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  1. You don’t think RATM is based on faith? It could have a double meaning, but I am a big Rage fan. I mean I just rep the stutter step then bomb the left upon the fascists.
  2. Yeah I’m sure it’s something you would have to research. I wouldn’t know the 1st thing about running site, and I probably haven’t sat down at a computer in 3 mos lol
  3. When you start a new thread there should be an option of what to tag it as, a political or bills ect. it says add tag
  4. Maybe Bowman isn’t completely “with the times” lol. jk Bowman
  5. When I just used the filter the only political threads that showed up were Bowmans and The Little blue pill one from Sack, which I don’t even know what that one is about. Maybe you will see something different.
  6. I think that people are not tagging their post correctly, and that’s why some political threads still show up
  7. Yet your guy is religious Jew lol. More like separation of Christianity and state huh f8
  8. Obama because he promised to fix Bush’s mistakes. Thats what he ran on lol
  9. So which is it? A the economy is doing awful and it’s Trumps fault? B the economy is doing great and it’s all Obama’s doing? 6 mos ago everyone on the left was claiming(hoping) that we were getting ready to go into a recession, Trumps fault. But we didn’t so Obama is great. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-campaign-fires-back-after-obama-claims-credit-for-economic-boom
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