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  1. I think the problem that many people here have with you, microscopes, is that you have such a negative viewpoint from which you approach every conversation. There hasn't been much to be happy with in the last decade and a half for Bills fans, and now when we finally have something to be happy about, be it only for two weeks or however long it takes to fall apart (if it ever does), you are here constantly being a complete pessimist, seemingly harping on almost every single thing you can think to complain about. It's exhausting trying to read some of this content on this site because you pollute it with your pessimism and vitriol. I understand having two sides to arguments, and yes, we realize you pay your own money for this site (we are thankful for that fact). But you need to tone it down a little. People don't want to hear a personified summary of our last 14 years from every one of your comments. Honestly what are you looking for from this team? What would it take to make you happy. Because from what I've read from you over the last couple months, it doesn't seem possible. Just tone it down man. We all have opinions, but nobody but nobody is going to take you seriously if you're a constant downer. It's depressing, when we should be happy, at least at the moment.
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