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  1. Nope just been a busy day. Why are you entitled to someone else's hard earned money?
  2. Cant take a joke? How the snowflakes crumble...
  3. Damn people. Take a joke. I didnt realize we had a forum full of white snowflakes. For fucks sake.
  4. He probably got his first glimpse of the MAGA population.
  5. Name calling is not the same as one group of people being owned by another and not having any rights. Holy shit.
  6. But you cant ignore that racism has stacked the deck against black people. It's like saying the rules are XYZ for 200 years but now we changed the rules so everything is equal now. These people on average dont have the generation wealth the average white person has.
  7. What if your family was black and couldnt get loan for their mortgage and ever since it's been hard to gain wealth? How would that factor in to the go getting? Like, would they have to work harder?
  8. My parents had a jamdaya conure and an african grey. The conure was annoying as fuck and the African was funny as hell. Both were very territorial and hierarchical. They were good pets if you live alone without kids. But they can live a very long time, especially the african grey. Be prepared.
  9. I try. Just looking out for my fellow citizens, what can I say? I just dont want to see people starve, be indentured servants, or go to war to die for the elites, no matter your skin color or who you want to fuck. You know, those things good Christian's claim to believe.
  10. I did. It was just a poor answer and stuff I didnt careabout. Equal? Okay. What %? Why should anyone be entitled to inheritance if they didnt earn it?
  11. People who have been in the work force for longer and have less debt, also have more money? Wow. Who would have thought.
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