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  1. See this is why I have you set to ignore, because you are a hypocrite and don’t even know it. Jungle started this whole thing from taking one word out of context. “Amen” one word after Lit said he believed that Jesus is his Lord and savior. This is his reply “So you and Lit think Christianity is the only religion? That explains a lot about you and Lit. Did lit become a born again christian after doing time? Have you always been an ultraconservative Christian Republican? Do you hate other religions like Muslims and Buddhists and Sikhs? “ now how did he get this from “Amen”? Then he says I put words in his mouth. What did he just do to me? Amen!! So you hate all other religions? How does one even get that from “Amen”? Just put me back on ignore if you don’t like what I have to say. On top of that Lit is a Democrat
  2. So your saying no rights for unborn children. So if the woman is shot and the baby dies, it’s just an unwanted abortion?
  3. So... you base your opinion of the entire religion on this one asshole? Get a grip and I don’t think Lits dislike for you has anything to do with your religion. I’ve never heard I’m comment on your religion.
  4. So you’re saying that all republicans are assholes? I think that most true Christians are conservative it kinda falls in with what the Bible teaches. I don’t think that any God would be ok with abortion.
  5. No not the only religion. I believe it’s the right religion or I wouldn’t be a Christian. What kind of question is that?
  6. HK is very popular all over the globe, he knows a guy for every situation. He knows a rabbi who hates Trump therefore all rabbi’s hate Trump.
  7. There is a reason why we have the best doctors in the world. I agree it needs to be fixed, but we can’t just jump to another flawed system. But if you and Piggy like what you have then God bless!!
  8. Yeah, you pay higher taxes, nothing is free. he provided links. We will take your word though lol
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