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  1. The Bills can beat ANYONE on their schedule. We just get driven nuts by this team due to the peaks and valleys during the games. Nothing is easy for this team and this team. is NEVER out of a game. It works against all comers, but also creates heart attacks within its fan base.
  2. One of the few, at least. But this thing isn't over, he has to keep playing at an MVP level till the D catches up. Even with that said, I have the confidence that Allen is FINALLY the answer at the QB position since the question arose at the end of the 1996 season.
  3. Yeah, because only whites can make money in this country that is so fucking racist. Idiot.
  4. I have ALWAYS had Allen's back since watching him at Wyoming. All I need to do is wipe my ass with that form. Nothing more.
  5. The directive came directly from Al Riveron to NEVER give the Bills the benefit of the doubt on an even remotely close call.
  6. Gee, that's a fuckin surprise. Any mention of how bad the call on Allen's NON INT was?
  7. Gee, a story about Trump and his taxes come out days before a Presidential debate? Color me fucking shocked.
  8. There are rumors going around that BLM is going to block a lot of these voting places.
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