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  1. Only difference is you’re still slave, and you are trying to lead some resistance on a sports msg board because you are too embarrassed to talk to anyone in real life, so we have to endure your bs. Does that pretty much some it up
  2. We are all laughing at you, bro. You have got to be the worst person at the party
  3. Uh, he was 6 of 13 with a 59 QB rating. He also overthrew the deep guy at the end which was probably wind related. All his other passes were short. So yeah I hope for your sake you’re just trolling. Plus Allen had a dropped TD pass to Davis. There was another TD pass that was incomplete that Collinsworth said was a bad throw but he put where only the WR could get it. Then there was also the deep pass to Brown where Brown let up. If he would of kept going that could have been a TD. Then there was 2 passes that Diggs was afraid to get hit. The 2nd one Diggs smiled because he knew that he coulda caught it.
  4. No you’re not. You can’t say that only one side leads to violence. We see that BLM leads to violence, and so does white supremacy. It’s interesting how I can see both side but you can’t.
  5. That’s your argument? You are saying it could become violent, so censor it before it can? Wtf? You are a living breathing liberal yes man. I’ve never seen anything like it
  6. The 1st pic is when I type white pride in fb search. I would say there is a little bias
  7. But everyone know they have been in the past. History doesn’t lie. What evidence is there that white pride would be violent? When put in a search, it said it was a topic related to hate speech.
  8. But it’s ok for fb to allow a Black Panthers fb page, but not a White Pride fb page? How does White pride break their rules but not the black panthers?
  9. Why are you avoiding the question? Is it ok for one but not the other? Is one violent and not the other? Why don’t you approach a black man on the street and ask him why he is proud to be black?
  10. Does it matter why someone has pride? Is it ok for one race to have pride and not the other?
  11. Sometimes, I know when Obama was running for office, there was several polling place here in pb county that they were there threatening people. So yeah that’s violent. Also I tried looking for a white pride fb page because that wouldn’t necessarily be violent since it should be ok to have pride in your race. It said that it was associated with hate. Do you think that’s ok?
  12. Black panthers have fb pages. Why are they allowed?
  13. Yes, I already answered you. A child can’t work to put their self through grade school. My daughter babysits and makes enough to pay for a class or 2 per semester if she needed to.
  14. So I hope Freeman will be filling the Singletary roll lol
  15. My son is still in high school. What are you talking about? What grade is your kids in?
  16. Yeah because children can’t work, jackass. Do you not know the answers to your questions before you ask them?
  17. Why do I give a shit what a murderer or rapist wants? No I don’t agree with things like tax payers paying for college, if you want free school join the military. I saved for my kids to go to school and my daughter got a scholarship. I’m not paying for someone else’s kid to go party. There are a lot of people who paid back their student loans. Why should the next kid get a free ride. Are they going to pay all those student loans back?
  18. When you break the law, you should forfeit most of your rights, especially hardened criminals. I don’t believe that ex cons who were violent crimes should ever be a loud to vote.
  19. I try to understand what you’re saying, but all I get is I loves me some taxes and more government!!! Let people in prison vote dammit!! Am I very far off?
  20. Actually you have my phone #, and we were fb friends. I still never post anything personal no matter how much we bicker. I don’t think anyone know who Lit is, do we? I have picture of him somewhere in my phone that he posted years ago.
  21. Like I said it’s ok if a small group says it’s ok to commit violence, but not if they call others to do it? To me it’s the same thing. Easy not hard
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