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  1. exactly the point I was going to make in here. Bout to run him out of here like and he'll go be touted like Glimore is somewhere else
  2. It's a shame that hollywood can't get x-men right. Logan however, was a fantastic movie. Loved it.
  3. It wasn't staged, but they did a great job promoting it like it would be an unknown of who would win, consequently everyone tuned it for it. In reality of course Mayweather would outlast McGregor, who's known to gas out in fucking 15 minutes of a UFC fight, which is exactly what happened.
  4. In our game vs the Texans, Texans were called for 0 in-play penalties the entire game. You're meaning to tell me their backup CBs playing didn't hold one time? it's a joke sometimes
  5. Congratulations, he grew up in a time where college was cheap, and you could fucking buy a house anywhere in the United states with any full-time job.
  6. I fucking die every time i see that vid. Sensory overload I fucking crack up lolll
  7. Can't see a QB starved team in the Bengals trading the 1st overall pick. Unless they really liked Tua and liked him more than Burrow. 5 would be the next likely spot for a QB to be selected, barring any more trade ups 2-4. Dolphins would really need to do their homework, is Burrow THAT much better of a prospect than Tua? if yes then I guess attempt the trade. If I were building a team and the talent evaluation is close between them, I think I'd rather have Tua + all those picks over Burrow and none of those picks.
  8. I'm really curious as to what's going to happen to everybody that has developed an entire new self-identity either backing or hating trump, once trump is out of political life. Be it 2021 or 2025 when the new President is sworn in. I've never heard of such sports fan mentality towards a president ever in the history of our country, it's equally embarrassing on both fronts to be honest
  9. I think Duke might be back in the same capacity as he was this year. Inactive unless there's an injury. Im hoping we make enough upgrades to the WR room that at least 2 of the McKenzie, Foster, and Roberts crew are shown the door this year
  10. That police officer was trying so hard to try and bust players for cigars and trying to find alcohol. He was such a loser. You can see OBJ is drunk as hell, what a fucking idiot slapping the cops ass
  11. I'm a big Shenault guy, it gets McKenzie off the field and likely off the team too. Running screens and jet sweeps with Shenault is far more lethal. I'm scared Eagles at 21st overall could take our WR we target though, so it's possible the Bills might look to trade up a few spots (no higher than 16-17, as they already know what they'd likely have to give up considering they did a similar deal for Edmunds). I'm hoping Eagles go CB though
  12. Certainly not this old balls know nothing do nothing gov't Bernie would be a good benevolent monarch of a country of < 10 million people. I'm not sold on his policies in this country with these citizens. It's all bogus anyways, whatever party wins the election the other party just tries to stagnate the president as much as possible during their term. Then they start campaigning for the next term halfway through their first, it's just an endless carousel
  13. "So, apparently" is definitely my favorite accredited news source
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