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  1. Talk about an immature tween with his LOL. Do you also giggle when you post it? And this despicable feeble minded cultist has the audacity to call you out for saying 'owned'?
  2. I have a similar level of disdain for other extreme partisan hacks like the Bernie Bros. They are cultists as well. Sickening.
  3. The biggest snowflakes are disgusting people like you who weep at a mere negative mention of their cult master aka the orange orangutan.
  4. You are being too nice to this particularly despicable cultist. And insulting retards. 🙂 Bowbutt is far worse.
  5. And the cultist like hysterical tweens swallow everything he says as gospel. The level of ignorance is astounding. He can absolutely shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and the cultists will say that God told him to do that and so it is ok. Disgusting deplorables.
  6. Hip, further proof as to how ignorant and stupid these people are. Lacking basic intelligence. This is why we have the CriminalinChief.
  7. Wow look at all the immigrants committing mass shootings. Send them back to their shithole countries.
  8. I really think there is something seriously wrong with this guy. All the wires are not connecting. When sackofshit sounds like the voice of reason in comparison, then you know something is seriously wrong. Get help! Seriously! Honestly with the language and the analysis, I think it is a depressed tween posting.
  9. Awwww! The cult leader's tween fans are hysteric. Reminds me of those old Beatles videos and their hysteric tween/teen fans. So sad.
  10. Man those 2 snowflakes really got triggered. Actually I don't wish for him to die quickly as it would be too easy. He needs to be behind bars like the evil conman that he is.
  11. I hope you guys are not surprised at this. You know if it looks like a duck, smells like a duck.... He and his buddy sackofshit have shown their true colors numerous times. And they are not the only ones as this thread demonstrates.
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