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  1. If we all pitch in, we could create a fund to pay every player 100 bucks. Since its a donation Cuomo can't tax them either I'm in...
  2. I see a BIG fat asterisk next to Buffalo Superbowl win .... Ask me if I care.....Fuck no
  3. What we are seeing here are the teams that claim to follow the guidelines YET clearly are not. There are cheaters in every profession. Lie rs in every profession... Its like McDonalds, "We wipe down the entire place every 12 hours" Sure you do.....lol
  4. Its a phantom call used in the 1970s to derail small market teams I see its making a comeback
  5. The Bills have been a playoff team 2 of the last 3 years. Seems to me the media should be over that.
  6. When the Bills win they jump up 1, lose they drop 6 Its really getting boring...
  7. Watched the Browns game, Baker Mayfield will be lucky to be in the NFL next year...
  8. McD made a comment a few weeks back, he isn't expecting any of the rookies to contribute much till mid season.
  9. Watched the whole game, I am not impressed. Seems more like an off season scrimmage.
  10. Kim Pegula gave me a watered down Martini once but I stiffed her and walked out
  11. There are times I believe the Dems are purposely throwing the 2020 election. Right now I have nobody to vote for in either party. I think Colin Powell could run as an independent and win the election Guys, I think I am going crazy.... 4
  12. All Billionaires cry broke THEN the Ticket prices go up ...The Pegulas can go frack themselves
  13. If he could win with any quarterback he would still be the head coach in Cleveland
  14. If the Bills fail to re sign Tre White I am truly done. Not kidding. Brandon Beane needs to sign his own I am sure he will
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