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  1. Gordon the player for that return would be done every time. But if the Bills or any team trade for Gordon they would be doing so knowing that they would sign him to a long term deal worth anywhere from 12-15 million a season. That is what would stop me from making the trade. We have the cap space, but I would rather use our available cap space on positions like receiver and offensive line.
  2. I dont think it's possible for me to agree with anything more than this. That Bucks/Bills is the most underrated turning point in franchise history. The Bills were firing on all cylinders going into that game. I specifically remember a game against the Chiefs where Rob ran in the game winning touchdown had the team rolling. Then like you say the Bucks game happened, half our D went down and we fell apart to end the year at 8-8 and miss the playoffs which lead to blowing up the team due to salary cap issues and that lead to what was the Bill's worst season up to that point in my lifetime which after a decade of poor to mediocre football was duplicated in 2010 and again followed by a decade of poor to mediocre football until making the playoffs in 2017 and now we are here where we may be able to break that cycle.
  3. Regression implies a drop off over a period of time. If Murphy feels that say over his last 5 -10 starts Allen's play has dipped from his previous play in or around that same time frame then by all means one could say he regressed. But the truth is that compared to his play in the 1st two games this season and his starts from the end of last season when he came back from injury his game against the Bengals did not measure up. But again ONE game does not indicate regression. It indicates a bad game. This happens from time to time and will happen more frequently with a young QB. While I am not happy with Allen's play yesterday (especially the 2nd half as he looked as good as he has been looking in the 1st half) my overall take away is that Allen has and can play better. His ability to step up when trailing in the 4th quarter is a great trait to have as it is similar to what we say out of Elway in the beginning of his career when the numbers weren't quite as strong but the ability to step up when it mattered the most was there. With Allen the conclusion is that there is no final conclusion that can be made at this time. His game is still a work in progress but the encouraging sign is that while it is that we are seeing the ability to make plays and step up to the challenge when it presents itself. Nothing has changed. Just like before this game he needs to work on his decision making when pressured and not missing big plays downfield like he did with Zay yesterday that would have been a sure 6.
  4. If the Bills or any team that trades for him were to offer up the right contract I would expect Green to sign it. For me a 3rd rounder is worth it to see what Green looks like once he comes back and if his play warrants I have no issue signing him to a 4 or 5 year deal with an aav between 12-15 million. The only thing that I'm not sure how it would work is if the team that trades for Green, if they don't resign him do they then get the comp pick? Because if so then giving up a 3rd and say a 6th to see if Green is still the guy becomes less of a risk because if he is not then you let him walk and get that comp pick.
  5. He has been injured since early in training camp, just got out of his walking boot, and is at least another couple of weeks away from being ready for the field. He is 31 years old on the last year of his contract and has had issues staying healthy the past few seasons (Missed 13 games the past 3 seasons). The positive is that his productivity hasn't dropped. In 2017 his last full season he went 75/1078/8. Last season in 9 games he went 46/694/6 which extrapolated to a 16 game season yields 81/1233/10. Now with a early bye (Week 6) the Bills could be in a position to trace for Green around then, use that extra week to catch him up/get him 100% healthy as his original timeline was 6 to 8 weeks and he went down at the end of July. We come back after the bye to play on Oct. 20 which would give Green a little over 10 weeks and with the early bye we would have Green for 11 games and more importantly the more difficult games which kick in during the back half of the schedule. In terms of compensation, the Bengals would get a 3rd round compensatory pick losing him as a free agent. Last season Golden Tate (also on the last year of his deal) went for a 3rd and this off season AB went for a 3rd and 5th. I could see getting Green for a 3rd and at worst having to throw in a 6th. With all the information above if I were the GM I would make the deal. It is looking more and more like Allen only trusts Brown and Beasley and we cannot only rely on the two of them in our passing attack. A guy like Green gives us a true top guy with all the traits of a top guy and the reputation that would instantly make Allen trust in him. Basically we would be paying the 3rd and possibly 6th as a trial run for Green because if it were to work out we have more than enough cap space to fit sign him long term and really balance out the passing attack for the back half of Allen's rookie deal which if done right will be the time we can really be a player. That is what I would do and why I would do it. How do you feel?
  6. That's a big deal for a back. Will be interesting to see how much of that contract is guaranteed as that is the portion of the contract that really matters as that will dictate how much the Cowboys would be on the hook for if they were to cut Elliott at some point.
  7. If Singletary really falls flat this season Swift from Georgia is someone that I really like and I think has the tools to be a dual threat back like Kamara. If Zay doesn't show positive improvement from last season to this season and Brown and Beasley prove to be nothing more than average then guys like Jeudy and Shenault become in play for the Bills but will require a 1st round pick and depending on their play this season could require a pick in the top half to possibly top 10 of the first round. But I do like both and at this point view them as potential #1 wideouts.
  8. In addition to those 2 how about Seattle going to 2 and winning 1 SB. How about Denver's SB win. And what about the Ravens? All teams that were lead to the SB by their defense. More so than that the Bills are in a position with a rookie pay scale QB to add salary now while their QB is cheap. This means when guys with all pro ability may come available you get them because you will never have a team as talented as one with a rookie salary qb.
  9. A good way to gauge the value of cards is Ebay. They have a feature where you can see what that specific card has sold for recently. In addition Beckett is still around with their price guide.
  10. I would argue that the Texans leverage comes from a combination of having a quality player that multiple teams could be in on. Though it was a year earlier and a better version of Clowney we saw something similar play out with Mack. Between the Mack trade and the Clark trade at the draft the market is established for both compensation to the team for a trade and compensation to the player to sign long term. Any potential trade involving Clowney will at a minimum have to include a 1st round pick and involve signing Clowney long term with at least 50 million guaranteed
  11. For me the biggest X-Factor this season will be the play of our wide receivers. Obviously a lot of that is tied into Allen, but even if Allen's game progresses the evidence might not be transparent if the receiving core can't also take a step up. Playing around with numbers a bit during the final 6 game stretch that Allen played with both Jones and Foster out their if you extrapolate those numbers over the course of a 16 game season Jones and Foster combined would have put up 110 catches/1776 yards/21 touchdowns. Looking at a couple examples from the league last season from young promising qbs and their top 2 wide receivers there numbers looked like this. Hill/Watkins (Chiefs): 117/1998/15 Cooks/Woods (Rams): 168/2423/11 Robinson/Gabriel (Bears): 122/1442/6 If we average those numbers with what Jones and Foster would have projected during the course of a 16 game season that would give them combined stats that look like this. 129/1910/13 For the Bills to be a playoff team this season I believe Foster and Jones have to be our best receivers. I view Beasley and Brown as complimentary type receivers who will specialize in a specific role whereas Foster and more so with Jones are/can be multi faceted receivers. If Jones and Foster establish themselves as our top 2 guys and can put up numbers that look similar to what I have above then based on everything else we have out their I could see Allen finishing the season with over 3000 yards and around 25 tds. If he can do that while completing a little over 60 percent of his passes and coupled with what I expect to be a better running game with more options in the backfield and a better o-line plus a defense that will be better than last season as long as the main guys avoid lengthy injuries I think this is the roadmap to get the Bills back to the playoffs in 2019.
  12. Ever since there have been rumblings about Clowney being available for trade at the start of the offseason I have played around with trade scenarios. They always revolved around Lawson and picks. The Clark trade set a good precedent for what a top tier edge rusher goes for. The Chiefs send a 1, 2 and a swap of 3s to land Clark. With Lawson thrown into the mix I would love to send him with a 2nd for Clowney, while I'm sure the Texans would come back asking for Lawson and a 1st. I like jungle's compromise of Lawson a 2 and a 3 and can bite that bullet to land a player like Clowney. The thought of having Clowney and Oliver on the same D-Line is scary, and for this season throwing in Hughes could potentially see this team return to the 50+ sack season we had as a team during one of those Hughes, Williams, Williams and Dareus seasons. The difference this time would be we have a potential star QB entering year 2 who if his play improves can get something out of this offense which coupled with that potential defense could position the Bills as a contender in 2019.
  13. LT: Dawkins LG: Spain C: Morse RG: Feliciano RT: Ford Bench: Long C/G Nsekhe Swing T
  14. I never put any stock in any sort of these immediately after the draft rankings (positive or negative) because they are always based on two subjective things. 1) The authors pre-draft rankings. This one is obvious and is usually the way most of these post draft grades are assessed. The obvious flaw here is the Bills ranking would not match anyone else's and based off of the difference between the two will determine how one grades their draft. Unless that ranking came from some proven former NFL executive who has been apart of multiple successful NFL drafts I will always defer to the Bills. 2) This one is less obvious but is the case here where the author feels the team did not draft toward need. First I would question this persons knowledge of the Bills because interior DL (specifically interior pass rush) was a major need and Oliver not only fits that need but also fits it from a scheme perspective. Even if that weren't the case and say it wasn't a need. Just because it's not a need now doesn't mean it won't be a need a year from now or even 3 years from now. The term best player available is thrown around a lot and this is why. Football more so than any other sport has the greatest turnover in talent and need for teams from year to year. Because of that it is never a bad philosophy to draft best player available. The only exception I can think of would be the QB position. If you have your guy and he is young then drafting a QB in the top few rounds does not make sense. But every other position where multiple guys will see the field in a game it makes perfect sense.
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