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  1. Whatever you say big guy. You’re the ONLY man on here who talks about sucking cock and ass and gargling jizz, so... yeah I’m gay for you. Nice come back. What’s next, I know you are but what am I?
  2. What I said in an earlier post. None of this will get them their family member back. If people want to show support for the family start a go fund me page.
  3. Rioting and looting isn’t going to help things. There is never a good reason to burn down businesses, flip cars, and steal. This cop is an asshole and will be put away, but none of this shit will give these people their father and husband back. We just need to learn from it, and pray for the family.
  4. So, you are saying that the peaceful protesters in this cartoon are bad, but people who set fire to businesses are ok? People could be killed in these fires
  5. Not true, I’m not as conservative in many ways. I just believe in less government in that includes legalized drugs. I think everything should be legal including prostitution. I don’t think abortion should be illegal but I think it should be restricted and not paid for by tax payers. I think that they can come up with a better healthcare system that makes everyone happy.
  6. I don’t care what Lit said, Jungle replied to me. You’re wrong for having said that, and show your bias. by the way I don’t think Lit was telling you who to worship even though you claim Christianity. oh yeah didn’t you say I was a fake Christian once because you thought I was catholic? Very accepting of you
  7. I’m not saying it should be outlawed, but it should come with a penalty, like forced sterilization after so many. It shouldn’t be used as a form of birth control. Also there is adoption as an option, and the woman even receives a higher tax credit if that’s her choice. Rape and incest is always the argument for pro choicers but it’s less than 1% of abortions and would never be outlawed. Like it or not it’s taking a human life, and the left are willing to take it further, like up until birth or even after birth. There is almost no good reason for a late term abortion.
  8. I never said I hate anything, there you go again putting words in my mouth. You said there is nothing like what Trump says in gangster rap so I found some rap lyrics that said things much worse, and there is no need to “cherry pick” lyrics with gangster rap, it’s not known for its positive message. However I’m all for freedom of speech so I choose to not listen to most of it.
  9. See this is why I have you set to ignore, because you are a hypocrite and don’t even know it. Jungle started this whole thing from taking one word out of context. “Amen” one word after Lit said he believed that Jesus is his Lord and savior. This is his reply “So you and Lit think Christianity is the only religion? That explains a lot about you and Lit. Did lit become a born again christian after doing time? Have you always been an ultraconservative Christian Republican? Do you hate other religions like Muslims and Buddhists and Sikhs? “ now how did he get this from “Amen”? Then he says I put words in his mouth. What did he just do to me? Amen!! So you hate all other religions? How does one even get that from “Amen”? Just put me back on ignore if you don’t like what I have to say. On top of that Lit is a Democrat
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