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Bills vs Chiefs UPDATE

Reports are that if Milano plays, it will be in specialized roles and in a limited capacity.




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  1. And also it was not a grammar error or a typo, it was wrong word usage. Big difference. So there is that. But nice try.
  2. Yeah sure. That is what happened. Writing a coherent sentence, ain't it a bitch?
  3. The word you want to use is 'censor'. Maybe compose a somewhat coherent sentence and maybe I may take you a little more seriously. Although probably not. Buh bye!
  4. One of the stupidest on this forum. Like a tween, all he posts are memes. The vacuousness in his skull in unrivalled.
  5. 100% true. A bunch of unhinged cowards.
  6. Now the Bills need to delete him. Not worth the trouble. His production is also very low since he opened his big yap. Cut him.
  7. #fakenews and more vaccine misinformation from the range's tween meme poster.
  8. I don't understand the point of this mixing of upper case and lower case letters. Why do people do this? It is stupid.
  9. direbills

    46 = 13

    The fuckwad #magat needs a haircut. Another stupid #magat.
  10. This thread should be exhibit A on how demented and utterly stupid #MAGAt nation is. This is why you don't reason with these idiots. They are too far gone. No redemption. Democrats if they are smart, should do away with the filibuster NOW. They should add more Supreme Court justices NOW. If the #MAGAts win the next election, that is going to be the last election. They almost were able to pull it out in 2020. Pence showed some backbone. Can you imagine if deathSantis or the idiot from ND or that loser from Texas was VP? We would have the continuation of the fascist regime led by the orange POS and supported by the dregs of society. We see multiple representatives on this forum. I feel sorry for us.
  11. So Biden increased his victory tally by 361. Hahahah! Must be all those bamboo fibers.
  12. I was hoping he did not hide the razor blades. He truly is a fucking idiot.
  13. The definition fits the orange POS to a T but the idiot cultists are too stupid to realize that.
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