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  1. Uh, he called another member a stupid fuck who was just trying to figure out who the hell he was talking about. You can defend that all you want, but I think it’s inexcusable and completely disregards LC’s feelings by defending him.
  2. How’s this asshole going to call someone else stupid when he is about a month too late, and can’t even spell?
  3. Idk that’s a good question, he was tested for coronavirus on a Friday and he got the results on Monday or Tuesday. They gave him the malaria meds and antibiotics
  4. True, but he said it wasn’t like any flu he’s ever had before, of course he got pneumonia with it too though.
  5. He will tell you it’s not really happening, or he will do the usual and not answer you.
  6. Is this english or have I had too many beers tonight? “iactialy if i was we still wouldnt be even because you ruined justice that never gerved” Uh... what the actual hell? And why am I apologizing to you when I wasn’t talking to you? by the way i didn’t know you could slur in text.
  7. I didn’t say that, I just think you’re wrong here. I’ve been wrong plenty of times lol. I argue with HipKat all the time too. I was on his ignore list.
  8. He clearly has no idea what he is talking about. It was a failed attempt at mocking someone which I think he or she took too far.
  9. My kids didn’t play rated M games when they were young 1st off, and I just showed you the age of the typical gamer and you agreed, so you should “pause” and give it a little more thought. im sure HK plays his online games with people he knows that are around his age.
  10. The point is there aren’t a lot of kids online playing rated M video games. You can “pause” all you want. Everyone watch out Comssvet is “pausing”
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