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  1. Hell yeah, if they think a stranger deserves my money over my children. I hope I’m just reading it wrong because that can’t be how he meant it. If so I’m 100% sure he doesn’t have children.
  2. Are you asking why parents should be able to leave the money they earned to their children? Money they already paid taxes on? Did I just enter another realm? Where should the money go, to strangers who didn’t earn it?
  3. I didn’t say he was, I said they are equally divisive, but I feel that Trump backs police more than Obama. You can’t let the inmates run the asylum. I think Obama was a bit of a pussy wimp going as far as removing the American flag during speeches in front of people who thought it was offensive, he should never apologize for being an American. The fact that he wouldn’t admit that Isis was an Islamic extremist group pissed a lot of people off. He was a pushover. As far as polls, I don’t think a lot of republicans vote, just look at FL they had Gov. Scott losing for the senate, and Desantis losing as governor. I believe that Democrats vote in these polls thinking its going to change the outcome come election time imho.
  4. I can honestly say that the majority of white people who thought he was, didn’t care to waste their time with these polls. Liberals love themselves a poll. Lol not talking about you Hipkat. idk if he was racist, but I think he was divisive on the same level as Trump.
  5. Yeah I’ve said before that I wish I could vote in the primary so I can vote against him. Bloomberg to me is the only one I would consider.
  6. I would like to hear your opinion of Sanders. Not being a dick, just interested in what you think. You seem to lean more right, at least from what I know of you.
  7. No but I need to see both. Heard they were both great.
  8. I actually listen to The Patriot on XM. I don’t have time to watch the news. I would rather watch a movie
  9. Lmao perfect!! Love it when this happens, spell check can’t always save you. reaching to make fun of someone for a mistake.
  10. Thats your answer to that? You pick on Bowmen. Lmao What are you 11? I’m pretty sure I haven’t said Duh in about 33 years.
  11. I was a Rand Paul then Kasich guy, voted for Rubio in the primary for FL because they said it would hurt Trump most. I have to say I never saw this much getting done, and I’m making more money than ever.
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