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  1. Notice none of the #MAGA trash over here addressed the Nazi symbology. This is a White Supremacist party.
  2. Ha ha! The myth of his self-announced "big Education". It is rarer than unicorns, the loch ness monster and Bigfoot.
  3. All you Magats continue to fill the criminal's coffers. Pathetic losers. https://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2021/02/05/trump-shifted-campaign-donor-money-into-his-private-business-after-losing-the-election/?sh=4c7dd1b74418
  4. I usually ignore you like you should ignore an unhinged rabid insane dog. But I will take the time to say, he LOST and is now a twice impeached POS lose. Ha ha. You can continue your unhinged drivel but the bottom-line is you supported a twice impeached Loser who lost in a landslide. LANDSLIDE and now he sits in POS club with no way to communicate. Take about pathetic. So there is that.....
  5. Ha ha ha. The coward chickenshit does not have the balls to testify. We all knew that. He hides behind the Proud Boys, the White Supremacists, the Oath Keepers and 3 Percenters. He is a coward just like his cult members who hide behind their guns. Just a bunch of cowards.
  6. Meathead we will agree to disagree about . IMHO, he is one of the ringleaders of the stupid. Regarding the parties, I agree with you. Both are far from perfect, however the sane wing of the Republican party has ideas that people may not agree with, but that is part of democracy. The trump wing though is unhinged, dangerous, insane and destroying the country. We see many examples here and like a cancer, it needs to be excised. No doubt a cult. Cults though have sad endings like Koresh and the Kool-Aid one. So I don't know what the solution is. The other cults were relatively small. This dangerous one though numbers in the millions and are well represented in Congress. This unfortunately is going to be a long term problem. The relatively sane wing of the party needs to cleave themselves from the cult and separate.
  7. That is hilarious. If so, a perfect example of the uneducated, stupid and uninformed leading the uneducated, stupid and uninformed. No 2 ways about it. They are all part of a disgusting cult. I will make sure to have a huge tub of popcorn and grab front row seats to see them crash and burn. It is going to be hilarious. The only bad thing is they will probably take out innocent bystanders as well as they crash and burn. But thoughts and prayers in advance.
  8. Sure you don't. Probably have a shrine to him in your house. Despicable.
  9. Yeah this is what I don't get. They rail against the elites while having their heads deep into the bowels of an elite. Trump famously said that he "loves the uneducated", clearly because the uneducated don't see the irony in this. They are so stupid.
  10. The Magats are triggered by circle back because they associate that word with their favorite pastime, circle jerking with trump's image in the center.
  11. Why does only blowjob's political posts appear on the general board? Everybody else seems to have figured it out. Although, I should not be surprised. The intelligence is so lacking that he cannot figure it out.
  12. Thousands! Hahaha. Probably the same 10-20 people who attended the largest inauguration crowd in 2016. LOL.
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