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  1. I guess he’s making up for it today!! The Bills passing offense was absolutely sizzling today. I rarely saw a ball touch the ground. It was really impressive. Short, midrange, long, didn’t matter. Caveat is there are still no pads on. No live tackling, but this unit is absolutely loaded and showed it off today. 🔥 🔥 salsports
  2. New that wasn’t happening when Darryl said it was going to.
  3. 2 threads you would think we signed a solid player lol
  4. Nope https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiM_afGnojyAhWkKVkFHW8FBiwQFjAAegQIFRAD&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ncsl.org%2Fresearch%2Felections-and-campaigns%2Ffelon-voting-rights.aspx&usg=AOvVaw0BuE3xvan-HOoQx0XP_-TO
  5. I’m not telling you to agree with it. Wtf!!!! It’s simple 80+ percent broke the fuckin law within 9 years. So yeah agree to disagree I don’t think degenerates should vote. You agree degenerates should vote. Good on you. It’s the current law in my state so please stay in Illinois
  6. No they didn’t, part of their debt is that they lose some of their rights for raping, killing, dealing ect. Why is that hard to understand? This isn’t anything new. Has nothing to do with politics. This is what my wife does for a living they reoffend that’s why it’s already a thing.
  7. It actually does. You don’t have the same right as a regular citizen if you commit a serious crime. This has been around forever, surprised you never heard of it. Why take a law away?
  8. Idk maybe FL is different, but I got mine for free from my high school. If a senior wants to sign up they get it free, my daughter got hers the same way. When lost mine a few years ago I’m pretty sure they replaced it for free or I wouldn’t have ordered it because they never ask for it anyway they always check my driver’s license. Indiana is like $13.00 I think. I don’t mind a discount for the poor it doesn’t cost much for cards to be made I’m sure. But then F8 would want them all to get a free Oprah car on the tax payers so they can get there.
  9. Why is that stupid? It’s clear that they make bad judgements which is why they currently are not allowed to vote in most states. In a study done between 2005 - 2014 83% of the cons released from prison reoffended within that time. So they continue to make bad decisions. Call me old fashioned, but I want don’t a drug dealer who goes right back to dealing to decide who the next President is. That’s IS just stupid!!
  10. It’s not a conspiracy. If people don’t need Id to vote then anyone can vote. How hard is that to understand? Ex cons would be able to vote along with illegals. Why would there be a record of it happening when you currently need an id to vote?
  11. I don’t recall ever paying for voters registration anyway. I even lost my original and ordered another one a few years back. If paid something it wasn’t enough to remember. Maybe it’s different in FL. The problem in the past was that the poor and the young didn’t care to vote. This was record amount of votes this election so either more poor people voted or there was fraud. Take your pick
  12. Where I live the dmv is in the poorest part of town. Do you think the government would rather pay to put it in a more area where rent or property is higher?
  13. So you think a non American should be able to vote for an American President? Because that’s what happens if you don’t have an id. Do you think the government should pay for a state ID or drivers license? Ok buddy make sure they use your tax dollars for that and not mine.
  14. They would probably move to Toronto. NFL Has been trying to get a team in Canada for awhile.
  15. How is that a bitter post? Are you dead from the neck up?
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