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  1. 100%, it's already been decided Garrett is suspended indefinitely, and at least all of 2019 + playoffs if they somehow made it
  2. I think the real question here is: How soon can we expect lit threads about how underappreciated Josh Allen was while he was the qb here
  3. I agree I don't blame the Bills not selecting Mahomes, I do blame them for not selecting Watson. Just bad luck though with the trade. If we did the trade with Houston instead of the Chiefs, Houston was terrible the following season, we would have had our 21st overall pick and the 4th overall pick. We still do the Cordy Glenn trade, trading Glenn and the 21st overall pick for their 11th overall pick. Then we could have kept all the rest of our draft capital we spent moving around. Or we could likely deal the 4th and 11th and maybe next years 3rd or 4th or something to trade with Cleveland to get the #1 overall pick and get Baker. Just typical Buffalo Bills luck I suppose.
  4. Pegula loved Mahomes, but with our GM on his way out and I believe the Pegula's relatively hands-off approach, Whaley decided to set up the next GM with picks to position himself for the 2018 draft class which was being touted like the 1983 class. I blame Pegula for not finding a GM immediately after the season was over, we very well might have drafted Mahomes/Watson then. But I can understand a GM that knows he's being fired immediately after the draft not wanting to draft a QB I'm sure McDermott loved the idea of trading down and getting a 1st round CB lol.
  5. I still kind of think the Bills avoided drafting Watson and Mahomes because we were coming off of 2 unsuccessful black quarterbacks in EJ and Tyrod.
  6. I wanted to tank the 2016 season instead of limping into the playoffs with a 9-7 record. I was OKAY with the idea of staying at 21/22 and drafting LJ, I didn't like him that much I thought he was (and still is) too inconsistent as an actual passer. Allen intrigued me, but I ultimately wanted to avoid him because he had the highest ceiling but also lowest floor. Baker and Darnold were my 1/2. Up until about a week before the draft I thought trading up to 5 or so and getting Baker was very much a reality. Too bad. I'm unwilling to give up on Allen until the 2020 season. I feel like he will continue to work and improve. I just want him to be a top 15 QB next year. It's not out of the realm of possibility, if we use our early picks on offense and give him the best chance possible
  7. Josh last year was completely not ready to be in NFL games. I understand that statisticians need to use the games he's started for the numbers but the Bills had no intention of playing JA last season. But the signing of McCarron didn't pan out at all, and Peterman was just his normal elite self. In the presser yesterday you can hear from McDermott that clearly they feel JA is not a finished product and "he's only in his 2nd year" which feels to me that they are 100% giving him a 3rd without a second thought. It doesn't matter about the comparisons to Tyrod, he's not on the roster. What this team cares about is JA and him getting better and making strides to become better each and every week
  8. Daboll had 2 screens cued up for Singletary, each of which were gonna go for big yardage. But the first one Dawkins couldn't hold the backside and let Garrett get to Allen before the screen could develop. The other was the final drive and the ball got tipped on the way to Singletary
  9. Ya with the low quality vid of the all-22 i had trouble discerning when the ball was released by Allen in comparison to the position of the underneath defender
  10. Considering, in my opinion, this was his worst mental game, they probably wanted to give him the reassurance so he's not overthinking out there. See it, let it rip instinctively. If you're seeing something and then waiting to make sure what you see is right, it's too late.
  11. I remember when I was the 3rd person in line for the Bills -900ML +14.5 at Minnesota and I was going to put $1000 on both the ML and the spread for Buffalo. People were up there so long not putting their bets in right and it cost me 10 grand lol My wife gives me shit because I woke up late and instead of going down to the sportsbook to wait in line I first wanted to iron my shirt. That iron cost me 10 racks lmaooo
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