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  1. would be the most narcissistic legendary move if he pulled that shit off. He doesn't deserve to even look upon those presidents let alone be immortalized alongside them lmaooo
  2. I think Mcdermott will be able to put Norman in places he can succeed and help the team most, even if that location is the bench or free agency
  3. tianjin 2015 seemed much larger, but the shockwave from the beirut one seemed stronger?
  4. Shame he tore his ACL again yesterday. He's one of my fantasy keepers (he stuffs the stat sheets with blocks/steals)...might have to not keep him though they are going to keep him out extra long now with the ACL recovery
  5. guess he wants to save his hamstring injury for the 2021 injury report
  6. I'm not conducting an/the investigation, my opinion is not necessarily a fact about Donald Trump Personally I don't think someone's current history should be used to defame the story. Either the story holds water or it doesn't. I'd be shocked to find someone who was molested/raped repeatedly at age 13 who didn't grow up to have a history of drug abuse
  8. I don't think Trump is a creep on Epstein levels at all, I just think Trump is a huge loser. Like he needed Epstein to pull chicks for him, but I don't think Trump was doing shit on a criminal level with women or with women underage. I hope she rolls on every elite person, but i just don't think it happens, or is allowed to happen
  9. White people aren't comfortable bringing up / discussing the topic. See this entire forum whenever anything about racism comes up lol. No discussion just deflection/pretending it's not there. If you wait for the white community to be ready to have that discussion, it'll be pencilled in for February 30th lmao Fact of the matter is, it's shit but EVERYTHING is politically driven now. it's garbage, and it's ridiculous. The same people that are chastising the NFL for this were praising GOYA a week ago, choosing the support/not support based on an entities political message. I think we can all agree that we'd rather all that shit stay entirely private.
  10. Does racism not deserve undivided attention drawn towards it? In a league where black players (the people who put the asses in seats) make up 70% of the league, of course the NFL is going to try to create the image that they got their backs
  11. Rumor has it there'll be no creamer allowed for coffee's in the stadiums. You'll have your coffee black or not at all! lmaooo
  12. The thought of you guys unable to watch football because there's some words written in the stadium, just irks you too much to focus on the 3rd quarter lmaooooo
  13. It's literally a decal on the fucking endzones. Soccer has had them for decades, not once have I seen a soccer fan complain about it. You are softer than baby shit lmaoooo Your safe space of sports (by the way easily the most politically manipulated sport of all, they get paid by the gov't for flyovers/honor vets, most people don't see a problem with that though of course cause it's essentially not a divisive thing to pander to) is being sullied by the reality that the world isn't perfect and we need to be better as people to one another. HOW SADDDDDD
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