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  1. Daryl Williams shouldn't cost more than 6m a year. If we dump our DTs Butler and Jefferson, Brown, and Morse, we free up 26 mil We need to shop in the meat section in the draft, I'm all for getting Wyatt Davis as you said the OG from OSU if he's there at 30. 2 vet backs i'd like. Phillip Lindsay and Marlon Mack. Mack is the odd man out in Indy and coming off injury, we tend to like to get those guys cheaper on prove it deals similar to Trent Murphy's situation. Mack would be a great addition
  2. Ya i was shocked we didn't go for it on the 24-12 situation, I understand the 21-9 situation wanting to get points there before the half, simply because we lose that game anyways unless we can figure out how to stop their O 2nd half, but I still didn't agree with that either.
  3. Nice if you got in at 3.5 but it's a dangerous game to be playing in now at its current levels IMO....lot of plebs are now looking to get in to these just for a quick flip and not doing it for the reasons that WSB started. It'll be a dangerous, easily manipulated market. GME is the only situation with a concerted message
  4. Nope, if you want a RB in the first round you're dumb. The long term value is awful. We need to shop in the meat section. Big edge DE or OG, that's it.
  5. Losing brown frees cap space, we don't lose brown unless we want to, and I hope we do. Nobody can play like KC did because teams can't hold in the regular season all game. lol ya I'm sure Allen reverts to not even 2019, but his rookie year. Makes perfect sense!
  6. I think we work on a favorable restructure for him after this upcoming season, the cap situation is fucked. And i think he'll be appreciative we are restructuring for him at all considering he's locked into his deal for like 4 more years
  7. Ya you gotta look at some of the other situations around the league. Saints are 90 mil over the cap, with like 40 players signed. They are fucked lol. Going to be an interesting year to get through for a lot of NFL salary caps. We can cut: Vernon Butler, Quinton Jefferson, John Brown, and Mitch Morse and save 26.1 million to allocate to FA and re-signs....and yes that's taking into account their dead cap
  8. Pretty crazy what's happening with Gamestop right now lolll. basically a subreddit decided to all pump the shit out of GME and it's taken off the last week
  9. Been holding/trading crypto since a few months before the craze in 2017. Got in August 2017. Instead of Tesla I moved a lot more liquid into bitcoin in march 2020 when the COVID scare caused a lot of blood in the market, and toilet paper shortages lol. Either one was a winner clearly. Lately though not moving too much around, just sitting in good positions. ETH looks like a strong buy though if you are still bullish on the crypto market. It's not even at its ATH in 2018
  10. The decision to punt facing Henne there was OK given the 4th and 8 situation. However, if you are planning on punting there, you do NOT under any circumstance use a timeout on 2nd and 10
  11. Stefanski made huge blunders with all 3 of his 2nd half timeouts. Terrible challenge on a ball that clearly wasn't dropped for the first timeout. Second timeout was on 2nd down of that drive...IF you aren't going to go for it on 4th there, why did you blow a timeout on 2nd down of that drive? Then on his last timeout he still was sitting on a challenge. So instead of just throwing the challenge flag on a close 3rd down play, he calls timeout. Excuse me Stefanski, that basically gets rid of the challenge anyways, because you need to have a timeout to use the challenge. Throw the challenge flag there, and if you win you stop them short 2 minutes sooner. If you lose the challenge, guess what, you use the timeout that you used there anyways!
  12. It's not the first time he has. He assumed maybe our line would block I guess lol. And our WRs who owned man coverage all year would beat it that game. But that's the problem with playoff football, refs tuck away their flags. I'm pissed we didn't even try to run the ball with Allen inside the 5. No designed runs for Allen at all in a game where we needed that element. It was really disappointing. With Allen classically trying to extend plays until they're double dead, Daboll was calling a lot of deep routes but we were unable to block for Allen at all to let these routes develop. Out-coached NHL has a similar situation where playoff hockey is different than regular season hockey. But the difference is, is that NHL playoff hockey is still completely within the legal play of the regular season, you just start seeing guys like Skinner actually checking in the playoffs, but it's all still legal. NFL playoff football is playing in a way that is actually a penalty in the regular season, but the refs just don't call it. Blatant holding done all game by the chiefs on press coverage. TB too with the guy having a handful of jersey while he held the WR to make a pick. No calls are bullshit. Something needs to be done about it, but nothing will.
  13. It's the problem with America on both sides, but mainly the left. People just wanting to surround themselves only with people who will serve as an echo chamber of their own beliefs
  14. Again, 0 evidence for which you claim. Living in your depressed vision of reality is truly a treat I'm sure. Daboll called a shit game himself, wasn't scheming people open at all given the physicality of their press coverage. Didn't compensate for our line being terrible, wasn't calling RPOs which were working Mcdermott said the decision at half was based on morale. He valued any points more than 0 points there. At the end of the day, we were playing catchup and we had to make them punt once or twice regardless, and we were unable to do that. If it's 21-12 and we force them to punt the first drive out the half, he probably feels a lot better about the 3 there. We didn't make them punt the rest of the game. An absolute failure of a defensive gameplan, and a failure to adjust by Daboll.
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