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  1. Rule of law? It's the DNC that makes the rules. They can decide to go against the will of the people if they want to. That is not a democratic process. Its bullshit.
  2. Is bloomberg running against trump or Bernie?
  3. I honestly dont know what to tell you man. You are a centrist/ Republican lite.. You're smart enough not to be a climate denier but on everything else you're lacking.
  4. The most important part of the debate not getting any attention is when every candidate BUT Bernie Sanders said that the person with the most votes shouldn't necessarily win after the first round. Wow. What a joke. We hear from the democrats about Russia, Russia, Russia, for 3 years stealing elections. Welp here it fucking is. The democrats do not mean what they say. Although the screamed "well hilary had the most votes", every candidate but Bernie is anti democratic. This should have been the biggest news in the debate. The DNC is testing the waters for when they try and steal the election from Bernie again. It's not going to work this time.
  5. He got devoured last night for being a trash candidate. If you vote for Bloomberg you might as well go buy your blue MAGA hat now.
  6. There are idiots on both sides. Why should I care about this? But the fact that the same people outraged over this are also the same people that dont care about things like this shows their cultist colors.
  7. A progressive tax system in which their effective tax rates are NOT lower than the middle class.
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