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  1. They will probably resign waddle. That's 2 swing tackles. I'm not against a tackle, just think they wont.
  2. This would be the dumbest thing he can do. I hope he does!! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2020/02/15/bloomberg-is-considering-hillary-clinton-as-his-running-mate-says-matt-drudge.html
  3. Josh Jones could be there when we pick. He has good feet and hands. But I'd like to see him get stronger and get more aggressive. This coaching staff loves Dawkins and I dont think they take an OT in round 1.
  4. You can't even engage in a discussion. Pathetic. I'll try one more time, if you cant have a reasonable discussion, go away. In your own words, what is socialism?
  5. But it doesnt though. It revolves around getting rid of the system that brought us trump. You keep missing the importance of this fact.
  6. This is illogical. I vote for people who represent my interests. Abstaining by definition is not a vote for anyone.
  7. Epenesa hands down. I was just watching YGM tape today. He looks like an edge setting base end. No thanks. I'd rather keep shaq than draft another edge setter in round 1.
  8. Sure it does. Vote how you want, I'm just telling you there is significant amount of people who will stay home if the right candidate isnt up for the general election. Now, if you want orange man out, I hope you vote the right way. Nothing anti democratic about that.
  9. So you support the patriot act as well? I thought you were a democracy type guy. Looking a little more authoritarian by the day.
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