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  1. @Woody thanks for taking the time to post these links. I'm pretty busy throughout the day and its nice to be able to pop in here and catch up on these videos.
  2. You were talking about rallies not bringing in money. I may go to Gastonia tonight, but unfortunately can't make a donation, other than buying a hat or flag. I'm not sure Bidens donations are coming from Rallies. Especially when he's taking the week off.
  3. Not really. He draws working class Americans. These rallies draw voters.
  4. Yes. I was way off about this team. Not ready to play with the big boys. Other than a few plays, this defense is fuckin terrible. I mean, embarrassing.
  5. And Cuomo is a bitch. This is a disgrace with ZERO fans.
  6. I think we're for real. If we are, this should be a war. 28- 24 bills.
  7. I hope they make a real effort on him. As much as I like the little guy, I'm terrified of him getting hurt.
  8. Bullshit. They need to get fans in there. At what point do they just do it. Take New York back already.
  9. Bills are fine. We were never going 16-0, and 10 games will be enough. We are going to win a couple that we shouldn't. We need to get healthy, and tighten up the middle on D.
  10. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30093166/nfl-adjusts-schedule-8-teams-moving-forward
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