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  1. They aren't going to do business in the richest country in the world? Lol yea ok!
  2. Free? STRAWMAN. I want my tax dollars to fund things that help everyone. I dont want my money going to wall street bail outs, subsidize fossil fuel companies, or imperialism.
  3. I guess that mom and pop shop should have a better business model since it can't survive without exploiting the labor of a 16 year old.
  4. So you're against social security payments to senior citizens? Because that sounds like goverment income to me. Your view of the government is that of a laissez faire capitalist. Its warped as fuck. Tax the 1%. Don't let them hide their money. Stop funding global imperialism. In your view its perfectly reasonable to watch millions of people live in poverty or as debt slaves. Giving young mothers an extra $300 a month for 6 years lets millions of people start crawling their way out of poverty. Especially communities of POC. As the God fearing man that you are, its funny how you give no fucks about the poor.
  5. How does giving $300 to parents, per month per child, hurt the economy? Is there a moral arguement why you believe this shouldn't happen? What is the role of goverment if it isn't to take care of its citizens?
  6. I dont see your threads about corporate bail outs though. Weird. Other countries may not do this the exact same way, but many do childcare better than we do. And healthcare for that matter.
  7. Oh, its the goverments job to bail out corporations. Thats right! What you call wacky, the developed world outside of the US calls normal.
  8. So you admit people will vote for candidates that will actually do something that benefits society? Instead of getting people to vote based on fear tactics?
  9. If the Trump administration would like to refute these claims, they should release the plan they had in place and we can see what was really going on. I guess that doesn't cross magat's mind.
  10. Perfect! What a great idea! Parents can use it to pay for childcare, food, whatever their child needs. Ain't it great when the government works to help serve the people?
  11. Using trillions of tax payer dollars to prop up a house of cards stockmarket is great! Providing parents the resources they need to feed their children during a pandemic with record unemployment is bad! Yet, the left is the wacky ones LMAO
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