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  1. all the "right to protest" people from 2 weeks ago are cheering on martial law. See, I knew they didn't ever mean what they said.
  2. and everyone here yelled at me when I said christians are a bigger threat to America than Islamic extremists.
  3. Did I say that? NOPE. I think I have a fairly nuanced approach, so please let's not jump to conclusions. I favor non violent protests. I dont condone violence if it isn't absolutely necessary. I dont like facists. I dont condone it, but if someone like richard Spencer or a nazi gets decked in the face while they are marching and threatening the well being of others, I just don't feel bad. If someone was hunting nazis down in their own homes to punch them in the face it would be entirely differnt. Do you disagree with any of that? Or are you too high up on the hjgh groun there obi wan? The real problem I have with the goverment labeling Antifa as a terrorist group is that it is just like the war on terror. There is not a defined enemy. Although some here think so, antifa does not have a leader. It doesn't have a structure of low and high level figures. Saying it does is false. What the goverment would be able to do is label anyone an antifa laft wing terrorist. What happens to terrorists in this country? They are stripped of their RIGHTS. No trial, No nothing. So effectively anyone seen protesting facism i.e. not worshiping a police state, they can be thrown in jail and thats that. I'm just wondering why a forum filled with "liberatarians" who want small government are all cool with this idea? Maybe because they are really authoritarian right? Its just ironic how the government suddenly hates anti facists more than facists.
  4. Which policies is he talking about? What money? Because by the looks of the riots and the anger of these people, whatever has been done has been half measures. More crime so more police means more crime means more police. Do you see how circular that is? He cited a prominent proponent of stop and frisk and over policing. Things that statistically don't work or help. Her books have been pointed out as being flawed or missing a lot. I'd love to hear the numbers on the two categories that blacks fall into lol is it 50-50? 75-25? 90-10?
  5. He has the technique to win but his athletic limitations will not threaten NFL tackles from the outside. I see him as a base end and IMO they will still be looking for a "twitchy" DE to replace hughes.
  6. I'm glad you asked! Well, I realize that Antifa is more well organized than the Trump administration, but they are not an organization. There is no leader or hierarchy.They are simply people who are anti-facists. I remember a time when we fought a war against facists. The US was really antifacist back then you could say, no? Are you anti-facist? Who does Antifa intimidate and assult? People who promote hate and facist ideologies maybe? I guess I dont feel bad for white supremacists being punched. Do you? Here's what is really going on, and I'm surprised someone like you who wants to limit government power supports this. But then I remembered you're full of shit and since your team is in power you support it. This is Trumps plan: First, declare AntiFa a terrorist organization Next, define all left-wing activism as "AntiFa" related terrorism. You just made any activism that is left of facism as dissent from the goverment. Now we are fast tracking to authoritarianism.
  7. I tee you up a softball and this is your response? Wiffff. I guess there isn't really a reason after all.
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/05/31/opinions/trump-antifa-domestic-terrorist-bergen/index.html
  9. https://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/there-no-war-cops Another review of mcdonalds flaws. I don't care if she is conservative. I care that she supports things like stop and frisk. She is narrow minded and uses statistics to push her narrative which you apparently agree with. Cool.
  10. Nothing changes. Black and brown communities are the poorest, uneducated, and over policed in America. When was that different?? I guess we can call mass incarceration a change, excellent. And we still have police who think they can treat brown people like they are subhuman. I dont see the changes. So I guess these protests are for no reason.
  11. How would this not backfire on trump? If twitter becomes liable for trumps lies, misinformation, or inciting violence, Twitter will just delete his account. I highly doubt this is what trump wants as he uses Twitter to spread his bullshit more than anyone.
  12. https://mobile.eurweb.com/2020/05/29/jacob-pederson-minneapolis-police-officer-accused-of-starting-minneapolis-riot-watch/ WHAT A SURPRISE!
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