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  1. Don't miss this year's hit- My Five Sons. A reality show based around the trials and tribulations of 5 adopted sons who made it to the big time NFL. See the drama unfold as they each try to discover their one true path. Will they survive the hype? Will they be able to handle the media and message board criticism? Stay tuned...
  2. The penalties are going more the Bill's way this year. (Almost to a level we're used to seeing with the Patriots). The fumblers are being recovered by the Bills own players after they fumble. Even the schedule is slanted in the Bills favor this year. Does it seem like this to you too?
  3. You can't hang your hat on hope. They screwed up big time with the draft pick and not letting the body of work in college and type of college be a major point in the draft decision
  4. Was Wikipedia right when it said Daboll mentored Bret Favre? Seems like to me that Josh should be further along if that were the case and considering Daboll has been around the league a lot. Maybe some guys take to his mentoring and some don't.
  5. That was worthy of an NFC championship show down in quality. Sure there were costly penalties and turnovers but those teams have heart and play like each play is the last they will ever make. Ripping balls out of hands, extending plays, you name it, it was there last night. It also makes you wonder, as a Bills fan, how they will ever approach that level of play. Even a 52% completion rate Jimmy G looked better than a 53% Allen. On the D side, what you saw on both sides of the ball was a "real" pass rush. Sacks for massive amounts of lost yards and 2 guys in their faces at a time. Long way to go before the Bills ever achieve that upper echelon level. And I'm sure I don't need to go into the differences in coaching...
  6. That's the post of the day. You get our backs in their face all day long and their D won't be around in the 4th Q to do anything cause their asses are dragging too bad to stop anything at that point> Even Josh could take advantage of that 4th Q situation and pull off the win. Then you wouldn't need House money to try something out of his range to pull off the W.
  7. Media saying Bills are a "paper" team all week. What good is a playoff bound record only to be knocked out round 1 and then say -- at least we're showing improvement? They have got to get rid of Allen. A guy who can't hit a decent bomb at least once every 3 games has no place starting in the NFL after this amount of time in the starting role.
  8. I've heard this phrase talked about on various message boards and reasoning varies from 'wide right' to 'the day that Polian left' to 'the day Butler left'. What do you know the curse to be and is there anything that substantiates those ideas? Is there any way to undo the curse?
  9. Man, they have to draft a QB. Seriously. This problem is NOT going away. Those tough teams will not be beaten next year with this type of passing game. And that's what it's all about really- getting better next season by a good draft and some FA acquisitions. Keeping Allen to drag down the improvements elsewhere on the team is poor planning.
  10. Not to agitate people but Haskins looked really poised and had good decision making. The kid looks like he has some potential based off what he did today.
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