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  1. Stranger Things Orange is the New Black Deadwood The Son Designated Survivor Arrested Development The Night Of (HBO)
  2. I had quite a few until I saw you were the OP. God only knows what kind of insults would be flying my way if I recommended a television show that I liked to you. lol
  3. Nevermind I figured it out, they're PDF's and updated monthly... AWESOME, thank you! I feel rather stupid, though....
  4. Just a link on how to order the paper copy. They used to have an online database where you could look up your cards. It is no more.
  5. This probably isn't quite HCBT material, but I apologize for wanting it to get as many eyes as possible. Anyone have a good source for trading card values? A "price guide" if you will? TuffStuff Online used to be a good one, however, I can't seem to find it anymore?
  6. The guy had a history of alcohol abuse, so it was someone else's job to realize this and stop serving him? What a crock of shit.
  7. LOL, I wasn't trying to be mean, I just didn't get the thread, like all this hype for THE ONE AND ONLY MOCK DRAFT FROM CHRIS COLLINSWORTH, who's opinion on drafts doesn't really amount to jack shit anyway...
  8. So, why do you have a boner for Chris Collinsworth? There is no 'G' in his last name, FYI...
  9. This couldn't have any less to do with the Buffalo Bills... And for the record, that show hasn't been funny after Season 1, and even season one wasn't all that fantastic... Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah he was a Tackle on this play. So primarily a blocker, or #3 is pretty evident, but he looks really agile for a Tackle...
  11. Did you guys see what the Bills put out on Twitter about McCoy and Gore having the most rushing yards of any duo put on the same team ever? All that tells me is you've got two RB's way past their prime on the same roster.... I still think they both might have a little in the tank, but Gore is done after this year, if he isn't done already
  12. Meathead just educated me a bit on Beasley. Apparently, I am pretty far off in what I knew about him, so we'll have to see what happens this season. I guess I stand alone in liking Josh Brown. I had him in my Fantasy League (A Buffalo Range League at that!) so I watched his games and stats pretty closely last season. He did a lot with very little, and really had the ability to get open, but had an injured Flacco and bum ass Lamar Jackson throwing him, or lackthereof, the football.
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