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  1. If Biden is elected then the despicable squad of those 4 ugly ass bitches will be running this country. Scary stuff. Gun up then.
  2. Joe Biden doesn’t even what office he is running for never mind him being too old. The thought of Biden being President in 2020 is way worse than what people thought about Trump being President in 2016. I hope the silent majority speaks out again. Remember the silent majority are the MILLIONS of people we never hear a peep from until election time, which make all polls useless cause we have no idea how these voters are gonna sway.
  3. The NFL doesn't care about it players either. They just don't want a player revolt if the NFL doesn't support Blacks Love Marxism.
  4. Die hards will always be die hards, but the casual fan won't be able to stomach all this.
  5. It will be interesting to see how many people are turned off by the pandering to this BLM bullshit. Anyways, just imagine all the commercials that will be produced showing the NFL's support for Black Lies Matter.
  6. I know nothing about politics, but I told wife this same thing when he announced his candidacy.
  7. Let's just say people thought I was nuts for loving Mahomes at draft time in 2017. I feel sad for being right about Mahomes and that Mahomes isn't doing it here. But I love Allen's heart and talent. So we shall see if Allen attains that success here.
  8. Like I said I loved Mahomes coming out of TT, but he wouldn't have a SB yet if he was in Buffalo. If he was in Buffalo, 2020 might be his year to win it all, but he has already done it. Mahomes is the Godzilla of the QB position. Case closed.
  9. Over when BBMB existed, I was BEGGING for new HC McDermott to draft Mahomes and just build around him. I was disappointed when they traded down and Andy Reid was the one that took a chance on Mahomes. But I will tell you this.......... I got RAILED over there on BBMB because they all were telling me what a major project Mahomes was and that "Air Raid" QB's NEVER make it in the NFL. Point is I loved Mahomes but I would be naive to think Mahomes would ever had the same success here. Mahomes was very lucky to have Andy Reid, the weaponry in KC and a year to sit and learn while Allen had NONE of that to start their careers. Big difference. I could go on forever about the debate of McDermott passing on Mahomes, but that is either here nor there. Mahomes was drafted to a Ferrari and Allen was drafted into a horse drawn carriage.
  10. Don't kid yourself................. Defunding the police is a politically correct term for disbanding the police. These fucktards don't want less police............ they want NO police. FACT.
  11. The country we live in. People are clueless as to how great we have it here.
  12. KC is getting a bargain at this point. Unless Mahomes fall off a cliff, there might be many more SB championships in his future. Let's hope our Bills can derail them at every pass.
  13. They don't make em like Eddie Murphy anymore.
  14. Daniel Snyder needs to have a press conference and do this to the people that are crying over Washington's nickname........ Imagine how much respect he will garner for doing this?
  15. I'm so sick of these pandering cocksuckers. If you hate America so much................. GET THE FUCK OUT. We don't need you or want in OUR great country if you do not want to be a positive contributor to our great society that inspires opportunities for EVERYONE.
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