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  1. The guy can't even handle South Bend. No chance this guy will ever be President. Plus, America is not ready for a gay President. The world would laugh at the United States if we had a gay President.
  2. Misinformed????? Ok, got it. I'm an not going to waste my time arguing with someone who OBVIOUSLY suffers big time from TDS. Good luck bro.
  3. I hate to burst your bubble, but if you take your head out of your ass you will see the very things you say about Trump are what is being done by the left. Maybe you are too stupid or too partisan to see the lefts garbage. The REAL Americans know where the truth is. We ALL know Trump is hardly perfect (I didn't vote for him), but he was voted into office because REAL Americans were sick of the status quo in DC. Like I said, you wanna say Trump is this, this and this, when in truth the left is EVEN MORE this, this and this. FACT.
  4. Serious questions for the OP? Do you suffer from TDS? Are you obsessed with Trump 24/7/365? Did Trump pick on you in high school or something? Did Trump shortchange you on a construction project? Did Trump insult a family member of yours? Are you a typical leftist who sees nothing but #orangemanbad? Do you really wanna go thru life the next 5 years obsessing about impeaching a President you hate, which will never happen? I am not a Republican or.a Democrat, so I ask these questions as a non-political hack. I have to work and support my family no matter who the President is. So, I don't give a flying fuck who the President is. Maybe you should do the same. You will be much happier.
  5. This team is nothing like the "Bickering Bills" of 1989. That team was at each others throats. This team has a lot more chemistry together.
  6. Why do people do this? Just focus on Miami. That is all the Bills control right now and that's all any of us should care about too.
  7. I am in no way comparing Mahomes to Allen as both have been brought into and are in totally different situations. Let's remember that Mahomes HAS to be the reason the Chiefs win games while Allen does not have to the reason the Bills win games. Allen is working with NINE new starters for heaven's sake. Nuff said.
  8. Yesterday was Allen's FIRST REAL GAME with NINE new starters. Can we give it some time before we say they should have drafted this guy or drafted that guy? Ford wasn't benched because of poor play, they were rotating RT's and with the game on the line they stuck with the veteran. Be patient. The Bills have the D to offset the O's experimentation early in the season.
  9. If I am going to compare Singletary to any back I have seen.............. he is very similar to old Giants RB Joe Morris (who was super-productive on a SB champion).
  10. I'll add this............. If Shaq Lawson has really turned the corner into becoming a very solid DE................ the sky is the limit for this defense. But, like I always say................ it's just one game and we literally have to take things week by week and not overreact to the good or the bad.
  11. Josh Allen gets criticized for EVERY throw more than any other QB I have ever seen. Some of it was not pretty at all, but he found a way to win the game in a hostile environment. Jim Kelly used to do that a lot too. Josh Allen is also working with NINE new starters on offense. Give it some time folks and stop bashing EVERY single throw the kid makes.
  12. Isaiah McKenzie looked liked he can be a productive player in the preseason (one of the top things to come out of the preseason). I am anxious to see how he does if given the chance to be a returner.
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