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  1. Maybe Riley can be our next Stevie Johnson. Diamond in the rough type guy.
  2. Benejamin is slower than Meathead on the way to the John after drinking a sixxer of Genny Screamers
  3. Hey Sean, over under on how many times you question your sanity today during the game? Me, I'll say early second quarter before I give up.
  4. I met Coastal, Chickie and Coach C at Gabriels Gate about 5 years ago. Coastal and Chickie talked my head off. Coach C couldn't be bothered to talk about anything. It's weird meeting rangers in the real world.
  5. No, no, no. If we trade Tyrod Taylor to the Denver Broncos, we should get Chad Kelly and the actually jockey that rides John Elway around Mile High Stadium. Because Elway had a horse face. Neigh.
  6. It's not like Dennison has done anything here. Tyrod Taylor has had.more success in Buffalo than Dennison has so far. So I don't get why Dennison has any leverage. The offense has regressed here since Dennison has taken over. To Dennison credit, for whatever reason, McBeane has removed some of his talent and replaced it with sub par talent. So there's that in his favor. I don't buy it. I mean, he could very well have said it, but I don't think Rico has a leg to stand on. Dennison was a puppet OC in Denver, he didn't call the plays. Shouldn't he be in prove it mode? He's not a bona fide OC. To hell with him.
  7. It's not the fans the Bills need to worry about. It's Joey Bossa and company on defense. Peterman needs to get the ball out quick and Buffalo needs to establish the run. Too bad our o line blows.
  8. This was fun to read. Glad to see the Range back to it's old self.
  9. Tyrod has a pretty solid rating when being pressured. But how was he supposed to operate from the pocket when it collapsed on him before he could go through his reads? This offense just wasn't meant for taylor's skillset.
  10. Really dumb! Either the refs have an agenda or the rules are so convoluted that nobody can keep them straight. A fumble is a fumble! How the fuck was that a forward pass!?
  11. The Bills have signed bit players early on in free agency in the past, before signing top tier players. It wouldn't surprise me if the price is right and Spikes is comfortable here, seeing him sign early. I'm agreeing with most though, sign your priorities, then sign Spikes if he is still around.
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