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  1. 2 good players, 2 avg players and now they will be a "FORCE" lol 2021 probably a better time for this talk
  2. they need a game breaking running back more than a big back(but need both).... would love to get a scat back type/home run threat to add. singletary is great but he isn't much of a home run threat shown by the fact teh bills longest run of the year was a josh allen run against houston. can't argue a bigger back is needed as well. hope they look to add one in FA and one in the middle rounds
  3. we can't ignore the fact that the niners last 5 seasons have been: 13-3 4-12 with their QB on IR 6-10 (i believe post jimmy g trade 6-1) 2-14 5-11 Of course, it is understood that wasn't all shanny's years and he was hired alongside McD. He added a veteran QB and the team had a couple years of high draft picks before he arrived already. I think next year there are no excuses for McBeane. they have put in place their players, got out of salary cap jail and need to make the next step and at a minimum be in contender talks
  4. if you took statistics in college, you'd know 3 games is far too small a sample size to extrapolate...
  5. I listened to the whole press conference. he completely disagreed with the call but his point was they left plays out there. don't misconstrue the context
  6. its not about total money, it is respected players taking the other side. sharp money doesn't outweigh public money. Especially with the reverse line move
  7. It often means the pro bettors/sharps are on backing the Bills at +7 heavily while the amateur/joes are all taking the bills with the large number of small bets outweighing the larger and fewer professional bets....generally this is when you see a reverse line move....but it is early in the week
  8. No, this is the answer for every player on the team, not for fans. fans should want the Texans. some matchups are better for every team, including the patriots.
  9. Heaven forbid anyone EVER blames the Pegulas.... hockey team is the worst franchise in the nhl...terry is a bigger hockey fan and continues to be clueless and fumble his way around... the bills think they have a qb and an offense but their coach still thinks it is 1930s football and doesn't know what modern qb is
  10. I guess no one read the article.... 2 of the 5 worst DVOA 5-1 teams made the SUPER BOWL.....
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