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  1. just stay indoors and wash your hands twd, that's all we are asking you to do. If being a clean human being is too difficult for you that you must believe that the gov't is trying to usurp your rights to be a disgusting slob then carry on lol. Also Flan's wife is probably going because they are offering nurses from all over the state 80k for 8 weeks of work
  2. Who the fuck is Hurley. If you mean Todd Gurley, he was literally signed to a team 2 weeks ago lol
  3. From multiple things i've seen over the last few weeks, it sounded like Beane wanted Ceedee Lamb or Jeudy, and knew that they wouldn't have a chance at either at 22. They preferred spending the 1 on Diggs over the other WRs in the class. It's a good deal
  4. Would you continue to watch a video of a "mathematician" explaining a complex math equation if they repeatedly kept saying 2+2 = 5? That's basically the equivalent of that video lol
  5. You're dumber than this woman for posting this bullshit lollll. She's getting roasted on youtube as well. Anybody that keeps calling AIDS a virus hasn't passed 8th grade science let alone in the healthcare field at all lmaoooo
  6. Likely wouldn't be a draft if NCAAF also didn't play through a season. Would just feel like a delayed 2020 year. Nobody's contracts would count the calendar year of 2020 as a year played off their contracts
  7. I'm tired of hearing this absolutely retarded take. Let's let the amount of people who get the flu get this virus and we'll see the death rate 50x
  8. Perhaps they aren't as enamored with Feliciano as fans seem to be. Or Perhaps they aren't as enamored with Morse and want to slide Feliciano to C
  9. Tucker Carlson and formerly Shepard Smith were the only people on Fox I can/could stand. Not sure if this part touched on it, but Fox does deserve some blame as well. But there were tons of other media sources on both sides saying that this wasn't going to be a big issue. All the shitty democrat media sources (buzzfeed, washingtonpost) all called the initial travel ban on china xenophobic and that we should just continue to live normally yada yada, then shit hit the fan. Would have hit the fan even harder if we continued to let people travel here from China
  10. Definitely should be giving forgiveness on mortgage payments right now. Do you really care more about Wells Fargo than your blue collar neighbor who's out of a job?
  11. Side note there were a fuck ton of people on the road yesterday in Los Angeles. Might be because it’s the beginning of the month and lots of families just got their checks and are out getting groceries, but just felt like a lot of people getting fed up with the stay at home order
  12. We’ll start seeing a decline in cases by May. And back to edging near whatever normalcy may be by June 1 IMO
  13. lolll, im just saying anybody that's still trying to attach negativity to tattoos/piercings is a fucking loser
  14. Anyone that brings up the nipple piercing and tries to put some sort of negative light around a fucking piercing is a complete loser
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