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  1. I don’t think anybody has bragged about income in this thread. It’s just to point out that Hipkat acts like a know-it-all, condescending dick who berates the so-called “simple-minded” posters, yet ironically he doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out! He also claims to be a rockstar but has the sex appeal of a school shooter.
  2. Okay okay you rent a house in some shit town that goes for around $80K. That’s ALOT better than some old, crusty apartment. That’s a long ways from self-proclaimed “rockstar” status, right?
  3. 2.21”cawk’s jealousy of my money is a fantastic display of the stereotypical, liberal loser that can’t earn it, so he just complains about it on a football message board. What a tremendous loser. Sad!
  4. Have you always been this delusional and wrong about everything your entire life? We know Hipkat has, and there’s plenty of proof to show it. Retarded birds of a feather flock together!
  5. And why do these two broke losers always stick up for each other? Who fucks who?
  6. Why are you asking me? You should an expert on the topic. You’re renting a $50K apartment, so sucking dick must always be on your weekly to-do list
  7. 212cawks coming in strong with zero susbstance as usual. The market is flying today. It’s not looking good for tomorrow’s one year anniversary of your market will crash trade wars thread! So bitter and wrong all the time!!!! Hahahaha never gets old
  8. I know a lot more than you would want me to know, Greg. And by the sound of it, 2.12”cawk is probably on the same, sorry path.
  9. You’re calling me simple-minded? That’s quite arrogant coming from a broke loser. It’s hilariously ironic that you talk down to others. Think of me while you’re opening up your can of Fancy Feast tonight. Just blame Trump or whatever the hell gets you through the day because that’s easier than having an ounce of accountability and an excuse for being miserable, right?
  10. Is it the liberal way to insert random topics into a discussion and then argue them as if somebody else said it or are you just extremely delusional? You added nothing to my discussion thanks to your incoherent rambling. Seek help, Greg!
  11. 1. You were wrong and looked like a total arrogant jackass in the process. Just admit it. 2. I never mentioned healthcare.
  12. Who said anything about Obama? You’re missing the point entirely which apparently isn’t hard to do for guys like you. Read the thread that doesn’t mention Obama and showcases biased, liberal stupidity, and then come back to me to defend your boyfriend.
  13. Why should we listen to a dumb ass liberal who’s always wrong? Check out the 1 year anniversary of your Trump trade war thread where you were completely wrong and I was right. The S&P 500 is up 10.85% since then, and that’s not including dividends. In other words, nice call, Captain Hindsight! Very sad and embarrassing. Waiting for frustration and childish name calling combined with zero substance to ensue....... http://www.buffalorange.com/showthread.php?t=235721&page=1
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