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  1. This administration is well aware that Allen's fate will be decided next year IMO. It's likely that we will look to further improve the line, and his weapons to give him the best chance of success. He'll either look markedly better, or he will like relatively the same. The same, I hope, will not be good enough for McBeane and at that point the team should move on from him in 2021. What will be interesting is If he only shows a little progress instead of a lot, will it be enough for the Bills to pick up his 5th year option and let him play another year in 2021? I would bet so, depending on what our record ends up as. If he looks only a little better, and we're 4-12 it might be smart to deal him and draft a rookie, or you could decline his team option and let him play in 2021 while the rookie you draft sits a year. If by some stroke of sick luck all of a sudden in year 4 Allen starts looking the part of a top 10 QB, then you re-sign Allen and you trade your un-sullied rookie QB who was a top pick the year before, and you get a first round pick back. If Rosen could get a 2nd rounder after being exposed all season I'm sure a guy like Justin Fields would get a good 1st round pick. Oddly enough, we are in a good situation with the whole Allen thing, whether or not he shits the bed, it's a salvageable scenario
  2. I agree. Though I doubt Pegula wants to continue the 3 year new regime merry-go-round, and I don't blame them. I mean so far their track record on day 1 and 2 picks have been suspect at best. I won't label EO and Ford busts so soon but Ford looks overmatched at RT most snaps and EO has had his snaps significantly reduced the last few weeks. The year before we moved around all our draft capital to secure Allen and this scenario is clearly contingent on Allen not improving next year and them moving on from him. Edmunds has been inconsistent in run support and gets swallowed up by blocks, at times being seemingly invisible at a position where you should always be in the middle of plays. Though I feel those that are critical of Edmunds are a little bit overly critical of him. Roquan Smith of last year and Devin White of this year, both who were supposed to be certified studs, are both struggling this season mightily
  3. How's McVay's sexy offense doing this year? He's a coach that doesn't even pay attention to the game when the defense is on the field. I've never seen a fall from grace harder than Jared Goff since the shootout against Kansas City last year.
  4. Honestly I don't blame Daboll as much as others are for Allen's lack of QB success. Every game there's been deep balls schemed open and Allen misses them. 6-10 points easily left on the turf each week, if they were converted this conversation wouldn't have even close to as much steam behind it I doubt the Bills are going to want to, in Allen's likely prove-it year, switch offensive coordinators and have him work under a new offense. Then the question will be is it just because everyone's learning the new system still, or is it just Allen not being the answer. For instance, look at Aaron Rodgers the beginning of the year. Arguably the best pure talent QB in the history of the game, was putting up Allen-like numbers the first month and a half of the season (aside from the outlier week 4 422 yard eagles performance).
  5. Him still overthrowing every single go route and him putting up similar numbers to his recent performances next season. I'll give him till week 5 before I'm writing him completely off
  6. It's not happening. Pegula's are loving the snake-oil they've been drinking that both McDermott and Beane sold them. They're under contract until 2022, I bet even if it's apparent they have to move on from Allen after next season, which likely indicates a poor season next year, they are here drafting a new QB in 2021.
  7. Pretty much. But if somehow we lost to Miami, and beat Denver and Dallas, we'd still be in decent position. If Bills go 2-1 in these next 3 we are in decent position. 3-0 we are in great position 1-2/0-3 and this season is as I predicted, the worst case scenario which is 8-8
  8. I certainly want him in instead of fucking Andre Roberts i'll tell you that much lol
  9. now if somehow Joe Burrow slips , I would go get Burrow. Play Allen in 2020 and if he's bad let Burrow finish the year and get some game reps, and be the guy in 2021. But the hype around him, regardless of his physical traits, has him going maybe 1 to the Bengals now
  10. 11/7/19: In 2019, Love has completed 60 percent of his passes for 2,014 yards with nine touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He has some buzz about being a pro prospect coming off his 2018 season, when he completed 64 percent of his passes for 3,567 yards with 32 touchdowns and six interceptions. As a pro prospect, Love has some good tools to work with. He has a strong arm and can fire some lasers downfield and to the sideline. He also shows the ability to put air under the ball and throw touch passes. Lofting in passes between defenders and throwing receivers open can be tough for strong-armed quarterbacks as they can become too reliant on fast balls. Love does not have that issue. His pocket presence is developed, and he has some mobility to move around as well. However, Love still has a lot to work on, with his field vision being painfully bad. He consistently locks his eyes on his primary read and does not move them away. He stares down targets and does not look off defenders. Love must start reading the field, working through his progressions, and making better decisions. Team sources feel that Love should return for his senior year to improve before going to the NFL. via walterfootball.com I'd be livid if we blew a 2nd rounder on a project. Allen needs help next year. Get your replacement in the 2021 draft however way you need to, and get him in the 1st round.
  11. Sounds like a participation trophy if i've ever heard of one
  12. Don’t understand how Allen can’t see presnap with the soft coverage that Beasley could have stayed at the LOS and picked up the first lol. the ball to brown tho wasn’t bad, brown didn’t get his head around fast enough, ball landed right at the boundary if brown whips his head around earlier realizing it’s an all out blitz there (which he did realize) he sits down earlier and makes that catch
  13. You can’t wait 4 years on players in this league anymore. So you’d give Miami a good grade on Phillips when he does fuck all there but plays good here on his second contract? Ridiculous lol you can start grading a draft 2-3 years after. If Ford is not starting next year and Oliver is still not making plays that show up on the stat sheet next year I’m willing to say they are bad picks
  14. If we roll off our next 3 we are in great shape. If we do anything worse than 2-1 in our next 3 games we are fucked imo
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