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  1. He knows, I was just hoping he would meet me there so I can see the weeping all at once. It makes it me feel good inside when they cry
  2. Lol ok big guy stay away from the ledge when America votes your boy back in. I will fly out to Chicago so I can see the look on your face.
  3. So because someone works harder or gets a higher education than you they should pay a significant amount more than you? I assume you don’t make 500k a year, but you want to tell them they have to pay way more in taxes than you?
  4. And the IG definitely said there was some shit going down that didn’t seem on the up and up
  5. Did you ask if Schiff and Pelosi lie? I think the leftiest of all lefty’s from the town of leftingham know that they are liars lol
  6. It’s not the same Democratic Party that it used to be. It’s not Kennedy’s Democratic Party anymore, Rosanne said it best to Kimmel, I haven’t changed you have. Love her or hate her, but she was right, and I think if Rubio or Cruz would have run the Democrats would pull the same shit
  7. Are you looking for permission to dislike him or are you just trying to get others on board with you or are you trying to get others to talk you out of disliking him? We’ve all seen the same games you have, and hope he gets better. so as Jamsim said, stick around and watch, or don’t. We will all find out together.
  8. I know people who have played and family members of players. Are you telling me they all are in on this and keeping it a secret? Not ONE player, not 1 has let this out? Lol all sports leagues and not on player has spoken about this?
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