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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLQcEEpFVT0/?igshid=1u1h6i2xfcbpd Screw that, Belichick Defense fueled the patriots
  2. Country mile? The only beat the 3-13 jets by 8 & 10 points and only won by a field goal to the fins. And if it wasn’t for that last second strip by Zimmer on C. Newton the pats would of beaten us
  3. It’s definitely going to be a battle in the AFC east this season. With everyone else building through free agency and not being that far behind in record last season ( Dolphin, Pats) and the Bills in my opinion not really upgrading their run blocking or edge rusher! How about a defender who can cover a damn TE ? It’s hard to get a rookie to come in and do any of those right away
  4. If I recall , marshawn did not perform here and he seemed like like a real RB1 , Did a good job for Seattle though,found plenty of gaping holes to run through that he rarely found here so maybe that’s the issue huh?
  5. I’d say Isaiah McKenzie, he makes plays when he has the ball. Needs to be used for more quick 5-7 yards outs/slants , something more than the behind the line of scrimmage reverses he seems to get
  6. Would still rather see A. Williams , especially if there’s snow on the ground,
  7. Charles Davis agrees https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ3xWHSBGy7/?igshid=1hx7zxl4gxhd8
  8. Charles Davis see’s it , hopefully McD does now... https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ3xWHSBGy7/?igshid=1hx7zxl4gxhd8
  9. I hope the bills start to build up the OLINE with some 1-3 round picks instead of 5-7 rounders or someone else’s 2nd and 3rd string castoffs. Especially if their gonna be giving J.allen the franchise contract. And hopefully a lineman who can run block too!
  10. Can will run for over 100 +yards, and keep the drives going just like Tannehill and Mahomes did. you know Belichick is going to exploit the D
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