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  1. He had 2 really dumb int’s in last 2 games. almost the same throw
  2. We will see who’s crying when you’re getting taxed at 40%+. Not me, I don’t make that “I have enough to buy and sell people money” lol. But they will reserve a nice spot for you in the bread line.
  3. The 1993 game Dallas vs Phins was the best. In the snow, probably the coldest game the Dolphins have won.
  4. That crow is starting to come back up on me. Just when I thought I could keep it down.
  5. Uh, aren’t they playing the Chargers? sorry thought this was new
  6. You mean half the country? Because some believe your side of the political spectrum is ok with looting and rioting. and big government. And the right protecting our borders, and defending our troops? People have damn good reason to vote republican, if you think I’m a fool for that then you can kiss my ass.
  7. He hasn’t. His last concussion was in August of 2019 pre-season of last year. Missed no regular season games.
  8. Lmao you had to wait a year and a half to pull this one out. Wow!! A football player got a concussion half way through his 2nd year?
  9. Yup, anyone can pretend they are Clint Eastwood behind a computer screen.
  10. Yeah, I heard quote from one of writers from The NY Times. He said something like, what he sees on the ground is completely different than what he sees in the polls. He said he is seeing way more passion, and people showing up for Trump and signs for Trump in the battleground states than there is for Biden.
  11. I’m just busting your balls, dude. You’re a metal head, nobody out parties a headbanger, I mean they make movies about it lol. I drink it all though lol. Except scotch and grappa. As much as I hate your politics, you are a brother in metal along with f8.
  12. We need a good rb more. Everyone is playing pass defense because their not scared of the run. Idk what they have against Yeldon.
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