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  1. You honestly think that sexual harassment in the boy scouts started after the scouts began to be more accepting on peoples sexual orientation? lolllll
  2. This is like when your meth-head son pawns all the tvs in his parent's house and then comes back a week later and apologizes. You'd be smart not to continue to enable such behavior. An apology isn't worth shit and it shouldn't mean shit to the league. If he gets any offers it'll be much cheaper and very little guaranteed money. If he's truly sorry he'd accept his consequences and realize that his market value has seriously changed. If he denies contracts that aren't high paid with guaranteed money then he's learned nothing
  3. I mean why is Baker Mayfield blocking a random chick on twitter out of the blue, there was no public discourse between the two that would warrant someone like Baker to block someone like her without some sort of situation that happened IMO.
  4. don't you have a bunch of people on here blocked because of their baseline political viewpoints lol
  5. Everything he said except about the whole we can't shower and do laundry on the same day is a myth proven false. Originally started on News stations too that Californians were going to get fined north of $1000 each time we exceeded 55 gallons of water use per person in a single household. 55 gallons essentially would mean one wouldn't be able to do a load of laundry and shower without exceeding the 55 gallon limit. What's crazy is that it's so ridiculous but in California people believed thats what our State Gov't here would do lol
  6. God this clown has drawn out this shit long enough. I'm tired of hearing about it. Lol @ 1-time live stream of the movie does he understand how easy it is to pirate something? Feldman is fucking crazy this has always felt like nothing but a cash grab
  7. That's like saying Hilary Clinton should have pulled in 100% of the women vote, you think people SOLELY vote on people because they identify with someone on the most basic of levels?
  8. Buttigieg isn't going to win the democratic nomination. He's an plant, it's absolutely astounding that, with his background, he's gotten this much support
  9. In general just as people, strip away their political viewpoints, most conservatives are rather chilled out people. The radical left supporters are the worst types of people all around in all scenarios of life.
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