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  1. This is the assholes response. These are the same people who wrap themselves in the flag and say they are the biggest supporters of the military. Then when their chickenshit of a President who used bone spurs to avoid military service, insults the military or veterans, they are OK with it. Really disgusting hypocrites. #falsepatriotism
  2. Well he has stuck his head up #drumpfs ass and is still breathing. So there is that... What have you done?
  3. I will give you this. You sound like a sage when compared to the confused gay guy who followed you. Very angry!
  4. I guess somebody needs to accept their gay proclivities rather than lashing out in anger. It is OK we accept you, no matter your sexual proclivities. Now have a good cry. Let it out. You want a cookie?
  5. Ok Boomer. I will remember to vote and hammer another nail into the coffin of your cult leader. There is less than a year for all your hysterical euphoria to end. Good ethical people will be taking over and your criminal evil overlord will be gone and hopefully behind bars.So yeah enjoy it while you can.
  6. Yeah hilarious. America will be great when it loses deadweight like you. Funny huh....
  7. I hope the little entitled shit got nothing. We will never know but I am willing to bet the financials if any were a pittance. These are the disgusting type of people who suddenly feel empowered because of the racist in the WH. He will never amount to anything. This will follow him wherever he goes and he will end up like some of these new losers who for now have their moment in the limelight. it will be fleeting.
  8. What about the cacophony of the cultists squealing in delight as they assume the position and the cult master goes to town on them?
  9. #fakenews for the mental manipulation of his hysterical tween cultists.
  10. Talk about an immature tween with his LOL. Do you also giggle when you post it? And this despicable feeble minded cultist has the audacity to call you out for saying 'owned'?
  11. I have a similar level of disdain for other extreme partisan hacks like the Bernie Bros. They are cultists as well. Sickening.
  12. The biggest snowflakes are disgusting people like you who weep at a mere negative mention of their cult master aka the orange orangutan.
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