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  1. I hope you're right. After today, I think 8-8 is the ceiling for this offense, with some luck. Again, I do hope you're right. Go Bills!!!
  2. Humor me Sack. Where are the three wins. Well I guess you think Jets and phish. Where's the third? I cant find it.
  3. We win this one easily. Have you seen their offence? Worse than ours.
  4. I actually think we will start improving for some reason. I think they start to play angry.
  5. D keeps em in check. Allen cracks 300. 24-9 Bills. GO BILLS!!!
  6. They scored more. They won. That's what matters. No moral victories. We were still the better team today. A qb who can throw the long ball, and we win. Handily.
  7. No excuse for bad decisions. cant throw those pics. Period.
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