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  1. 12 hours ago, Meathead said:

    yeah, like we dont know that answer already

    trump is a dangerous cult of personality and anyone that follows his lead is a fool

    You mean half the country? Because some believe your side of the political spectrum is ok with looting and rioting. and big government. And the right protecting our borders, and defending our troops? People have damn good reason to vote republican, if you think I’m a fool for that then you can kiss my ass.

  2. 4 hours ago, f8ta1ity54 said:

    Joe Biden will be your socialist/marxist/communist/lennonist president.

    Get ready for bread lines and mass executions of trumpers by state sponsored anarchist antifa.

    White culture will be forgotten forever under supreme leader biden.

    If you can survive this, just wait for president kamala.

    She is going to let tgw Muslims build mosques in the burbs.

    Hollywood is going to steal your white underage girls and sell them to globalists (jews).


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  3. 16 hours ago, SackMan518 said:

    ‘People Are Going To Be Shocked’: Return of the ‘Shy’ Trump Voter?

    In 2016, pollsters Arie Kapteyn and Robert Cahaly saw Trump coming. In 2020, they see polls again underestimating his support.

    Last question: The election ends on Tuesday. National polling has consistently shown a substantial lead for Biden. What is your message to people who think that this thing is done?

    Cahaly: I don’t think it’s done. Some of these national polls are not even taking into consideration the fact that Republicans have closed the gap with voter registrations. I don’t think they’re taking into account the number of low-propensity voters who are voting and who will vote on Election Day. I don’t think they’re measuring people’s genuine opinions. And I think [pollsters] are just not going to see it coming.

    There’s a lot of hidden Trump votes out there. Will Biden win the popular vote? Probably. I’m not even debating that. But I think Trump is likely to have an Electoral College victory.

    Kapteyn: I will be really surprised, given our own numbers, if there isn’t a very sizable gap between Biden and Trump in the popular vote—in favor of Biden. But in the states? I don’t know.

    Cahaly: I like your skepticism.

    Yeah, I heard quote from one of writers from The NY Times. He said something like, what he sees on the ground is completely different than what he sees in the polls. He said he is seeing way more passion, and people showing up for Trump and signs for Trump in the battleground states than there is for Biden.

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  4. 16 hours ago, SackMan518 said:

    He got this one point very, VERY wrong.

    KAK: Your method has been criticized particularly for using candidates' charisma. How do you measure a subjective thing like charisma?

    AL: It's not strictly subjective. When I first came up with the keys, I was blasted by the professional forecasting for using judgment in calling some of the keys. And I kept telling people, this is the human world. This is the social world. You have to use judgment. Historians use judgment all the time. It took about 10 years for the professional forecasters to realize the attempt to have purely cut and dried object model don't work, and that the best models are those like the keys, which combine objective indicators like economic growth with judgmental indicators like charisma.

    There's a track record of the keys going all the way back to 1860. So you've got to judge whether you think someone is charismatic or not, look how it's been answered through all these many years.

    Pence has more charisma than Harris and Biden combined! Trump is a phenomenon unto himself much like Obama was during his first presidential run and attracts thousands of supporters to every rally where the challengers are lucky to even get a few hundred. A small vocal minority of REEEEEing Leftists in the media does not diminish Trump's charisma one iota.

    Good point!! It’s not even close lol

  5. 15 hours ago, HipKat said:

    Dude, all kidding aside, you really don’t know wtf you’re talking about. Very, very few people have ever out-partied me and that’s not anything to be proud of, it just is. Before I came here, my nickname around Buffalo was Shots, because I’d drink about 20 a night of anything anyone wanted to do. 

    I don’t drink beer, I drink whiskey and a lot of it... 

    I’m just busting your balls, dude. You’re a metal head, nobody out parties a headbanger, I mean they make movies about it lol. I drink it all though lol. Except scotch and grappa.


    As much as I hate your politics, you are a brother in metal along with f8.

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