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  1. @Philly'sFinest So where exactly did I say "I have credible evidence"? You know, they make screen readers and speech to text for people with special needs. You may find this technology very helpful in overcoming your disabilities.
  2. If you could read you would know that's not what I said. Nice deflection though. Maybe you can use this time to build the timeline from 1987-2003. K. Thnx.
  3. You really shouldn't comment on history. You still believe the nazis were Socialists, the civil war was fought over states rights, and southern strategy never happened.
  4. That's why I said it's not effective. More deaths equals more hostility and distrust of police. Over policing doesn't work.
  5. Remember when the jews took the vaccine and then they stopped being jews and the Germans stopped killing them? No? Oh that's because being ethnically Jewish isn't a choice, but taking the vaccine is.
  6. 89% of the republican voter base is white. there are more white conservative voters than there are black people. What a stupid fucking argument LMAO MYTH?? Look at the data dumbass. Does she still say that? She hasn't said that after November 3rd 2020, that's for sure.
  7. Conservatives are less likely to have the vaccine. Conservatives voted overwhelmingly for trump. Covid hospitalizations and deaths are the highest in counties that voted trump. This has become a pandemic of the stupid. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com/trump-biden-counties-covid-death-rate-3-times-higher-vaccines-2021-11%3famp
  8. Is it going to stop all virus particles? No. But it's going to stop a non zero number of particles getting in the air which decreases the spread. If wearing a mask saved 1 life, was it not worth it? Especially if it was your kid, or family member? Remember that alot of places didn't require a mask if you were vaccinated, it was an honor system. I know plenty of conservatives that chose not to follow the mask guidelines, and didn't wear a mask. Some of them got sick. Look at the data. It's mostly conservatives getting really sick and dying. Thise are the ones that never wore masks or wore them properly and never got vaxxed.
  9. As Long as beasley is back next year, I'm not too interested in WR in round 1 unless an absolute stud is there. I'd like to go G/C in round 1, then CB, NT, then WR. As of now anyway. CB could be #1 need if there js any uncertainty with white.
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