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  1. Charles is great, would be the worst golfer to ever sit in the oval office too lol
  2. Asante Samuel Jr and Patrick Surtain II in this draft makes me feel old as fuck lol
  3. you mean the team that couldn't beat the Bills backups to get into the playoffs week 17?
  4. Not sure how you read what he said to mean we are bringing in a 1st rounder to also compete for the CB2 job. Sounds more like we are going to let Levi and Dane compete. They are really high on Dane.
  5. It's a great deal we can get out of in 2 years. Beane is good at his job. Pegulas got so lucky with McBeane. Couldn't have happened to a better fanbase or city
  6. I don't like the idea of bringing back the same OL as last year, however Feliciano isn't the guy I would have replaced (wanted to cut Morse and slide Feliciano to C), but I agree that OG would be the safest to start a rookie at. It also would save us about ~4 million a year for the next 4 years starting a 30th overall OG over Feliciano on a new deal. Get a guy like Creed Humphrey from Oklahoma, can play C and OG. Start him this year at OG and move him to C after Morse is done which could be any play now lol. Feliciano retweeted this after he congratulated Daryl Williams on the contract. Safe to say he wants to maximize his $$. It's probably going to be the biggest contract he'll get in his NFL career. Can't blame him
  7. not my question but ok. You guys did not care about the death count and were tired of quarantine by April lol. Got it!
  8. Wanted Butler cut tbh but we'll see how much we save from the restructure. Probably another 2m. Good job by Beane. Our DT lineup will look like Star-Oliver-Butler-Zimmer/Harrison? Not the best but cheaper at least
  9. It's crazy to me that Edmunds is 1.5 years YOUNGER than Joe Burrow. His 5th year option will cost ~ 13.5m. I think Bills bank on him having a good year and get an extension done before the start of the season. 5 years 60 mil with an easy backdoor out the contract after year 3 I think. And for the record I don't like it, I think Edmunds is not a good MLB at all lol
  10. I agree that with the way our offense projects, we need a guy who is accurate punting 40-50 yards who can pin teams inside the 10-15 rather than someone who can punt it 70. If anything, we should be punting from ~ midfield most times.
  11. Huh? you mean like this? Bojorquez was one of the top punters in the NFL this year. Bringing Palardy in is a great move, shows that we aren't going to break the bank for a punters' services. Palardy could win the job and be happier with getting paid what we might be willing to allocate to the position
  12. Probably keep Barkley cause he'll want to stay here for cheap. It's good for Klaista content on the forums too.
  13. Cutting Star this year actually saves us NEGATIVE 4.7 mil. As in...his dead cap costs more than his salary does this year. As in, whoever's plan that is, is a bad plan. I'm down to cut Butler and Jefferson though. But his signings are fucking awful. He's building a team for the 2016 season in 2021
  14. No shot we approach Watt with that much $$ and THEN have to low ball our guys like Feliciano.
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