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  1. You really think the Texans would have traded Hopkins to the Bills? And you really think Diggs is no better than Brown?
  2. Maybe they didn't want to trade him to someone they could potentially meet in the playoffs again..?
  3. I'm not sure about who has the tiebreaker between the Texans and Titans if they both finish 10-6. If Titans have the tiebreaker and win the division, I think we lose the tiebreakers against a 10-6 Texans and a 10-6 Steelers (if we lose to them)
  4. Bills win vs Steelers and Bills are in. Houston wins the division and Bills win 1 game and the Bills are in. Steelers lose to the Jets and Ravens and Bills win Jets or Patrots and Bills are in. Patriots lose to Dolphins (not likely) and Bills and Bills win vs Jets and the Bills are in.
  5. Are you willing to put money on the Bills not making the playoffs? I'm still not really high on the Bills, but they're making the playoffs.
  6. Well it's not like he's going to come out and say "we aren't as good as our record"
  7. Offense is average at best. Below average QB. Run defense is terrible. Can't tackle to save our lives. We could have a 2-6 record and I wouldn't be surprised.
  8. Yeah I know that's unlikely. But in my opinion, for that reason and the whole Bills playoff situation the last 18 years, right now I don't mind just making the playoffs and seeing what happens. If in a few years it's the same story, and we're hovering around the situation we're in now, then I'd probably be a bit more progressive and wanting to see more out of this team.
  9. NFL playoffs aren't like other sports playoffs. There aren't any 7 game series. 1 sloppy or bad game by an opponent, getting some luck during a game, some part of the team playing out of their minds..that's all it takes to advance.
  10. I agree with most points. I'd add that our special teams has been anything but "special" for the most part. However, this is the NFL, not other leagues with 7 game series playoffs. 1 sloppy game by the other team, or 1 really good game by us, and that's all it takes to advance.
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