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  1. The D needs to step up once again and shut down Kelce like they did earlier this season. In the other losses Buffalo had to KC Kelce did whatever he wanted to in the middle of the field, they could not keep anyone close to him for some reason. And stop Mahomo from scrambling on the long 3rd down conversions
  2. They still will get no holding calls no matter who’s playing on that line
  3. What’s good about his coverage? This team allows the most catches to any TE across the middle
  4. If I recall, Urlacher used to get tackles in the backfield, and get QB sacks. Most of Edmunds 5-9 yards downfield , that’s just what it appears to be at least
  5. https://www.si.com/nfl/bills/.amp/news/bills-lb-tremaine-edmunds-stands-out-as-unicorn-to-jets-coach-robert-saleh Trade him to the Jets next season please!
  6. Everyone thought that. because Buffalo went 13-3 last season, won the division was one of the best teams in the NFL . They could of easily been 10-6 barley squeaking by the Patriots on a last second strip of cam Newton heading into the end zone only winning by 3 . The almost lost to the dolphins, winning by 3 and didn’t do much against the horrendous jets winning 18-10 . To me they got lucky in those 3 games against their weak division opponents. But the management saw the 13-3 record and assumed that everything’s perfect and no upgrades would be needed to a close to 10-6 but lucky 13-3 team . While real franchises continued to upgrade and build from the previous season
  7. Something needs to change with the coordinators or something. And maybe someone to teach opie some basic fundamentals of head coaching, like when to accept or decline penalties or when to kick FG’s when your down by 21 in bad weather and it’s 4th& 3 .
  8. Besides an occasional streak up field, Its vary rare that I see routes ran by our WR’s where there running with separation or getting to open spaces like I see all the time from Green Bay or Dallas and even still KC WR’s . Seems that Josh waits for their route to stop before rifling it to them
  9. You mean $3.99 a month? I don’t think so . I live in California paying over $5 a gallon for gas as it is . We all post info, links that don’t cost the other range members to view but Buddy doesn’t seem to get that
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