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  1. Obama because he promised to fix Bush’s mistakes. Thats what he ran on lol
  2. So which is it? A the economy is doing awful and it’s Trumps fault? B the economy is doing great and it’s all Obama’s doing? 6 mos ago everyone on the left was claiming(hoping) that we were getting ready to go into a recession, Trumps fault. But we didn’t so Obama is great. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-campaign-fires-back-after-obama-claims-credit-for-economic-boom
  3. If he’s going to say that I talk a certain way he better be able to show it. I know if it’s something I typed
  4. Talk about women sexually? Please show me that post lol. I don’t recall anything like that.(can’t wait to see this because I don’t talk like that in my day to day, so I doubt that I would do it on a message board). And I never said that I don’t sin, but throwing all people into a group like that is quite different. And has nothing to do with anyone’s sins. But you still didn’t answer the question. by the way I’m sure most of the country knows that the guy is gay. Posting a picture on Bills sports page isn’t going to put it over the edge
  5. Are you voting mayor Pete? Can’t wait to hear about your brand of Christianity?
  6. Including Lit, at least I thought he professed the Bible. Maybe his church does things a little differently.
  7. I know they will, they would for sure vote Bloomberg but not for Bernie. None that I know anyway. For a socialist? No way!! We will bump this in November.
  8. Until a dick hole like Bernie gets elected and nobody can afford to travel lol. But who needs to travel as long as the Gomez family, here illegally gets their free healthcare.
  9. He won’t counter with anything, because he knows I’m right, and he will pretend to not read the post. I’m sure he sees it in his company, they are probably busier more people getting satellite or cable.
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