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  1. Seems easier to grip the ball in NE. Not quite sure why...
  2. He's had some misfortune. I really think the plan was for Kolb to be the starter till that floor mat took him out. He didn't get the opportunity to sit. I also think Marrone was SOOO conservative that he made EJ so fearful of a turnover that he turned into Trentative. He wasn't that way at FSU. I do seriously fear that he is so wrecked upstairs right now that it may be too late to recover for this franchise.
  3. Depends if you're before or after the game. Before smells like BBQ, after smells like vomit.
  4. IF they intend to use the stadium for more than 10 Sunday's a year it makes sense to make it a dome. I think this will also depend greatly on where it is located. I don't see a convention center type use if it remains in OP while if it goes in the city there may be some sense of using it for other events.
  5. Lot of sites saying Petty won't make it past the Saints at 31 toninght. Could definitely see that happening as the buzz on his passing accuracy is very high.
  6. I thought the same thing. He "ruined" Fitz basically by focusing on the footwork. Course nothing can make EJ worse so go for it.
  7. I just like that they seem to have some creative thinkers in place for a change.
  8. Home colts LOSS home patriots LOSS away dolphins LOSS home giants WIN away titans WIN home bengals WIN lon. Jaguars WIN home dolphins WIN away jets (tnf) LOSS away patriots (mnf) LOSS away chiefs WIN home texans WIN away eagles LOSS away redskins WIN home cowboys WIN home jets WIN I got 10-6 after starting 0-3, and finishing 3-0. We shall see.
  9. Merriman was one of the biggest thieves in NFL history. Of course the Bills front office were accomplices I guess.
  10. Left Buffalo to head to Miami. I'm sure guys were fighting over who got that trip.
  11. The only way I could see a trade up would be to the bottom of the first round if somebody (from their board) unexpectedly slips. The benefit of getting them in the first vs. second and on is that 5 th year on the contract. If they fall in love with Petty or Grayson I could see that happening.
  12. I would like to see about Petty out of that group. From what you hear I think he and Grayson are likely the only potential starters in there but obviously you never know.
  13. I would love to be optimistic and I agree he seems like a great person but I just don't see it. It was a weakness of his while at FSU and doesn't look much better now. It's those 3rd and 5 conversions that I have more confidence in Orton (now Cassel) then EJ in moving the chains. I would love to see him tear it up though.
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