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  1. And a And a final fuck you to you and the others that you mentioned, bowjob, ballsackman, woodman, fannyboy etc. I am elated because we now have PRESIDENT BIDEN and the shitshow that you support will hopefully be behind bars soon. And if I was not clear, Fuck You. I will now focus on the Bills, the reason I joined this shitshow of a forum.
  2. I hope you did not type with a straight face. Because it is a load of crap. You and the people you named are reasonable? I have a fucking bridge to sell you. Now everybody look at this statement: Difference is, people like me, Bow, Sack, Dannyboy, etc don't agree on everything, but we can get along, but others like you, hip, frank, f8, etc. don't agree with me and others on political things and you and the others hate our guts for it. Nothing else for me to add. It is as incredulous as voter fraud and the fact that the racist inhabitant in the WH actually thinks he won the election. I am done.
  3. This is a serious question? How long have you been in the forum? Have you not read the thread? So I am going to ask you, what the fuck is wrong with you that you don't see?
  4. Unify with people like you. Never. There is total incompatibility. PRESIDENT BIDEN should not even try. You don't unify with people like you. There are other ways to bring people like you in line. No carrot. Just stick.
  5. See. Just made my point. Watch the other bad apples will soon join the chorus. So disgusting.
  6. You are 100% correct. This trash have always been around. The WH racist just validated them and gave them a voice. Something needs to get done and I am confident it will get done. They are disgusting threat to all the decent people out there.
  7. The force of QAnon is strong in this one. So disgusting. Because of trash like bowjob, woodman, ballsackman, we are where we are and it is only going to get worse. At least we have PRESIDENT BIDEN!!!
  8. Trump ball washer. Wow we have so many candidates for that over here. Let's have a cage death match between bowjob, phillysworst, crapback and ballsackman. Who am I kidding? They are all winners as they reside deep within trump's massive geriatric ass cheeks. They each get to wash different parts of his sack. What about that other idiot, woodman? Is he satisfied with all the winning? Have not seen him in a while. Must be celebrating.
  9. He is still your PRESIDENT. PRESIDENT BIDEN!! If you don't like it, leave. But even if you leave, it is still PRESIDENT BIDEN. You are going to love it. Stupid MAGA TRASH.
  10. So it has been a few days and just wanted to check in. So how about that stock market. It is doing really well since YOUR NEW LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT BIDEN was elected. Finally, 4 years after an ILLEGITIMATE president, we have a real one. So how does it feel? PRESIDENT BIDEN has a really nice ring to it. Hey MAGA trash, don't you love your new PRESIDENT. PRESIDENT BIDEN!!!!!!!
  11. I guess it went over your head. But that is the intelligent level of MAGA trash. But at least we have PRESIDENT BIDEN and he is your President. PRESIDENT BIDEN is your President and you are going to love it. I know I am going to enjoy seeing all you MAGA trash under a PRESIDENT BIDEN administration. I feel energized. Who is your PRESIDENT-elect? Yup it is PRESIDENT BIDEN
  12. Who is your President-elect. Yes you got it. PRESIDENT BIDEN. Ha HA!
  13. I guess it went over your head. But that is the intelligence level of MAGA trash. But at least we have PRESIDENT BIDEN and he is your President.
  14. PRESIDENT BIDEN. Nice ring to it. He is your president.
  15. Seriously I am trying to be polite here but you are so irrelevant. Go back into your hole. Nobody cares. There is nothing you can do. Your president is PRESIDENT BIDEN!!! Doesn't that sound awesome.
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