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  1. Ya you need to come to realizations that you and your superstitions are not that powerful. I struggled with wanting to cut my hair before the colts game but I said fuck it, this mop has got to go, chop me a mullet!
  2. not quite the average amount was 7 days. So some maybe take 2 weeks, some cleared in 2 days According to The Athletic, the median time for the 29 quarterbacks who suffered a concussion between 2015-2019 to return was seven days. But that's just the central length among the sampling of 29, which includes both longer and shorter absences.
  3. Fun fact the Chiefs haven't beaten anybody in over 2 months by more than 6 points
  4. I don't think we are going to rely on our run game much at all as part of a successful game plan. Why would we forego our own offensive strengths to try and incorporate our weakness. It's a better way to try and beat the Chiefs 21-17. But I think Bills are looking to hang 35 on them at least. Their secondary aside from Mathieu are not good, and their corner Breeland also left the game with a concussion Sunday.
  5. Wasn't the case with the Steelers game. He looked bad first half and was great second half
  6. We left a lot out there for the taking offensively the first matchup too. Allen was still hurt and had a 2018-2019 type game, it was very apparent early that Allen just looked off that game. Can't afford to have that happen Sunday
  7. Will be interesting to see what coaching gigs open up ahead of the 2022 season. Some possibilities that Daboll may consider...assuming all new coaches get at least 2 years Vikings (Cousins will be an easy cap cut after 2021 season) Bears (Nagy and Trubisky likely married for their final year if it doesn't work out) Bengals (Zac Taylor on a hot seat if they don't show improvement now that they have what is believed to be their answer at QB in Burrow, despite his unfortunate injury) Cardinals (Will the Kingsbury gimmick end in Arizona?)
  8. ah yes, the migrant caravan is back! I'm sure they were waiting for the democrats to come back in charge to start their emigration plans!
  9. I like our odds better when you say stupid shit like how Baltimore was going to hang 50 on us. IF we lose this is the post that sealed our fate
  10. Let’s wait and see on the weather until like thursday
  11. I'll puke if we spend our 1st on a RB. Although I understand that a guy like Harris could be good for our window over the next few seasons, I just had spending anything at the RB position as a whole. I think we need to draft OL and DL. Maybe even a DB, but OL we could stand to improve in 2-4 positions and we might let Morse go because of his cap savings. Kick Feliciano inside as for now he's trustworthy at the C and draft a RG. Jerry is another year older, we lose Hughes, Epenesa gets a bit more game-time next year. We might cut Vernon Butler or Quentin Jefferson again for cap savings and having to welcome Star and his fat contract for 2021 back into the fold.
  12. Schopp is an actual troll and just all around lives for absolute shit takes. He can't imagine having to be positive about Buffalo sports. His whole schtick dies
  13. The Chargers situation is a way better situation though. Don't need to try and reinvigorate a QB when you already have a young QB with a big arm that showed that he can be the guy right away in his rookie year. Oh ya you also have guys like Joey Bosa in their prime on defense. I feel like the silence coming from LAC is indicative that they are just waiting for the Bills season to be over to announce Daboll. They had a 2nd interview with Saleh yesterday but then Jets finalized the deal for him. So we'll see if the LAC interviews are still hush hush come Sunday/Monday after the Bills win tomorrow. If they are still sitting on their hands, you'd have to think the deal is all but signed with Daboll.
  14. I kinda got the feeling too. Everything the Ravens do on defense, the Bills excelled all year at whooping
  15. We've seen him up playing before, he just needs to play within himself and protect the football. He's a good player and he'll be ready for his opportunities
  16. I know girls who have been banned on facebook for saying they hate all men lol. It's not just some anti-conservative agenda. It's a private corporation choosing to exercise their TOS. It's no different from a office workplace telling someone not to wear a BLM hat or a MAGA hat because it causes problems in the workplace
  17. If this COVID vaccine is basically something to be taken yearly, is it to be expected that COVID protocol in sports will remain indefinitely, and players will have to miss games simply for being in close contact with someone who tested positive? We never did this for flu season lol
  18. Are you calling for more censorship on a privately owned message board? I'm sure you must also be extremely for Twitter following their own TOS that all users agree to upon using their site, and banning trump, right?
  19. Wow! they caught....one, this is definitely proof that millions of others were doing this too!
  20. We save over 7.9m actually letting Brown walk, he's 100% gone IMO. We supplant our 4th WR with another cheaper option/Isaiah Hodgins our other 2020 rookie/2021 rookie to compete for the position. Hodgins actually operates best from the slot so he could definitely fill the 4th WR position if he competes and wins. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a mini overhaul of our OL too. We can cut Morse next year and I wouldn't mind doing so. We could even move Feliciano over to C, draft a OG in the 1st, and see if that sparks any semblance of a run-blocking line. Another cut impending I think will be either Quentin Jefferson or Vernon Butler, to save 5m+ to make room for Star once again on the roster for his final year before he's gone too. Lots of shakeups needed to fit cap space for next years crunch year, but we have the means to do it a lot easier than most
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