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  1. A true #1 opposite brown would be nice. But I wouldnt burn a pick Sanu. This draft class is deeper at WR.
  2. Sanu is not worth a 2nd round pick to the buffalo bills. Especially since Qb play is not very good.
  3. It is true. He has floated the idea plenty of times. “President for life. And he’s great. And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll give that a shot some day.” https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-on-chinas-president-for-life-power-grab-maybe-we-should-try-that and Repeatedly saying he should get more years in office because of investigations, or that his supporters will demand more years in office. He shits on the constitution every day. He wants to be a dictator, will he? Probably not, but if he could, he would in a heartbeat. Taxes may be higher in Scandinavian countries, but they also get more for their dollar than they do here. They don’t go bankrupt due to medical debt they aren’t put in debt to get a decent job they don’t avoid going to the doctor and are generally much happier than people in the US They also belong to strong unions and earn much higher wages.
  4. There's a difference. The right uses trigger words when they have no arguments. If the government is run by the people and for the people, and not by corporations and the 1%...we'll be just fine.
  5. I didnt say it would happen over night. But right now we are heading in the complete opposite direction. I didnt say trump will become a dictator, I even capitalized it for you. He WANTS to be a dictator its blatantly obvious. And you're worried about a communist take over! Lol Shouldn't we know who has guns? Shouldn't we be giving guns to responsible owners? Beto is trash do I woukdnt worry about him.
  6. I'm not a socialist. I believe our economic system is currently way out of whack. We need a more regulated form of capitalism. We need to invest in our people and take care of them. Which is a crazy argument to make with alot of these bible thumpers on here. The cognitive dissonance is undeniable. Giving more power to the people is not communism by definition. I think alot of these right wingers are just trained to use these trigger words. It's like they are brainwashed into believing things that are against their best interests.
  7. This is an assertion you keep making. You think we are going to turn into china or something? Isn't that why you have all your guns? This is just a baseless and paranoid argument.. Raising taxes on the 1% and corporations is communism? Cutting out the middle man and insuring everyone is communism? Can you bridge the gap for me where we get from taking care of all americans to a totalitarian communist state? How do you reconcile with the fact your boy WANTS to be a dictator? Lol
  8. Bernie doesnt take money from big corporations. I have never seen him argue for communism, anywhere, any time, ever. I have seen him advocate for more power to the people however.
  9. You also never answered my question sack. Do you agree with these programs, but you're hung up on cost?
  10. So you think that the "blue" politicians want to turn the US into a communist state to seize power?
  11. Nice way of disingenuously framing your argument. I'd say, the guy has talent, but he needs to hit the jugs machine. That's honesty. I'm pretty fair with every player. I've said allen sucks from day one. How's that for a homer?
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