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  1. i don't like our running attack. Either we don't have the personnel to run it effectively, or it's not an effective system.
  2. Who is available and is a plug and play scheme fit? If Zach Cunningham is available, I'd take him.
  3. Hopefully they pack the senate too. Let's grant statehood to DC and PR.
  4. Both worlds suck. Trump's world is making things worse and trending towards an undemocratic state. Biden's world is going back to the way things were. Which also sucked, bigly. But hey, I guess it's better to participate in bourgeois politics while voting "still matters".
  5. Oof... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.businessinsider.in/politics/world/news/in-a-blow-to-trump-ag-barrs-investigation-into-flynns-unmasking-ended-without-criminal-charges-or-a-public-report/amp_articleshow/78655413.cms
  6. It's funny, conservatives always want celebrities to keep their opinions out of politics unless they agree with conservatives.
  7. I said it was a guess. Based on what is what typically happenes. Obviously I can't prove it, but there is clearly a reason why trump had people at WR sign NDAs. He claims HIPAA when its convenient for him. You clearly don't understand what punk rock culture is about . you're delusional. I'm not. As always.
  8. My guess is trump had COVID about 5-7 days before it was announced. Probably several days days before the debate. He finally went to the hospital around day 8-10 when typically people get some of the strongest symptoms. Revealing when he is showing negative will tell us when he approximately got it. Which he doesn't want people to know.
  9. Because that "not many people" is actually millions of people. What a concept.
  10. 27% of Republicans believe that abortion should always be illegal according to gallup.
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