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  1. One of my favorite scenes from the show "the league" season 7 episode one Marshawn is hilarious (hes been in a couple other episodes too)
  2. What hurts the most about Sunday was how excited I was that 4th quarter Josh made it happen again, My wife and daughter are not football fans but became Josh fans and now wear bills gear or colors each week on Sundays, and they were pumped when we went ahead. that play was a Miracle play ive prayed buffalo makes a ton of times over 30 years our D needs to be better but nobody saw that coming Josh had that game won for us Dhop is bananas and now I think we play angry from here on out, 1 more loss maybe we got this boys #gobills
  3. Gonna bring beast mode back on a 1 year retirement contract to finish the old man rb club lol
  4. Hell yes I am! I've suffered long enough as a Bills fan and been a Clemson fan all my life ( and there was some bad times in the past) I finally get to enjoy some success Trevor Lawrence is gonna be a beast! (y'all pray for me its gonna be a long night) Lets go Clemson!!!!
  5. I hear ya bro but as i said before 1)Darnold 2)Chubb 3)Rosen 4) Barkley (5 Allen (perfect for Allen to sit behind Case) I know i am wishful thinking but this would be perfect
  6. Buddy i mean this with all the respect ever, I dont give a single shit what hat Rosen wears if I feel like he can win championships, and the Jets wont either, could you imagine? Guys the jets might pass on the (possible best) QB in the draft because of Trump lol get real man.
  7. I dont think Rosen makes it to 4 brother, I think it goes like this 1)Darnold 2)Chubb 3)Rosen(fml) 4)Barkley 5)Allen this is my hope anyway as the draft sits now, so Beane make your move and grab us Baker Fuckin Mayfield
  8. UGH....Beef why would you put this in my head, I can actually see this happening and its making me sick haha
  9. Lit I consider us friends but watch your fucking mouth lmao...you dont want to see that
  10. My opinion on what he is gonna do? Over Throw Landry a lot and run for his life a bunch against pro defenses you know the same thing he did against Clemsons D
  11. Well I could see Cleveland ending up with picks 1,21,22 (Buffalo picking 4th) so yeah they could take Barkley #1 and Lamar #22 i hope this is the case because that would mean were getting our guy and I hope that guy is Mayfield (i know buffalo is gonna have to give more than 21,22 btw im just talking about round 1)
  12. Ok come on, this is just my opinion but lets think this way...we just made the playoffs for the first time in 17 years (yes i know we needed help but fuck) we were really one game out probably the Peterman game you can probably find another game in there too and we did that with what we have including Taylor, that being said leave what we have alone player wise (maybe trade Cordy maybe) and Trade it all for one of these "sure thing QBs" but not shady, our cap situation is not the best so do what we can in FA and keep what we have, trade the farm for a QB and hope it works, worst case scenario is if it looks like a shit sandwich by week 6 then trade players away before deadline for more picks and keep as many picks for next years draft, do not trade Shady he is our offense, get the QB and hope it works at whatever cost. and roll with (mostly) the team that ended the drought just my opinion.
  13. If Watson made it through without an injury as our QB we beat the shit out of the jags in the playoffs for sure, Tyrod can not carry a team on his back
  14. Sorry bro but I need better weed to be in that fantasy world, no chance in hell this works out, I mean i would love to see it happen but come on brother.
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