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  1. The Bills have been a playoff team 2 of the last 3 years. Seems to me the media should be over that.
  2. When the Bills win they jump up 1, lose they drop 6 Its really getting boring...
  3. Watched the Browns game, Baker Mayfield will be lucky to be in the NFL next year...
  4. McD made a comment a few weeks back, he isn't expecting any of the rookies to contribute much till mid season.
  5. Watched the whole game, I am not impressed. Seems more like an off season scrimmage.
  6. Kim Pegula gave me a watered down Martini once but I stiffed her and walked out
  7. There are times I believe the Dems are purposely throwing the 2020 election. Right now I have nobody to vote for in either party. I think Colin Powell could run as an independent and win the election Guys, I think I am going crazy.... 4
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