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  1. fraiser was his HC his first 3 years into the league, he should be able to know if he can play within our defensive scheme
  2. Played good, I was assuming this was gonna be a "SEE WE DON'T NEED TO DRAFT DEFENSE" sean posts but it's a bit more timid that that lol
  3. I mean that play was an easy first if Allen just hands it off, he's been misreading the read option all year. He calls his own number too much on them, no matter what the defense shows.
  4. the last thing i'm coming away with from this game is the defense is fixed. How many penalties did we have inside their 30? Had to have been 50+ yards of penalties...+ 1 illegal formation that took a TD off the board.
  5. There’s no room to move him to OLB, we don’t play 3 LB sets often. You just pay Milano and let Edmunds walk in 2 years
  6. Edmunds looks like he plays in socks on a linoleum floor
  7. It's funny how lit will go after EVERYBODY after a single negative play, yet after all these negative plays, poor instincts and indecisiveness from edmunds, you don't hear a peep.
  8. Once again we are in fucking bizarro world right now and it's up to solely Allen and the passing game to win us this one
  9. ya shit is kinda crazy, I think we all were pretty stoked when we got a 5th or whatever we did for a guy we were, for all intents and purposes, about to cut
  10. I mean we did grab Addison who's last 4 seasons 9.5, 11, 9, 9.5 sacks...we probably were hoping he'd come in and compliment Hughes' style of great PRWR and no QB hits
  11. Jets would be smart to shut down Darnold rest of year to maybe preserve in other teams' minds that he is a good QB...so they can deal him this offseason and draft Lawrence 1. There's no hope for Darnold rising his trade value this year...that's what I'd do
  12. we'll have a chance again in January I'm not worried. LFG, no better time to play the Jets, regain that early season swagger going forward.
  13. Ya NFL schedulers can go back to giving us 1pm starts all year + 1 TNF against a softball team week 9
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