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  1. its not about total money, it is respected players taking the other side. sharp money doesn't outweigh public money. Especially with the reverse line move
  2. It often means the pro bettors/sharps are on backing the Bills at +7 heavily while the amateur/joes are all taking the bills with the large number of small bets outweighing the larger and fewer professional bets....generally this is when you see a reverse line move....but it is early in the week
  3. No, this is the answer for every player on the team, not for fans. fans should want the Texans. some matchups are better for every team, including the patriots.
  4. Heaven forbid anyone EVER blames the Pegulas.... hockey team is the worst franchise in the nhl...terry is a bigger hockey fan and continues to be clueless and fumble his way around... the bills think they have a qb and an offense but their coach still thinks it is 1930s football and doesn't know what modern qb is
  5. I guess no one read the article.... 2 of the 5 worst DVOA 5-1 teams made the SUPER BOWL.....
  6. sacks aren't the only stat that matters....teh bills had a TON of pressure last week and no sacks. most of their sacks are coming due to good coverage(secondary is their D strength) or manufactured via blitz. the stats show that with how many cb/lb sacks they have (7) vs d line sacks (6) also note, 10 of their 13 sacks come in games where they had double digit leads. they get up and force bills to throw, it will spell trouble again, the key here is the QB play recognizing these blitzes and getting rid of the ball. NOTE: on original post i should have said a 4 man pass rush. Allen has not been good against the blitz. the titans will bring pressure, disguise coverage and force allen into poor decisions.
  7. titans can't generate a pass rush so it will be good decision making that wins. glad Allen is so good at that
  8. Got it, thats all the clarity i was looking for... All that's clear from a non statistical perspective is that this o line is nowhere near dominant and has been very concerning, particularly in pass blocking on the right side. Last play of the game vs the Pats, 3 guys block 1 patriot letting van noy run free....enough said
  9. no, no i'm not please provide the answer to your quoted stats: -it seems you are taking all 16 games by the total sacks and hits in 2018 against the bills divided by 16 game season -you are then doing the same for 4 games in 2019. simple math agree -the variable is total drop backs per game. so if you can provide this number, it will show sack rate/drop back and hit rate per drop back. you provided the 2019 number of 188 drop backs so sack per drop back rate in 2019 of 10 sacks/188 drop backs = 5.3% and hit per drop back rate in 2019 of 28 hits/188 drop backs = 14.9% So, if you have the total 2018 drop backs, we have a comparison that accounts the number of drop backs vs the absolute numbers you are quoting: 41 sacks/ x drop backs 101 hits/ x drop backs Please provide 'x' AND I'M NOT DEFENDING THE O LINE....just understand how it should work on a drop back basis
  10. wow you are lost..... is your 2018 stat based on 4 games or 16? you seem to refuse to clarify that? i was the first to say i don't have drop back stats and i agree that is a more accurate measure. To be clear, in your original post, do your numbers show the full 2018 season or just 4 games of drop backs as your response indicated? If full season, what were the full season drop back numbers in 2018 if that is how you are coming to the stats you provided?
  11. WRONG. your original post indicates nowhere that the stats you are quoting are for the first 4 games of 2018 ONLY. it just says 2018, which would reasonably indicate that your stats are for all 16 games of 2018. If so, how many drop backs per game did we have in 2018 vs 2019. if it is only for 4 games, then it should say that. I don't have drop back stats, but on an attempts basis. 2018 Allen: 320 attempts/12 games =26.67/game 2019 Allen 131 attempts/4 games= 32.75 game This is a 22.8% increase in attempts AND it is statistically impacted in a small 4 game 2019 by the fact that Barkley had another 16 attempts in relief. 2018 Buffalo Bills: 499 attempts/16 games = 31.86/game 2019 Buffalo Bills: 147 attempts/4 games= 36.67/game This is a 17.84% increase. The o line statistically would be the same then with 2.95 sacks per game and 7.42 hits per game. All in all, i'm not defending them, just disagreeing with the manipulation of stats.
  12. How many pass attempts per game in each year? For Allen, if you assume Barkley’s attempts for him due to small sample size in 2019, he is attempting around 36 throws a game vs 27/game last year. That is a 33 percent increase in drop backs So the same amount of sacks per game and a 10 percent increase in hits vs a 33 percent increase in drop backs....your stats don’t show much then They haven’t been good still in my opinion, but a large function is slow decision making and holding the ball by allen too Let’s at least compare apples to apples on the stars
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