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Bills vs Chiefs UPDATE

Reports are that if Milano plays, it will be in specialized roles and in a limited capacity.




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  1. What? I'm not discounting them because they are old, I'm discounting them because he's coached 14 consecutive winning seasons since. Focusing on the five years he was in Cleveland (Cleveland!) to try to make him look bad is statistical cherry picking of the highest order. For fucks sake, Belichick had two rings as a coordinator before Tom Brady even graduated middle school.
  2. The fact that you have to roll in seasons from 20+ years ago to make him look bad is really all you got to know. I think the guy's a massive prick, but he's won more playoff games then the entire Bills franchise.
  3. Geno Smith talks a lot of shit. It's not an excuse to throw hands. And naturally Rex Ryan is understanding, his daddy threw one of the most famous punches in NFL history.
  4. The best off-season move without question was re-signing Hughes. Nearly everything after that I'm questioning.
  5. Ask yourself honestly if you expected any other outcome. We knew our QBs are the weak link of our team and our defense was its strength. I feel like it would be more alarming if Matt Cassell balled all over us.
  6. Jungle isn't racist. He's just really invested in the pre-draft circus and so he places a lot of emphasis on athletic measurables. EJ is huge and strong and fast and so Jungle will support him over guys who are average athletically but can read defenses better. It's the same reason he loved Chris Johnson and Reggie Bush and blasted guys like Fred Jackson.
  7. The Chargers did refute the rumor, and yet here we are. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000487472/article/chargers-gm-its-our-plan-to-keep-philip-rivers I know you think that if a deal isn't done a year in advance then the guy is as good as gone, but the Chargers and Rivers still have months to negotiate. As little as a few weeks ago people were claiming Russell Wilson was going to play out his deal and hit free agency, and now he's cashing a $31 million check. As you say, Rivers likely has 3-4 good years left. The two franchise tags would be very expensive, but they would also leave no residual dead money to foul up their cap. They are not likely getting a deal out of him for less than $55 million guaranteed, so if they are thinking he's unlikely to be a Charger in 2018 they could pay him more upfront and get a clean cap situation. Of course this all assumes they actually succeed in moving to LA within Rivers' career. If they don't move in the next few years, none of this matters. Also, you claim that the Chargers aren't winning the super bowl in the next three seasons. Why not? They are in a weaker division then we are. And then, you just pointed out in the other thread that our defense without him was bad: So how are we Super Bowl contenders without Dareus AND three firsts if San Diego isn't right now? Either Rivers can carry a team or he can't.
  8. The point you are blowing by is that even if those rumors existed, that doesn't make them true. They could have been spread by the Titans or by Rivers' agent. Even if those rumors were true, we wouldn't have been able to offer what the Titans could: A franchise QB prospect. As good as Dareus is, he's not elevating San Diego. And our first rounders wouldn't come through until 2016 and 2017 - at which point they would likely be even further back in the draft since we would be playoff/SB contenders. San Diego was in the 2nd round of the playoffs two years ago and controlled their own playoff destiny in week 17 this year. They aren't going to blow that up for a defensive tackle and the shot at maybe packaging two firsts to get Connor Cook this year or whatever.
  9. You kind of blew past his point. I'm sure the rumors existed, but there's no proof they came from the Chargers. They could have been drummed up by Rivers' agent in an effort to generate contract talks or they could have been started by the Titans to try to get bids on their #2 pick. In any event, we're talking about a deal that probably wasn't on the table in the first place, and we wouldn't have been in a position to make even if it was.
  10. Even if SD would have done that considering we had no 2015 first rounder, we could not possibly afford Rivers after shooting our wad on McCoy, Clay, Harvin, and Hughes. If we brought on an elite QB contract at this point, it would cost us Dareus. True, but at that point he would also be 37 years old and likely on the verge of retirement.
  11. I doubt there is, but I'm legitimately puzzled since that's the second time you've brought that up.
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