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  1. I don't think it was a matter of questioning. It was a matter of lit getting called out and using the excuse of what he accuses other's of...no knowledge of what really happened before posting. I could be off on my observation though.
  2. I don't believe in karma much but it would be fitting if McDaniels inherits the Pats and they are doomed back to mediocrity. That Indy move was a classic dick move and he deserves a little something for that.
  3. The way it was discussed with the crew on TV was they were the backups. I agree with why they hell a backup is overturning the on field crew is BS. NFL officiating has gotten to an all time low this year and even worse in the playoffs. Nothing will change until they feel the pain in the pocket books though. In fact, the "safe signal" will probably be added to the rule about kickoffs this off-season.
  4. Since there is no stat for the lack of an IG call, we can say that half of his incompletion stats are IG. There's your stat. lol
  5. He needs a WR that he knows can escape coverage and get separation. when he holds too long, I imagine the WRs have ran their routes, do any of them try to improvise past that and get open where he can see them? Just curious.
  6. It's no secret and I'm a little surprised that no other teams have done this. The main reason is what many mentioned already, Ravens had the corners to be able to do it. It's not a big secret though. Make Allen beat you with his arm until he shows he can do it. You just need the personnel.
  7. I thought he did answer it. He said he's frustrated whenever they don't move the ball and score points. What's the issue?
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