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  1. Feliciano is 5th in the NFL for offensive guards in pass protection efficiency. I think they really like feliciano and Spain at guards. Which is why Ford is still getting work at RT. Nsekhe isn’t playing that much better than him
  2. I agree I'm good with staying put or trading down. This year with the wealth of WR depth I hope we stay put and take BPA at OL/WR/DE
  3. had a good 2nd half adjustment in the pats game, we marched right down for a TD on our first drive after the half
  4. Etienne is good, but Barkley on the NYG has shown, once again, that an all-world RB doesn't necessarily change how many games your team wins. Etienne size wise is also not the type of back I'd want to pair with Singletary. I want someone that plays at 220lbs, need a inside, short yardage back. Scottie Phillips Ole Miss would be a good 4th round pick if he falls that far If Houston doesn't keep him, we could sign Carlos Hyde. Also maybe we take a chance on Kareem Hunt. The NFL has a short memory for talented players
  5. Levi Wallace will go down as the greatest CB to never get an interception lmao
  6. two teams making it out of the AFC West would not be good for us. I'd like the raiders to fizzle out at like 8-9 wins max
  7. Beto is an out of touch tard, he doesn't have a chance. He should run for like comms controller, not even ready to be in the house or senate
  8. 8-3 is probably the absolute worst we could be heading into that cowboys game, which would, for all intents and purposes, make that thanksgiving game a must win for us. I hope we are 9-2 heading into that game, 10-1 would be amazing but I see at least a game where Allen's struggles are combined with possibly a mediocre defensive performance and we lose.
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