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  1. From what I saw of Allen he looked good. Great arm and very strong. Give him a little time and he will pay big dividends. Baker Mayfield also looked very good his scampers toward both sidelines for 1st downs were good his end zone throws looked like he has been doing it for years. His OL did a great job keeping those NY Giants off him. He couldn't outrun a few street cops though. I am still glad we got Josh.
  2. Thats what I'm talkin about. Make sure we scan the wire and get the best of the late cuts. Those guys turn into good players because they're butt is on the line and they need the job. Where else are they gonna make that kind of $$$ but in football???
  3. Exactly, we need WR's and OL badly. Why wait so long to get some WR's. We let an awful lot of them go by already. The Fins picked up the BEST TE in the Biz. I'd say he is another Gronk. 6'6" tall and 250# runs a BLAZING 4.5 and he makes the one handed catch. He will burn a lot of teams.
  4. Right, stay at 12 and roll the dice. We might get Jackson who will turn out to be the steal of the draft. Rudolph even. There are some real good players in this deep draft. I'd like to see some real mean guys like Hernandez OG get picked. We can build a deep squad with all the talent in this draft. Don't waste these valuable picks.
  5. After thinking about this draft thing for months and months I came to the following conclusion. If we ever would like to match up to the Pats now is the perfect time to do it. We need bodies to suit up. The disparity in QB's is not that great. I would roll the dice and keep all my picks and lead off with either Jackson or Rudolph at QB. Prefer Jackson he would be the steal of the draft. Then grab Hernandez a real throw back guard. He is a mean guy. Then get a great WR and CB and DT. etc. just sayin thats what I would do.
  6. If he sucked everywhere then WHY did we pick him instead of the more qualified candidates. I live in a land with an asshole idiot as our leader and now a proven loser as our OC. Give me a fckn break.
  7. Who Cares about Dennison??? McCoy or Chudinski are potential Candidates for new OC
  8. We try to grab up Lorenzo BROWN in the draft even if we have to move up for the big OL. He would be worth it. If he is available do NOT pass on him.
  9. I agree that Orlando Brown in the OL and Harold Landry DE would be better picks to help our particular team.(They'd fit right in here)
  10. He is still better then what we have and if I were the owner each and every time I see a way to improve this team no matter how small or major I would take that step.
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