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  1. White Christian nationalism is a far worse danger to society than BLM. The GOP is actively trying to destroy democracy. 1. White Christian nationalists are trying to overturn Roe V Wade. 2. White Christian nationalists are suppressing voting rights around the country. 3. White Christian nationalists are trying to end gay marriage. 4. White Christian nationalists tried to overthrow a democratic process on 1/6. 5. White Christian nationalists are within our police and military. 6. White Christian nationalists are committing and threatening acts of terror. I consider that more of a threat than some morons burning down some buildings. Which something like 93% of all BLM protests were non violent. Madison cawthorne and other white christian nationalists are stoking the flames of violence. They are ramping up their base with violent rhetoric. It's the right that is clamoring for a race war not BLM. BLM just wants equality.
  2. Yet you continue to comment. It's kinda like YOU care.
  3. The GOP wants their voter base to get out there and start taking matters into their own hands. They want vigilantism and extrajudicial killings. The Proud Boys and cosplay militia members are going to be the right wing's brown shirts.
  4. It's a tough life and it turns whatbi would assume are good people into monsters sometimes. I guess you don't know what it's like til you live it.
  5. Epstein had thousands and thousands of people in his black book. I would bet my life that there are people from media in that book. Ghislaine Maxwell's father was in media. I would bet she still has connections to it.
  6. That's part of his history of being a psychopath.
  7. Also, Lit has a history of being a psychopath.
  8. Guns are everywhere. But in poor areas people are more willing use them to protect the resources they have. Whether it is their home or drugs. People join Gangs to protect themselves or family due to the violence. A lot of these people would rather die than go to prison. Everything you are describing are symptoms of the root problem. Which is unequal access to resources. People will turn to crime to get what they need to survive. That means people will turn to violence to get those resources as well as protect them. This breeds a machismo culture of aggression. The cycle continues until you do something to break it. More police isn't it.
  9. Yea I know. When you have a FOR PROFIT prison system who can influence lawmakers PLUS the war on drugs on top of it, you have a cycle of single family homes. It's not like black males are just abandoning their families all willy nilly. Comparing Latinos to black families is apples to oranges. Totally different circumstances. Don't buy into the "model minority" propaganda. Do black people as a whole need to work out their shit? Yea, sure. But you can't pretend that centuries of discriminatory legislation against black people can just be fixed by convincing these people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. These people live in areas where schools are shit, employment is shit, resources are shit, etc. They are a product of their environment. You have to fix the environment if you want to fix the culture.
  10. Rittenhouse says "I support the BLM movement" Title: Rittenhouse supports BLM movement! So what you are implicitly saying is that you believe the BLM movement is a about property destruction and violence. Which I, and Rittenhouse have expressed there is a difference between the BLM movement and "opportunists" who loot and destroy property. The title is NOT misleading, its your bias showing.
  11. You have to give black people the tools to help themselves. That means end the drug war, end for profit prisons, and increase social welfare programs. We all need universal healthcare, childcare, raise wages, and police reform. They would disproportionately help the black community.
  12. Salvation Army: we admit Christians have perpetuated in bigotry and we think it's time to end the cycle of hate. Fascman518: If you end the cycle of hate, I won't contribute to your business, because my hate of wokeness supercedes my willingness to help the less privileged.
  13. Of course the MSM is going to be as silent as possible about this trial. The people who own and advertise on MSM don't want their dirty laundry on TV.
  14. We've determined that he is out of touch with reality a long time ago.
  15. Read the above post. Once again, totalitarian socialists only think of their own personal circumstances and their own misguided 'ideals; they have no concern for the personal circumstances of others or the effects on the society as a whole. You are literally describing conservatives. Vaccines are a prime example.
  16. My IQ takes a hit every day I engage with you fucks.
  17. I talked to a guy who owns a tesla, he said he charged his car at work (at a hospital) and at home at night after installing his own charging station, he said he calculated it to cost less than $20 a month.
  18. And it only took a few months of public pressure to get these guys arrested!
  19. I have to keep you mouth breathers educated. I dont like black separatists or racists either. But guess what, they have ZER0 power in this country. Do you feel safe now?
  20. If they did, it would only show how racist they really are, eh?
  21. This is an internet message board. I'm not losing any sleep over it.
  22. You seem so happy these scum bags are going to jail! Me too!!
  23. Weird....the Christchurch shooter, Islamic center shooter, the Proud Boys, 3 percenters, and neo nazis use it. Police officers and military members have been suspended for doing it. We know that the FBI has warned about white supremacists within the military and police forces around the country. Obviously it's nothing, right? If you are going to wait for the racists to explicitly say they are racist, you might be waiting a while. Luckily we are living in a time when you are going to start seeing it more and more of that.
  24. Well, let that be a lesson to the people who sit by and watch as people do racist shit. ;-)
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