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  1. I mean, it's never not easy to lay some unnecessary blame at Trumps' doorstep lol Remember this gem from 2017? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/07/28/trump-tells-police-not-to-worry-about-injuring-suspects-during-arrests/
  2. A lot of them are fucking idiots. That's honestly the only answer here lol The left has a lot of fucking idiots too, except that they want you to conform to everything they stand for because they believe they are 100% morally correct
  3. Side note Im so happy ESPN is dumping both Tessitore and Booger McFarland. Any news on who they are replacing them with?
  4. Gore was washed by about week 4 last year. Our RB1 situation for most of the year was fucked (Gore was RB1, Sing got hurt, Sing came back and slowly took over the role). Wasn't it the Eagles game where Gore was like 0/8 on short yardage conversions. I expect Moss to change that this year. Also maybe Daboll will stop calling 3rd and 2 QB sneaks with Allen now that we have a punishing interior runner like Moss to get those hard yards
  5. i think the person behind the camera said that and didn't want to spoil the fun. Im surprised nobody else saw it cause this trick was all over the internet a week ago haha
  6. My father will go out and get like a major paper like the NYT for certain global events (9/11 or something). My Aunt probably has a garage full of no purpose at all random tuesday of 1970 Buffalo News papers stacked to the ceiling
  7. big deal, UCW means Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon, and the law says it is generally illegal to carry either on your person or in your vehicle or boat a “handgun, illegal knife, or club” that is in “plain view” if you are not on your own "premises" or property under your control. He was fishing yesterday. Hopefully it's a cheap lesson and he'll be smarter
  8. Louis riddick hitting the nail on the head saying this is insulting to him as someone who has interviewed for positions.
  9. I don't know what im saying lolll. I don't think teams are purposefully not hiring minorities that are qualified for the job to take someone lesser for the job. I think they just want to make the rooney rule look like it's working. If anything, I think that NFL teams like to hire within the "fraternity" and it's harder for minorities to be a part of that "Fraternity"
  10. it's not even a big deal to be honest. Basically a 1 time gift of a 4th-5th round pick basically (the equivalent of getting boosted up in the 3rd round 6-16 spots) It would be a big deal to me if it was a thing where "if you have a black coach + GM you move up 16 spots in the 3rd round EVERY YEAR you have them hired." THAT would be bullshit. This little boost in the 3rd round is negligible and might actually help make the rooney rule work, as it stands now it really doesn't work at all
  11. I've been saying all through last year. If Allen just becomes a top 20 QB in his deep ball accuracy, Allen would have been in the MVP discussion last year. He consistently left 7+ points on the field each game with his inaccuracy on his go routes. I obviously hope he continues to improve at all levels of his game, but for sure please make Diggs happy and hit on the deep balls this year!
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