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  1. He needs an NFL off season in when weight room and he needs to learn pass rush moves. Otherwise he is going to be a glorified run stopper who will not be able to get off double teams.
  2. I loved jackson in college but QBs like jackson, Vick, and RG3 always scare me. Jackson is the most polished passer of that bunch, but the injury potential is nerve racking.
  3. How does giving josh Allen a true #1 make him better? If he is throwing behind guys instead of hitting them in stride, how does an true #1 help him? If he cant find open receivers on the field, how does a true #1 help him?
  4. Dude, many of us dislike lit, but come on man. Allen is not good. Regardless of how rosen is doing, Allen is awful. I try to stay as reasonable as possible with sprinkles of optimism, but allen is not a franchise QB. Look at what Russell Wilson is getting paid. Do you think in 2 years Allen will be half as good as wilson? Is Allen going to be worth 35 million a year? You provide a lot of good content to the board but sometimes I think you work for the Bill's PR department with your personnel takes.
  5. I hated the Allen pick since day one. He made improvement, but not enough to be a starting nfl QB.
  6. First of all you quoted a snippet from scopes which was from a right wing publication. If you read the article you would understand. Hitler used the socialist party to achieve power. When he had totalitarian power, he had them all executed. The article itself debunks your quote lol.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.britannica.com/amp/story/were-the-nazis-socialists Reading is fun!
  8. Great... another egotistical billionaire. Just what america needs. The elites must be getting scared of bernie, and wallstreet hates warren.
  9. Meh. I cant stand Dez Bryant. He had not been getting good separation for a while, cant imagine the injury will help. He might be ok as redzone target for 50/50 balls. Bring him in before Thanksgiving. He'll be motivated to perform.
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