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  1. Here are your laughable arguments: 1. Stephen Miller can be racist because America. 2. Stephen Miller has racist opinions and you don't, does that make you a better person? 3. Stephen Miller's E-mails were only intended to be seen by other racists, I didn't read any of them, and the libtards are making this up! 1. Yea, I get that. It's perfectly legal to be a racist in "MURICA!" But it also makes you an asshole, most people agree. Do you? 2. Welp, I haven't made any inhumane immigration policies that have lead to the deaths of many people due to my lack of racism. So there is that. 3. So if racists send messages back and for to each other they are not racist? If there is a tree in the woods and no one....Read the e-mails man, do any kind of research on this guy. Get out of the echo chamber. Why do you have such a hard time admitting he is a racist shit bag?
  2. There is just too much there to assume he isn’t a racist. Here is a list for you. I'm just using some deductive reasoning. https://www.vox.com/2016/7/25/12270880/donald-trump-racist-racism-history Lets not kid ourselves here. White Supremacy has been rebranded. These people want an ethno-state, not because they want to just "preserve their heritage". Stephen Miller sure loves the book "The Camp of the Saints". Why? Separate but equal? That doesnt fly anymore. I've known plenty of people that say this as well. Even family members. Surprisingly, these are the same people that use the N word and say racist jokes when they are in safe places to do so. But again, deductive reasoning. Too many hoops to jump through. They are racist sites. No, I'm not. But I do call it as I see it. You have a white nationalist advisor helping craft policy that Trump either says “Nope” or “Yes, do it.” These are the policies that are putting people in cages and other inhumane things to immigrants. This is not ethnic separatism or religious separatism due to some kind of ethnic cleansing or something. This is white separatism. These people want a white ethno-state. They are racist. I don’t buy that Trump is just one of those guys that thinks “brown people are great, but let’s just keep everyone to their own kind”.
  3. Why do I have to defend obama? I didnt vote for him. I dont think he was a good president. No whataboutisms. So answer the question.
  4. Which is more likely? A racist president hires a racist policy advisor Or A non racist president hires a racist policy advisor Or are we going to blame this on trumps ignorance again?
  5. So you think I have a problem with a white nationalist in the White House because I dont like trump? Do you have a problem with a white nationalist in the White House?
  6. Here come the what aboutisms. I'm no obama defender, so that doesnt work on me. "Trump knows a guy" lol he appointed him and he has helped write his speeches and shaped policies. He's an old buddy of alt-nazi boi richard spencer.
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