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  1. Heading into the draft I was all in on the Bills drafting both a kicker and punter late in the draft because of the issues we had on both sides and the strength of those positions in the 2020 draft. My preferred combo was Blankenship and Mann. Blakenship sent undrafted and signed with the Colts and Bass just won the job over Hauschka so I can't fault the teams pick their but 3 picks after we took Bass the Jets drafted Mann who by early accounts at Jets camp has looked fantastic. In a perfect world we would have drafted Bass with the Fromm pick and then took Mann with the original Bass pick which was 3 spots ahead of where the Jets took him.
  2. While there are guys that I like that go ahead of 54, there are enough guys that I like post 54 that I would have no problem staying put in this scenario. Now the pick on the other hand I would be super pissed off with. I have Lewis ranked super low on my board. More insult is that the very next pick is Cushenberry who is far and away the best LSU OL prospect and a guy I have ranked as the 2nd best IOL prospect in this draft and a deserving 2nd round pick (Though I would still pick a few of the guys taken post 54 in place of Cushenberry).
  3. For me it would come down to a discussion between Johnson and Dobbins. I would ultimately go with Johnson for the following reasons. Johnson plays a position of greater importance We are older in the CB room as opposed to the RB room There are enough RBs (Akers, Dillon, Evans, Gibson and Moss) that I like that can be had in rounds 3 or 4
  4. Tampa was a much needed change as the jerseys they were playing in were universally panned as soon as they were introduced and the countdown was on until they hit the magic 5 year mark when a team is able to make changes. There's nothing special about their now new uni set. It's basically a move back to their SB era unis with an update to their sleeve patch and the addition of orange to the outline on their numbers which is a call back to their original unis. Its a good move for the Bucs as the set they just ditched was one of the worst ones in the league and now thy have a decent set. So I guess that means Atlanta figured they needed to take Tampa's place in the horrible uni department because that's exactly what their new unis are. It starts with the over sized ATL just below the neckline. There is nothing wrong with having a word mark their but did Atlanta not learn anything from Cleveland's mistake? A big part of the reason why Cleveland is unveiling new unis in the coming weeks is because of their absurd Cleveland font. Nothing against ATL as a word mark but the size is all wrong. Then there numbers are pretty bland and the stripe down the side of the uni is doing them no favors. At least they included a throwback in this release. I would imagine they fall in the same boat that Cleveland did with their redesign where after a couple seasons of negative backlash against there new look they start wearing their throwback as much as possible like the Browns did with their color rush set. With Tampa and Atlanta showing off their new looks, we have the Rams, Chargers and Browns left to unveil their new redesigns. The Colts and the Patriots are also supposed to have new jerseys but by all accounts theirs will be very subtle changes as opposed to complete overhauls. In the Patriots case the logo will remain the same. The Colts according to rumors may update the shape of their horseshoe logo and change some of their striping concepts on either the jersey, pants or both.
  5. This could definitely happen. Maybe not Claypool specifically but drafting a WR early. Even though we traded for Diggs, outside of Diggs are next two receivers are either approaching or over 30. WR and DE are the positions that we are the oldest at and because of the position Beane has put us in with a roster that does not have any glaring needs I would expect WR and DE to be our first two picks in whatever order with the only exception being if someone at another position that they have rated much higher is available at either 54 or 86.
  6. Chinn is intriguing because at this point in the process he is a less refined Derwin James. James went in the middle of the first round in his draft class and Chinn is expected to be a early/mid 2nd rounder based on most projections. The difference is draft position is easily attributed to James being a complete package at the time of the draft while Chinn is more of a project. We know that James when healthy is a difference maker as a hybrid S/LB that can be on the field at all times and match up against just about any offensive player. Just based off of the chance that Chinn can become a James type player is enough to warrant drafting him at 54 if he makes it their.
  7. The Bills have 2 things working on their favor in this draft. The first is the lack of any sort of real need at positions going into the draft and that this years draft is very deep. When I start stacking my board I always rank guys that I consider worthy of being drafted in the 1st 3 rounds. This year I ended up with 160 prospects with at least a 3rd round grade with positions like reciever, offensive tackle, edge rush and cornerback being the deepest. I expect the Bills to hold still at 54 and because of the lack of need and depth of this draft I fully expect whoever we draft to be a player that the team has a 1st round grade on.
  8. Completely agree. Even though I have Swift ranked higher than Akers, for the Bills I like Akers after Taylor. I fully expect Akers to be available at 54. Even though I would go Taylor then Akers for the Bills, Akers most likely is the 5th back taken after Taylor, Swift, Dobbins and Helaire so if running backs slip he could be had in the 3rd. In last years draft the top 5 running backs were drafted at 24, 53, 70, 73 and 74.
  9. He had too good of a showing at the combine. That coupled with his production is why I think he is the 1st RB drafted and most likely a late 1st rounder as that allows the team to control the player for 5 years which seems to be the sweet spot for a running back.
  10. Couldn't agree with this more. Taylor has everything you would want in a elite back. If he is their at 54 I consider taking him their a no brainier.
  11. Your right. I was off by a season. This week 1 game would have been the first game of the new season after the 02 season in which they missed the playoffs coming off of their 1st SB win. Just re watched the first half of this game and when the announcers talk about the Milloy situation they mention that Law was the only returning starter from the previous season which the announcing crew speculates was a result of their poor defensive performance in 02. Kinda of interesting to wonder what their mental state would have been going through a average season after the SB then making drastic defensive changes heading into 03 and then getting routed Week 1. Even if there was doubt they found their way through it because the worse part of this is that they returned the favor against us in Week 17 and won their 2nd SB this season against the Panthers.
  12. That would surprise me because with the way the roster stands right now anyone they draft would more than likely be looking at a WR4 role in 2020 with Diggs/Brown/Beasley established as the top 3 guys and Andre Roberts as the last to be dressed due to his return skills as WR5. Now if for some strange reason a guy like Jefferson or Shenault are available at 54 then I would consider it, but if that's not the case I wouldn't expect a receiver drafted until day 3.
  13. Just one of the two seasons during the Brady years that the Pats missed the playoffs. The other was the season after their first Super Bowl where they cut Milloy just before the start of the season, he signed with the Bills and we smacked them Week 1 with some of the most memorable moments in 21st Century Bills History including Sam Adams INT return for a touchdown and Milloy's pick on a Brady deep pass to the end zone.
  14. Was able to pull this off on the second simulation. If the Bills were able to pull this off, along with the moves they have made thus far I think the 2020 season could be something special.
  15. The biggest change is that we won't draft a WR high, but I still think that position is in play for a day 3 pick. While we have signed a bunch of defensive linemen outside of Ed Oliver we don't have a young d-linemen that would be considered a core piece moving forward. As a result I can see the Bills using their 3rd or possibly 2nd rounder on a defensive linemen. If it were me running the board as some have said earlier in this thread if Jonathan Taylor is on the board at 54 I'm running to the podium with the pick. Running back is always a tricky position when it comes to the draft so I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor goes at pick 20 or 60. Even if Taylor is gone I think we still draft a RB no later than round 3 and while I like Swift I wouldn't want him at 54 and don't think he will be their in the 3rd. Akers is the other back I really like in this draft and think he can make it to us in the 3rd or at least close enough that a trade up is possible. If we were to draft Akers in the 3rd I would target CB at 54. This draft is deep at CB so I think we can still grab a quality guy at 54. I would expect some combination of Jaylon Johnson, Bryce Hall, Michael Ojemudia, Troy Pride and Noah Igbinoghene to be their at 54 and would be fine with any from that group.
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