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  1. I'm worried about no Tre White this matchup. that's about it. If Allen and our RUN GAME can play like we did vs pats, we are going to beat anybody
  2. He's been making plays with his legs a lot in the past month or so. I expect the trend to continue. He's absolutely essential to our rushing attack
  3. Does this mean gabe and beasley have a better chance of coming back this week?
  4. He needs to retire if he's gonna do this shit, we owe him 9m next year cause his bitch ass sat out all last year and carried his contract another year over on us. He has a heart condition for those who don't know, was something that popped up on his medical report when he was a incoming rookie in 2013. Would cost 5m+ dead cap to cut him too...FUCK
  5. it definitely could be that, it makes better sense. I want to believe. But still, Sanders the whole play seems just discontent. Annoyed. I'm glad he's a 1 year deal guy, we don't need him.
  6. Honestly the audacity all year of Sanders (this isn't a 1 game issue) and he drops that TD earlier in the game, seems to me like he's pressing and he's really thinking about himself and his numbers for his next payday. Another thing and I'm sure you'll agree with me lit, how the fuck did the staff and Beane talent evaluate after last season and decide to spend 9m on the WR room. that 9M could have went almost to any other position on the field, and it would have been better suited
  7. there's been multiple documented occurrences of Sanders being frustrated with not getting ball this season though
  8. ya a little cheap shot there, love Judon tbh wish we had him instead of our scrub DEs lol.
  9. did you say the same when buffalo was footing the bill for each and every new york city stadium/arena built? Fuck em. Time for them to pay for us. I'd rather chip in taxmoney for a bills stadium to just let my funds go to shitty covid tests or more bombs
  10. Obada has had 1 good game against a terrible QB and here comes hot take harry. pump the brakes earnhardt he's been bad the rest of the year that he's played lol
  11. probably was granted exception by his Parole Officer. Some people are able to leave jail to attend specific events if granted permission.
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