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  1. It's no secret and I'm a little surprised that no other teams have done this. The main reason is what many mentioned already, Ravens had the corners to be able to do it. It's not a big secret though. Make Allen beat you with his arm until he shows he can do it. You just need the personnel.
  2. I thought he did answer it. He said he's frustrated whenever they don't move the ball and score points. What's the issue?
  3. We have, in fact, had an easy schedule and should have won a few games easily and didn't but, we almost beat the Pats so, what does that say?
  4. If they have no trade partner, what are they supposed to do?
  5. I do like that we are 5-1, however, this team has a lot to prove to their fanbase (well, me anyway) with all of the years of selling us an inferior product. I do think we are finally heading in the right direction and playoff birth last year helped but something struck me that deflated my hopes somewhat, and that was hearing our strength of schedule is the second easiest in the league. When I saw that stat on some sports (can't remember but I think it was NFL Network) show it deflated my hope somewhat. Add to that, the teams we should be doing really well against, we are barely squeaking by. I am a BIlls fan but a critical one until they start doing the things we know they should be doing to be successful.
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