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  1. There are times I believe the Dems are purposely throwing the 2020 election. Right now I have nobody to vote for in either party. I think Colin Powell could run as an independent and win the election Guys, I think I am going crazy.... 4
  2. All Billionaires cry broke THEN the Ticket prices go up ...The Pegulas can go frack themselves
  3. If he could win with any quarterback he would still be the head coach in Cleveland
  4. If the Bills fail to re sign Tre White I am truly done. Not kidding. Brandon Beane needs to sign his own I am sure he will
  5. The Patriots were only one injury away from losing Tom Brady & the AFC-East but the guy just kept on playing. The Bills are in good shape even if Diggs goes down. This was a loaded WR NFL draft and some veterans will become available, it ain't over yet my Friend
  6. Really Good quarterbacks won't last in free agency. I think he believed teams would be fighting over him and it's not happening So, I say it again REALLY GOOD QBs won't last in free agency....and he is lasting...
  7. The Tom Brady Mystique is over, even Patrick Mahomes couldn't change that.
  8. Lack of Injuries could be the key to winning the East. We were lucky last year...
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