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  1. Daboll only had one good year in the NFL and that was last year other than that his offense’s have alway failed. He’s only succeeded really in college from what I can tell
  2. Looks like he’s was more ready to play from little to none practices than our whole D line put together
  3. Just saying, the guys gonna be fresh, and playing on a contract year. of course chances of injury are high since he hasn’t fully participated in practices , hopefully he’s shut down like last season
  4. They should of picked up Trai Turner when they had the chance knowing they weren’t shored up at guard yet
  5. Yup, hyped up players that constantly underperform, but occasionally have a good game to give you hope
  6. I not talking just about the 3 preseason games, And if Edmunds had his best year his rookie season if I recall and haven’t really progressed if anything he’s regressed , lord knows he can’t cover a TE in the middle of the damn field
  7. I definitely wouldn’t mind if if Edmunds or Oliver were traded at some point, those guys aren’t going to get any better for us
  8. They’ll probably use rookie Marquez Stevenson to fill his spot till he gets back
  9. I remember when Niner fans were worried when Jimmy G threw 5 int in practice too, they went to the Super Bowl that season too. This shit doesn’t mean a damn thing
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