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  1. I am sure every time this idiot sees a picture of this #POS, he automatically assumes the position. That is probably how the members of the Branch Davidian cult reacted when they saw David Koresh. Sickening.
  2. He is as dumb as they come. No redeeming quality. Higher education, yeah right. I would be surprised if he got through high school.
  3. He is just a fuc^&*( loser. You know the kind that feel so inferior that they have the flaunt probably fake information. The lowest of the low. I used to take issue with nutsack but I now realize nutsack is a saint compared to this lowlife. And I am being polite.
  4. Hope it is under control and here's wishing you a speedy recovery and back to tormenting the disgusting #MAGA cultists.
  5. The stupid desperate cultists have no rebuttal. The house of cards has almost fully collapsed.
  6. The tween cultist has nothing to rebut. What a joke of a cultist. In any other country he would be under the care of a mental health professional or be committed. Here he gets to post drivel and clutters threads. What a sorry waste.
  7. This is the assholes response. These are the same people who wrap themselves in the flag and say they are the biggest supporters of the military. Then when their chickenshit of a President who used bone spurs to avoid military service, insults the military or veterans, they are OK with it. Really disgusting hypocrites. #falsepatriotism
  8. Well he has stuck his head up #drumpfs ass and is still breathing. So there is that... What have you done?
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