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  1. How would this not backfire on trump? If twitter becomes liable for trumps lies, misinformation, or inciting violence, Twitter will just delete his account. I highly doubt this is what trump wants as he uses Twitter to spread his bullshit more than anyone.
  2. https://mobile.eurweb.com/2020/05/29/jacob-pederson-minneapolis-police-officer-accused-of-starting-minneapolis-riot-watch/ WHAT A SURPRISE!
  3. Didn't say it was a good idea. But what do you think is going to happen when a community uses non-violent protests and NOTHING changes? Apparently no one is learning and prayers aren't saving anyone. When people get desperate and non-violent protests are doing nothing they will turn to violence. This has happened over and over throughout history.
  4. 1. All deaths are concerning, but whites don't have a history of being oppressed in this country, while African Americans are clearly still not treated the same whether its by the police, Karen's of the world, and the justice system. Whites are privileged in America. There is no way around it. 2. People are concerned with the violence in the black community. Which is also something that happens in every impoverished community. What are politicians doing to help these people? I agree that they need to help themselves, but no one is trying to help either. You think a community that was rich and white would still have dirty water like flint?
  5. milano has some short comings but he is not overrated. The defense always looks different without him.
  6. Do a Google search on over policing neighborhoods. Throwing money at impverished communities especially in education, childcare, Healthcare, etc is proven to help them thrive.
  7. Sure being non confrontational certainly helps, but clearly doesn't ensure your safety. But what if we assume the same black guy gets pulled over twice a week because he lives in an over policed neighborhood and he has family that has been mistreated by cops in the past? (Possibly going back generations) At what point would YOU lose your shut after getting the side eye for being born black? Your question isn't that simple.
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