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  1. Well we're just talking about the guy here, not saying to draft him. Just discussing wether or not other's think he would be worth a late round flier. To me he looks like he has command on the field, has good footwork, comes from a pro style offense. Also he's the qb of the only team that beat Clemson this past year, and that too with subpar help.
  2. I don't know, the more I watch him the more I like him. He seems to have that "it" factor on the field. Only thing I would be worried about is his arm strength, because you don't see him throw deep too often, I don't know if its game plan or him.
  3. Anyone know anything about this guy? Just watched some highlights and he seems pretty good. Good footwork and pocket presence, comes from a pro style offense, big hands, decent speed......maybe worth a later round pick?
  4. I had two guys try to fight me today because I said EJ was the problem on the team.....one's argument was I have no idea what I'm talking about because I have never played football in high school.....even though I did
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