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  1. Nope. Steelers fan since the immaculate reception. Trust the process and kiss the rings losers.
  2. You'll be wasting another 3 hours every weekend come next September, thinking that a draft pick or FA acquisition will get this team out of the first round of the playoffs . Wasting your poor pathetic lives away every Sunday while your eternal hope will get you nothing once again. You deserve to be a fan of this team. Always having that last bit of hope only to have it snatched away by some fuck up or series of fuck ups. Go welcome them back at the airport or call yourself a member of the asshole bills mafia. Good luck with all that. Trump was right when he lost his bid on the team- Pegulas are bad owners and the blame belongs there. McClappy has been here 3 years and still can't get a sniff of second round playoffs. Yep, continuity will get this team somewhere. Fucking idiots.
  3. Are all you Josh lovers blind? We don't need someone a little better than Tyrod. Look at the elite QB's out there and who's leading their divisions. You can't even put Jjosh in the same sentence as these elite QB's. When a picture of a 3 yard Josh overthrow on any given bomb is permanently etched in your mind (like last night's) , you know there's a problem. He is not a guy that will be winning a super bowl with no 300 yard games or accuracy issues, i don't care how much time Jungle wants to give him to "develop" or how great you think he will magically become after some indefinite x amount of games. You can't win a super bowl playing Josh ball. Haven't you had enough of the fitzmagics, Tyrods and Josh's for QB choices? We need an elite QB to go places. Shame many of you choose to ignore that.
  4. Thanks. Always have to update the ignore list with the occasional troll post. Thanks for your cooperation.
  5. The Bills do fine in games they're expected to win but against "real" contenders, Josh goes right back to his 52% completion rate and fubleitis tendencies. This team will never go deep with Josh at the helm. Beating teams that you're expected to win against and having to rely on a superior D to keep you in games or get you back into games is no way to be a champion. I'm enjoying the win just as much as the next guy but you have to think longer term here. Having your QB's name mentioned as being "inaccurate" and being "one of the knocks against Allen" within a prime time televised game is just embarrassing. With this D, if the Bills had a legit QB, they'd be winning these prime time match-ups by at least two TD's.
  6. And you never know which Josh you're gonna get from week to week. Don't count on anything.
  7. I've been a constant Allen basher from the very beginning. Last night's game seemed to have an almost "I told you so feel" after the Bill's upset victory. Josh's presser was different than his previous Q&A sessions. He was more relaxed and free flowing in front of the press and even joked around a little. His stats were fantastic and he looked the part of a franchise QB out there. We saw glimpses of this at times this year but some of us doubters kept looking for that 300 yard game as the tell of whether this was the guy or not. Still no 300 yard games but how Allen has cleaned up his game and performed under the National spotlight speaks volumes about his future with the Bills. Call me a new Billiever.
  8. Do you like the Josh Allen of last year who makes the highlight reel by leap frogging over a would be tackler or the more subtle, less risk taking, reigned in version of JA? Is the year 2 version even the best way to go with his development?
  9. My son got aggravated at me for pointing out that the Thanksgiving game will be the true test for this team as to how they will do against the remaining strength teams. Being as objective as you can, which games are truly winnable by the Bills to close out this season?
  10. Don't miss this year's hit- My Five Sons. A reality show based around the trials and tribulations of 5 adopted sons who made it to the big time NFL. See the drama unfold as they each try to discover their one true path. Will they survive the hype? Will they be able to handle the media and message board criticism? Stay tuned...
  11. The penalties are going more the Bill's way this year. (Almost to a level we're used to seeing with the Patriots). The fumblers are being recovered by the Bills own players after they fumble. Even the schedule is slanted in the Bills favor this year. Does it seem like this to you too?
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