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  1. ya hopefully he gets right, it's a good couple of weeks coming up where hopefully he's a bit better. I think the line's inconsistency is affecting his ability to translate the field The last player I'm worried about working hard to fix their issues is Josh Allen though.
  2. They want Basham down to 260-265. He's going to be playing DE for us, never DT (except maybe pure passing situations he may line up there) We knew this was the scenario this year, just wish we spent a 2nd round pick on someone that could help us win this year when we are in a superbowl or bust situation lol, it's so dumb
  3. QBs miss seeing receivers open all the time, this isn't a localized issue for Allen, it literally happens multiple times a game to everybody If that's what Buscaglia actually said was he drunk? Diggs broke off the route and started to run back to the play because the initial route was bottled up lol
  4. what's fucking ironic is that the restaurants will now be encouraged/mandated to serve only the people that likely were trying to keep them shut down for the last 18 months. While not being able to serve the people that were fighting to keep them open Here in LA county it looks like the vaccination proof will start October 1st, however as of now it is not law for places to follow it.
  5. This is the exact scenario of not being invited to a birthday party and then being "fine i wasn't gonna go to your birthday party anyways" lmao. They are boycotting you already. Probably a good idea with the Jets game, NJ will probably follow suit. I hope I'm ok for the Titans game...
  6. Definitely would have liked to have drafted Creed Humphrey in the 2nd over Basham, who we realized likely at the time of drafting that either he or Rousseau would be inactive each game if all DEs are healthy. Creed Humphrey is now starting C for Chiefs and we have the worst interior line in football lol
  7. Tasker said today on One Bills Live that Haack was not back far enough when he took the snap. He said punters are supposed to be farther back. When Haack got the ball he also took two tiny steps and then two more. He was much too close to the line when he punted. It was schemed well by the Steelers, but if Haack was back where he should have been, the Steelers would have had to lay out to block it. They didn't have to do that.
  8. Ya I'm quick to judge, I cannot see the All 22, don't know the play call/routes. And I trust Allen sees the field quite well these days. It's almost like I'm not panicking at all after a week 1 egg laying against a top defense. Ya'll should try it lol
  9. I would have been fine going for all of them. The 4th and 8 one though why is Allen trying to force a 30 yard pass downfield. Steelers secondary game-planned us very well
  10. Definitely were some "hang onto that!" moments for me yelling at the TV but some of them were made difficult because of Allen's placement. Allen was throwing off platform all game because the line was trash. I'm not worried about the Bills. @Dolphins, vs Washington, vs Texans are our next 3 games, we gotta win those 3 then we play Chiefs. Maybe we surprise ourselves (i'm sure 99% of us when looking at the schedule have us losing to the Chiefs) and we still come out 4-1 out of our first 5. But we gotta be 3-1 or I'm worried a bit about this team's chances at making a run at a superbowl
  11. I wouldn't point to the WRs being the problem today. It falls on the line and then Allen
  12. You asking the fan base that regularly wears repurposed Willis McGahee jerseys still to the stadium lmao
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