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  1. That changed years ago simply because the NFL didn't want playoff coaches to lose out on potential HC jobs. Maybe I am wrong, but how can Daboll concentrate on his OC duties while interviewing for HC jobs?
  2. The interview process really should start after the playoffs. Coordinators on playoff teams interviewing for HC jobs is a distraction to a team. And if you are trying to win a SB, the last thing you is a distraction.
  3. Totally fake news. Don't you know Trump cultists are conspiracy theorists unlike anyone has ever seen before. You are the fake news you Trump dummy.
  4. Joe Namath's comments way back in yesteryear really lit a fire under the Colts ass to beat the Jets. NOT Words are only words. Who gives a flying fuck if it lights a fire under someone's ass or not. You still have to go out there and execute on the field when words spoken prior to the game meaning NOTHING.
  5. Impossible. The people who hate Trump in here told us that ALL Trump supporters caused the mess at the Capitol Building.
  6. Here comes the TDSers claiming this is all a lie and conspiracy theories.
  7. You just love insulting things don't you? What did rocks ever do to you?
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