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  1. We are all Bills fans here. Everyone let's just be friends and support this team and board that we have been a part of for over a decade.
  2. Jerry Sullivan is a shit starter. Like wtf nice life man, causing this unnecessary tabloid talk on social media to stay relevant? We made playoffs 2/3 seasons, it's coming together. Yes this year was bitter sweet and we had way higher expectations, fair enough, but let's not forget about the last 20 years of misery that we all endured.
  3. Summed this up perfectly, was having the exact same thoughts.
  4. My takeaways: Zay Jones needs to go. Knox needs more touches. Allen needs to cut the sloppy shit out. I admit being one calling for his head by the half. The story is getting old. Barkley had some bad passes that COULD have been caught and should be caught in big games like this. Our punter whatever his name is sucks. Our defense is the god damn truth and it really sucks the O couldn't do much to give them the justice they deserved. WTF is going on with all the money we spent on the O-line this offseason? Ford also getting bitch slapped all season.
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