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  1. Well, she is 80. I will be long gone from this earth before I am 80, so she has that going for her.
  2. Remember, the ones that call you a racist really are the racists. Go figure.
  3. Unless a top 10 talent falls, there is no way I would want them to trade up. If anything, trade back and get a 4th rounder that was lost.
  4. They don’t call him LeChina James for nothing. NBA ratings have been at its worst since the 70’s (maybe all time) and you can lay a significant amount of that right at LeWoke James feet.
  5. This tweet just proves what an absolute cess pool Twatter is. Very scary that this person is a mayor. Very scary. Thank God I am not anywhere near the internet platform known as Twitter.
  6. So, I see that the you are allowed to go on the internet at your insane asylum. Your doctors are doing a terrible job over there.
  7. Just got home from work and saw the entire interview. He seems more serious and relaxed than when he was President. Let's face it, Trump and DeSantis are the only balls in the pathetic Republican Party.
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