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  1. With Sussmann going down, he should spill the beans on Hillary. What's he got to lose besides his life?
  2. They're too stupid to realize that THEY are the actual cultists.
  3. This might be the most poorly executed game in McDermott's tenure. Talk about playing while sleepwalking.
  4. Instead of designed QB draws, how about some designed roll outs? That seems to be a lost art today.
  5. Josh Allen has been his team's best RB since he could crawl. So, why would that stop now, even though the evidence says otherwise.
  6. Are there going to be any suicides by gunshot wound to the back of the head (two shots nonetheless) before this info comes out?
  7. I'm not a member of any cult you dumbass. That's you making up shit as you go along.
  8. I can’t debate this. Horrible misses that contributed heavily to the loss. Can’t miss those. Simple as that.
  9. Now I see who has been wearing Dark Helmet’s helmet all these years. It’s the OP.
  10. It’s all political. While there are some cases of healthy people dying from COVID…… we all know that this thing goes after the old and/or people with underlying health conditions. They wanna keep everyone in fear until 2057, all the while the whole world simply needs to move on and accept with fact that COVID is a risk just like driving your car is a risk as well. Pretty simple.
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