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  1. A loan is a loan. The NFL was just worried about a mass opt out if they let it go too long .
  2. Why are people criticizing players who have consulted medical experts and determined that they themselves or their family are at a high health risk to COVID-19?
  3. Uh oh. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/new-york-attorney-general-letitia-james-files-lawsuit-dissolve-nra-n1236009
  4. no, but several of them were, and i found several critical holes in their analysis Which ones? What are there flaws in what I provided? its like that study they did in ferguson after the michael brown shooting. it was conducted by liberal blacks who came to conclusions that were clearly biased. not all studies conducted by someone from a party are automatically biased and invalid, but a lot in that report sure was I see you are challenging a study i didnt cite. Interesting. in those neighborhoods people routinely drove around with uninspected cars, or ones that had things that needed fixing to be road legal, if they were registered/insured at all. but when cops gave them tickets, that task force investigating them only highlighted the disparity with whites who got ticketed in that area at a much lower rate (probably bc they had J.O.B.S. and more respect for the rule of law) I have no clue what you are talking about? Was it supported by academia? now i realize those people are poor, but poor isnt an excuse to break the law then cry about it as automatic racism. if you want to keep your car legal, get a J.O.B. Otherwise, screaming racism when you get a ticket just makes you a punk ass bitch Um ok. Your ramblings are very insightful. They really get the the crux of the matter. the sentencing disparity has been a prime focus of the justice system for decades, and they made so much improvement that in some places they over-compensated and blacks were getting lower sentences than whites. Interesting. Is this now the systemic over sentencing of whites? i would provide a source but its conservative and you dont accept those I dont care where its from if its academically accredited. Cite it please. and OMFG, you mean to tell me blacks get pulled over 30% more than whites?!? given that we have blackness filling the streets with blood for over thirty years straight now, im sure good blacks that want to see it stop wont mind making that mild sacrifice to allow cops to check ids to see if they can find the guy who just held up the liquor store at gunpoint Cool let's allow racial profiling to persist. I'm sure the good blacks would just give up their 4th amendment rights entirely. but im not going to get into this with you bc all you want to do is talk numbers, I know, you have a problem when I back up my arguments with data points. when in fact this is more of an intellectual conversation about culture and policy and where our biggest problems lie right now. Where does culture come from? How do we change it. We talk about culture changes in sports all the time. How is that changed? i know for sure cops shooting blacks is NOT anywhere near our biggest race problem. Nope. Its the result of our biggest problems. our biggest race problem is black violence stemming from a widespread lack of involved fathers, black victim peddling as an industry, and widespread black racism preventing reconciliation. even black folks will agree that as a pcent of population blacks are more racist than whites right now, and thats very damaging right now Sounds like culture again. How do we fix it? More cops? More laws? Lol could you cite that number of blacks being racist. Im curious. we still have some things to clean up related to white racist remnants, Which is what I advocate for, but I feel you underestimate it and turn a blind eye to it. but we are so dramatically improved from where we were and making progress on cleaning up the rest of institutional racism that it indeed is very small by comparison. The BLM movement proves otherwise. These protests rival 60s civil rights movement. They obviously feel differently. you can either claim this is still 1960 and help low-character blacks spread the false meme they are automatic widespread victims while whites are automatic racists, I never said whites are automatically racist. They benefit from a racially biased system. Two very different things, actually. or you can look at the obvious improvement and say you want to do your part to keep it going I am. You are ironically doing the opposite of what you preach.
  5. Because a poster brought up that 90% murders of blacks are by blacks like its some obsurd stat..well guess what its 81% for whites, still pretty damn high. Every race kills their own race at a higher rate than any other, I've said this before. does this blow up my narrative that "we live in a racist society where blacks are hunted" ?wow, nice straw man. But no it doesn't. blacks are still more likely to be killed by police by a substantial margin. its in the OP. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/every-tally-hate-crimes-blacks-are-most-frequent-victims-n938541"In fact, black Americans have been the most frequent victims of hate crime in every tally of bias incidents generated since the FBI began collecting such data in the early 1990s."
  6. if Hispanics are not counted as you say, in 2018 white on white murder was 81%. Not a huge drop from the original 83% in 2011 which include Hispanics https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2018/crime-in-the-u.s.-2018/topic-pages/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-6.xls
  7. 1. Yes this is the very definition of systemic. I'll see if I can find a study I read recently. It was about a bunch of mock trials. In one control group was a white suspect with white jurors. Another was a white suspect with a jury of POC. The other two control sets were of a black suspects, one white the other was POC. All of the evidence is the same. Same crime. Each time. The juries always votes to prosecute the black suspect more. 2. The black people were more likely to be told what they were pulled over for. As in, they fucking made it up because they can. They said your liscence plate light was out, but it really wasn't. 3. Well if you keep reading there is a study about resisting arrest. Blacks are still more likely to have excessive force used on them.
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