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  1. All I can say is LOTS of work to do to compete for a playoff spot next year. We will need an elite run game that can impose its will every week.
  2. Yep. With a bruiser at running back, we could've been hosting next week. I like Singletary, but we need more in the running game. With Allen at qb, our running game has to be stellar. He shouldn't be throwing 40+ times. More like 15 to 25.
  3. I'll take Rocky over Creed all day. Let's hope hes our guy!
  4. We lose the next two. MAYBE beat the jets to get the 6 spot. Offence is simply not ready for playoff football. We may need a qb. Time will tell. That said, like most of us, I do want Allen to be the guy.
  5. Business as usual for me. I was the mafia before there was the mafia. loud and proud, win or lose. I got my Bills tat after a 5-11 season.
  6. Pittsburgh will be tough at night. They shine in the spotlight and keep getting better on defense. tough game.
  7. Victor. I think we can beat the Pats brother. I think it's over. I think the field has finally evened out. Have hope !!!! I think it's ok to Billeve GO BILLS!!!
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