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  1. A dominant offensive line would be nice to have in place for Josh Allen to reach his ceiling so hopefully he can get a bit more comfortable and a bit more time so he’s not panicking and then having to fire or overthrow his receivers
  2. Maybe I’m wrong, but I seem to remember that whenever Brady was out with the knee injury they won the division. And continued to win when he was suspended for the 4 games too also
  3. They had 4 compensatory picks in 2019 too. And in 2016 Bill Belichick is the king of compensatory picks
  4. Lit’s beloved Tyrod Taylor on had 1 300 yard game and that was an overtime game too
  5. He’s sabotaging himself, he realizes that he’ll never be as good without Big Ben throwing to him since in fact that every time Roethlisbergerhas been injured and missed a game Antonio Brown didn’t break 100 yards or score a TD.
  6. 4.8 yrd avg last season, he was never given the opportunity. He doesn’t dance around, he just gets yards
  7. Either one can step right in and learn to hold without fear of penalties to allow good ol Tom , time to do what he needs to do.
  8. I’d like to see Marcus Murphy get the start. Had a 4.8 yrd avg last season with a horrible line and doesn’t waste time dancing around in the backfield
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