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  1. You don't need to be a conservative (which I am not) to know that these guys are total hacks. Comedy is dead in 2020 and if Eddie Murphy were dead, he would be rolling over in his grave the same way Johnny Carson is over late night TV in 2020.
  2. Ok, you wanna play this stupid game. Where are the leftists at when it comes to condemning China? I am not a Democrat or a Republican, but if you are so offended by Republicans, are you doing something to help your fellow man about this virus to retort the Republicans? Jesus Christ, stop with your political pandering. And just for the record, those who live in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones.
  3. Since the 1970 merger, here are the good to great 2nd round picks......... 1972 Reggie McKenzie 1975 Bob Nelson 1976 Ken Jones, Joe Devlin 1979 Fred Smerlas, Jim Haslett 1980 Joe Cribbs 1983 Darryl Talley 1987 Nate Odomes 1988 THURMAN THOMAS 1990 Carwell Gardner 1991 Phil Hansen 1992 John Parrella (productive for other teams for a long time) 1994 Sam Rogers 1997 Marcellus Wiley 1998 Sam Cowart (could have been the best of them all if injuries didn't cut his career short. Would have been a HOFer if he stayed healthy) 1999 Peerless Price 2001 Aaron Schobel, Travis Henry 2007 Paul Posluszny 2009 Jairus Byrd, Andy Levitre 2011 Aaron Williams (was good until injuries cut his career short) 2012 Cordy Glenn 2013 Robert Woods, Kiko Alonso (mostly for other teams, but one good year for the Bills) 2017 Dion Dawkins 2019 Cody Ford (I only put him here as I hope he is the answer at RT or wherever else they put him )
  4. You are correct. Forget about OJ the man. He was the best player ever on the Bills, unfortunately that bothers all of us as Bills fans, but it is true that he is the best PLAYER in Bills history. #2 Bruce #3 Thurman #4 Kelly #5 Reed
  5. The Sabres still lost the series and yet if you go by this game you would think the Sabres choked away a SCF appearance and not the Devils. Looking back, the Devils were loaded and it was a miracle the Sabres were even in the series. But that is the NHL.
  6. The Bills are impressive across the board on paper. Josh Allen needs to make a jump, but even more important is that Cody Ford making the jump at RT and solving a position that has been a thorn in the side of the Bills for years. Ford has the talent to do it, but we shall see. Defensively, they need to just tackle better. And keep an eye on the Joey Bosa situation with the Chargers. If they can't agree on an extension, I would expect the Bills to swoop in and try to grab. But I will take a wait and see approach.
  7. The people who say not to politicize this are the same who INDEED are politicizing this.
  8. All I know is that this virus that originated in China has basically put the world at halt and you folks wanna worry about who says what it is. Our worlds have been turned upside. That is a fact. The virus originated in China. That is a fact. The biggest fact of them all is we have to deal with it and get this disease out of our lives. PERIOD. Myself, my family and my friends can get sick and/or die.......... and I am out of a paycheck for the foreseeable future and I am going to worry about the President calling it a China virus? Who gives a flying fuck what he calls it as long as he calls it dead and buried very very soon.
  9. If Taylor is there at 54, you take him. And his workload in college (968 touches in 3 years) might turn off teams to the point where he might slip to 54. Otherwise, there will be great value in RB's in rounds 3-5.
  10. I didn't know the offseason was over and all NFL players have already signed with teams not named the Buffalo Bills. This hysteria about the Bills not signing players when the league year hasn't even begun yet is beyond asinine. My God, get a friggin grip already.
  11. He was never coming to the Bills or any other AFC contender.
  12. De'Andre Hopkins (Nuke) on the trade market?
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