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  1. I almost cried actual tears when we drafted this guy knowing it would set us back years, but I did want Rosen so I guess either way we would have been set back lol
  2. I like how the reporter had to break it down for him like he was a child. Be more specific, uh move the ball, score points the things you do on offense. Lol
  3. What do you think you have, a couple Ferrari’s in your closet? It’s clothing, and jerseys last forever. I have a Moulds Jersey from the damn 90’s and looks the same as the day I bought it.
  4. Yeah, and when we cut him next year we will be at 92 million. Is that enough for you or should we start another Star sucks thread lol
  5. I didn’t make up shit. I said you said it was an AWESOME signing. All caps just like that, not made up you said it. You brought up salary like its your money or something. I don’t care about his salary, he will be gone soon. by the way it’s not about clicking on it, it’s about sifting through all your posts about the same BS. I just picked one
  6. Obviously it didn’t if he played for the Panthers and you liked the signing lmao. I never said he was good, just sick of seeing thousands of threads about the same thing.
  7. Dense? Because I’m tired all your idiotic threads about the same shit. Thats dense? Ok... maybe you should check that “ego”
  8. You’re telling me to get a grip? You start 400 threads about a guy you liked, and I need to get a grip. I never said anything about the salary you did. I said you thought it was an “AWESOME signing” and now you bust other people’s balls about it. Over and over and over and over and over and over again. You get a grip
  9. You didn’t have problem with the contract when we signed him. you said it would be AWESOME and he is ranked top 25 pft top list of free agents, those guys get paid pretty well
  10. Again this was a signing that you liked. Geez why don’t you try and be a little humble.
  11. Can you post the tweet? Because the tweet I posted from the article does not say that at all
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