually had good friend in high school who s mother was a rape victim in Brazil, the young mom being religious kept the child and put him up for adoption, and he went to an American family (Christians) he was very thankful that he was still alive. He was pro life across the board.

  2. 2 hours ago, foster said:

    Most women don't know that they're pregnant until 4-6 weeks when they miss their period.  6 weeks was chosen on purpose to effectively eliminate almost all opportunity for abortion.

    I was talking about rape. Rape victims should not wait 4 to 6 weeks like Frawk said. I’m not upset about the law change. People need to be more responsible if you have to go to another state then so be it.

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  3. 1 hour ago, 212frawk said:

    holy fuck is this a retarded MAGAT theory.  Lemmie get this straight, the stupidest among us should be punished with having more stupid people cause they did a stupid thing and so therefore fuck you, lets have the stupid people multiply?

    I got that right?  Go fuck yourself idiot.  

    There is also adoption. A lot of women can’t have children or gay couples, there are many every day trying to adopt. 

  4. 1 hour ago, 212frawk said:

    did you know that if a 12 year old is raped and becomes pregnant in Afghanistan, she must carry the baby to term?

    Oh wait, my bad.

    That's Texas. 

    That’s not true. You have 6 weeks but most rape victims go to the hospital after being raped where they will give the morning after or EC while being checked out for dna. Besides that I posted before the percentage of abortions less than 1% is from rape and incest.  But I’m sure you already knew all this.

  5. 18 hours ago, 212frawk said:

    Show me where I said that the exit was handled as well as it could.  That isnt the point.  You said he could have just dishonored the agreement and I say BS to that, he was backed into a corner by the previous admin's policy.  He fucked up the tail end of it although there were no "good" ways out. Bottom line is, after 2 trillion and how many fucking ppl dead, it was a disaster started a long time ago with mission creep and endless policy changes that fucked it up right good.  hell the rooskies left after 10 years.  Must be they are twice as smart as us.

    He wasn’t backed into corner. Biden said it was a great success. He could have left however and whenever he wanted. Trump is gone so this is squarely on Biden. No if ands or buts. It’s not like Trump laid out strict plans for an exit that Biden had to abide by.

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  6. 19 hours ago, JoeFerguson said:

    Bills were playing not to lose in last year's post season games. They better be aggressive this time around. I don't want to see faggity ass field goals or pussified punting on 4th and short. Bills got  really lucky playing that way against the Colts and Ravens. But the pussy ass playcalling really showed against the Chiefs and that's why they lost.

    You are very eloquent with your words lol

  7. 24 minutes ago, LiterateStylish said:

    But the team that won the AFC Champion game, was.

    Which was the point of this thread.

    In what way did we get better to beat the Chiefs?

    Saying we got a year older/better means nothing when the Chiefs also got a year older/better.

    Our d-line is already looking a lot better than last year with the 2 rookies that we added and Epenesa is looking like a stud. This is how Tampa beat KC in the super bowl.

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