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  1. Uh yes you did say it was just the flu. 1st of all when mentioned that my cousin had a few months back, you said “it’s just the flu” now you said it’s “just another flu season”. 2ndly I don’t believe anything they say, I go by what I see.
  2. Hey TWD, call and tell them that. We get it, it’s just the flu. I think everyone here has seen you post this same thing about 800 times. Can you just start your own thread, and if someone wants to see the same shit over and over we can visit it?
  3. Why do you want the season called off so badly for? I think a lot of us could use some sports in our lives. I have to work every day, let them work
  4. Does anyone ever know what this guy is talking about? Does he just smash his hand down on the keyboard, and hit enter?
  5. You can’t even make this shit up. Does this guy even realize how dumb it sounds as he’s posting that shit? There is someone in my house!! We will send one of our unarmed social workers right out.
  6. Yeah, you see how well it’s working in NYC? Let’s higher a social worker to go give hugs to murderers and rapists. Boom no more crime. I’m glad you cleared that up for me.
  7. Uh no, I live in palm beach county, they shut down i95 for protests, and they large protests in West Palm, Delray and Riviera beach. My friend who works West Palm beach police department worked the 95 one. Plus ours here is mostly younger partiers. The median age is around 30 for Covid.
  8. Well I guess the liberals should have supported the band more, and they wouldn’t have been “cancelled”. How many of their albums did you own, Jungle to show your support? I didn’t like Bush or vote for him, and I didn’t agree with the war, but I don’t feel like you should go to another country and bad mouth the president. I don’t blame people for not listening to them either. You have freedom of speech, but not freedom from consequences.
  9. No, it’s a page showing where all the donations are going. Like the Bernie campaign then the Clinton campaign, and now the Biden campaign.
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