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  1. You are in the long line of morons who think Trump incited violence because that is what you wanna believe. You think ALL Trump supporters, or people who oppose your political beliefs, are stupid enough to believe that fight means physical violence towards others. When football coaches say their team "fought" today actually means something in the lines of war, then I don't know what to tell you. I can roll a whole lotta videos where Dem politicians actually called out physical violence to Trump staffers or supporters. Did you curse them out too for inciting violence that occurred all over the country this summer? So, cry me a fucking river where Trump called on people to hurt others. Jesus fucking Christ already.
  2. Yeah, Trump told people to storm The Capitol and kill people. Yep
  3. So, are the Democrats going to call out the violence going on as we speak out west?
  4. Just think of the last three First Lady's You go from a Mongoloid, to a beaut, to Skelator. Holy fuck.
  5. Are these clowns going to be able to drag this OBVIOUS buffoon across the finish line for 4 years? These Dimwit Dems, Biden Handlers, Trump haters, MSM toads are completely fucking nuts Am I missing something here?
  6. Did you see today when he was walking and as he and his Skelator wife passed the Marines, he was caught saying "Salute the Marines". This idiot was calling out loud what his handlers told him to do in his earpiece. It was like "I, state your name" and everybody yells out "state your name" instead of your own name. What an utter buffoon.
  7. Have you met a Republican who DIDN'T call out those morons at The Capitol? Ok Have you heard anyone in the Democratic Party call out their bullshit all summer, which included the murder of a former black police officer? Still waiting on that one.
  8. Here's another great gif from "The Professional"........
  9. How many examples can you bring up on left wing violence compared to dumbass righty violence? The ratio is 1000/1, yet these people wanna continue going along with the theory that right wingers are the biggest violence problem in this country. I guess it's a matter of not believing your ears and eyes.
  10. The guy belongs in a nursing home drooling all over himself, not in the WH. The MSM antics toward this guy compared to Trump are downright PATHETIC........... ALREADY.
  11. Holy fuck, with this guy as President, he will surely be a nice cure for insomnia as he will put America to sleep. Forget about watching baseball or golf to help with sleeping problems, throw Old Joe on the tube and you are sure to fall asleep............... AND FAST.
  12. Why worry about the future when they are in the AFC Championship NOW?
  13. Amazing isn't it? That Big Tech in America are partisan political hacks and are the biggest problems in America moving forward. They are private entities, so they can do whatever the fuck they want, but is silencing anyone who isn't down with the Democratic Party really healthy for this country?
  14. The Bills are here NOW. Go all out to win this AFC Championship. Nuff said.
  15. I bet you the dislike count was worse than that because ScrewTube loves to manipulate their numbers.
  16. They can go fuck themselves. You stand up to them, they will cower like the little bitches they are. My voice will NEVER be silenced.
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