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  1. I get Hogan and Gilessie but I'm still scratching my head over Gilmore, as I'm sure is a lot of the football world. Not saying he isn't going to go on to have great season/career there, but when you are getting lit up by a QB like Alex Smith it's not a positive sign of what's to come considering the Pats will be facing much better QB's this year like we will in Matt Ryan, Rivers, Carr, Newton, Brees, etc.
  2. If Brady is truly showing his age this year I certainly expect Gillislee to play a prominent role in the pats offense and keep racking up the TD's this year.
  3. I'll be surprised if the Chiefs sustain that type of play all year, but losing Berry kills their defense no matter what you spin it so they might have to keep lighting it up offensively if they are going to be a true force in the AFC this year. I still think it was a matter of the Chiefs wanting to make a statement combined with the Pats simply stumbling out of the gate and they are always more beatable in Sep/Oct vs Nov/Dec/Jan.
  4. I guess this is going to be the excuse then when Taylor proves he's not a viable NFL QB again this season and struggles big time in a more traditional offense asking him to stay in the pocket and throw the football.
  5. This may be true as of today but some of these guys will likely emerge on another team in the coming weeks, especially a solid back up LB like Gerald Hodges.
  6. This isn't necessarily shocking, and there's a reason why Belichik has targeted specific players like Hogan, Gillesie and Gilmore. And with Edelman out for the year Hogan's stock just went up exponentially and I certainly expect him to post monster numbers.
  7. I love me some Fred Jackson but he's finished in the NFL as a player and it would be the dumbest move of all time if we signed him again.
  8. At least we don't have to worry about the team wasting starts or playing time with this guy. What scares me now though is if McD would consider not playing Peterman after Taylor is inevitably hurt or benched and bypassing him for Joe Webb because he came from Carolina.
  9. I'd say I feel sorry for Taylor but I really don't, and it will be very telling when fans boo him every time he makes a bad play/throw against the Jets. And if we somehow lose this game on Sunday, things are going to get very ugly and very fast.
  10. I would have preferred we kept him but fans need to get over this, we can easily find another clone of him off the street midseason if need be.
  11. Bye weeks are the most overrated aspect of the NFL, after all it's not like they have helped the Bills in the last 17 years and I got tired of the excuses about how the Bills always seem to play a handful of teams coming of their bye weeks years ago. In fact going further, most teams that get the bye in the playoffs in recent years end up losing to lower seeded wildcard teams at home.
  12. Good old Rex, also interesting in here that he seems to pump up the Jets more than the Bills in terms of what to expect this season and take a shot at the new regime for dumping all Whaley's draft picks when Ryan was here: http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/70973/rex-ryan-on-whether-hell-watch-his-two-exes-jets-and-bills-hell-no
  13. If you want a top 3 draft pick than hope that's the case, but Peterman does have talent and will probably start and win some games this year which will probably take us out of the top 10 in terms of draft position.
  14. Allen has trash around him so he's not likely going to post monster numbers this year per se, but this guy has all the intangibles and is a protype NFL QB which is why he's probably going to be a top 5 pick regardless unless something drastic happens (i.e. injury).
  15. There's going to be a lot of jockeying all season in terms of which college QB's emerge as true blue chip prospects and potential franchise saviors for teams like Bills, Jets, 49ers, etc. But right now I still think that Darnold and Allen are the creme of the crop, with guys like Lamar Jackson and Rosen in the 2nd tier. But again, a lot can and will change between now and next April.
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