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  1. Hey pal, not sure if you are aware but the overwhelming majority of nurses support the vaccine. Like 90% That was an easy one. It didn't take much to rip a hole in that tissue paper of an argument.
  2. https://boingboing.net/2021/09/20/project-veritas-scammed-out-of-165000-by-a-phishing-email.html?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=project-veritas-scammed-out-of-165000-by-a-phishing-email&amp "Project Veritas, the conservative media group known for staging "sting operations" with hidden cameras where they trick people into saying things out of context that "confirm" right-wing conspiracy theories, announced last week that they got duped by what was essentially a sting operation. Shortly after the company's offices were flooded by Hurricane Ida, the company received an email that appeared to be from their attorneys following up on an invoice — but it turned out to be a phishing scam."
  3. I get the flu shot every year. At times? On par? LoL what does that mean? It hasn't even been close. In fact, flu numbers dropped with masks, social distancing, and self quarantining. Yea, people die. Duh. But why die of something preventable? What a ridiculous argument. LoL so look at the CDC website. All the data is there. What data EXACTLY do you need to see? Let's hear it. Just say you're a bitch. That's it. Nut up. Because some people you know didn't feel well you won't take it? How idiotic. Lots of people have long term covid symptoms. Did these people go back to the Dr? I think you're full of shit or you are too dumb to see through their bullshit. Um it's not though. There is precedent to vaccine mandates. Your right to not take the vaccine does not supercede my right to live in a healthy society.
  4. Which part? The CDC also states you should get vaccinated. Did you? Or do you just pick and choose? Ok, great. Now when you have lots of people that 1% is millions of people. I like how you try to lecture me and continue to say stupid shit. You just don't care that millions of people will die? Do us all an favor. Get vaccinated and stop antivaxx non sense.
  5. I'm talking about the concept of why we all need to wear them. Which is the unvaccinated are too dumb for their own good. As in, the vaccinated can spread the virus without knowing they have it. The unvaccinated catch it and end up on a ventilator for 2 weeks and die. That's why we have to still wear masks.
  6. You don't know shit about my health habits. lol Oh please. Get off your high horse. If you dont want me to dance on your grave, get a vaccine. Who made you the authority on what is or isn't American? lol This is a typical conservative talking point. Anything you don't like, you call it un-American. You are threatening violence upon all "leftist homos", uet you want to comment on me dancing on your grave? You're so dumb hahaha
  7. No my point was the unvaccinated are the most at risk. So they need everyone to wear a mask because some people are too stupid to protect themselves with the vaccine or a mask.
  8. At this point the mask mandates are for the unvaxxed. They are at the highest risk. Like I said before, if they really want to own the libs and let me dance on their grave, I'm all for it.
  9. If being wrong about history gets your rocks off, congratulations.
  10. He had a good game. Just missed a couple sacks. Great rebound from last week.
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