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  1. Would still rather see A. Williams , especially if there’s snow on the ground,
  2. Charles Davis agrees https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ3xWHSBGy7/?igshid=1hx7zxl4gxhd8
  3. Charles Davis see’s it , hopefully McD does now... https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ3xWHSBGy7/?igshid=1hx7zxl4gxhd8
  4. I hope the bills start to build up the OLINE with some 1-3 round picks instead of 5-7 rounders or someone else’s 2nd and 3rd string castoffs. Especially if their gonna be giving J.allen the franchise contract. And hopefully a lineman who can run block too!
  5. Can will run for over 100 +yards, and keep the drives going just like Tannehill and Mahomes did. you know Belichick is going to exploit the D
  6. Even when healthy so far, Tre hasn’t looked like the Tre of last season. Seems like he’s been playing off, late to react and knowing that he was even unsure of even playing this season with covid around makes me think that his bad back injury is gonna linger or he’ll have more unprovable illnesses to follow
  7. I think it’s total BS playing KC on a short week, With no pass rush as of late, and our DB’s out and banged up , I don’t see them being able to pressure Mahomes and keep their WR’s covered. To that point, no one seems to be able too stay anywhere close to covering.
  8. Well, he’ll probably have to wait one more year with the way things are going now
  9. A dominant offensive line would be nice to have in place for Josh Allen to reach his ceiling so hopefully he can get a bit more comfortable and a bit more time so he’s not panicking and then having to fire or overthrow his receivers
  10. Maybe I’m wrong, but I seem to remember that whenever Brady was out with the knee injury they won the division. And continued to win when he was suspended for the 4 games too also
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