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  1. A 4th in 2015???? Really, I don't get why we wouldn't hold onto a proven starter, when all we get in return is a 4th next year that statistically will wash out of the league within 3 years. They better use the 8 million or so cap savings to resign someone already on the team. You can bet it will be a very high 4th rounder too. Basically a 5th.
  2. I like the idea of Hurst in the 3rd. Didn't he break his leg last year and has been unable to workout, causing him to slide?
  3. I agree with holding onto him until we know what we have in the rest of the WR's. Unless we get a 3rd or better in this years draft. San Fran has plenty of picks and can use a WR. I got the feeling at the end of last year that Stevie was frustrated. If that is the case, he does us no good anyway.
  4. It's not the worst line even in our own division, I agree. LG killed us last year. I'm sure it limited Glenn as well. Pears wasn't terrible, but he wasn't that great either. I think Williams is a step up from Legurski for sure, how much we won't know until they play. Pears needs to be replaced with some younger, nastier legs. Then Spiller nor EJ will have any excuses. I would also add that we ran a lot, so giving up a ton of sacks should not be expected. I do remember a lot of those runs being stuffed behind the line of scrimmage, so it is either Spiller or the line. Freddy didn't have as much trouble, so..........
  5. You are correct that Koundijo is the best tackle left, but I fear his knees are worse than some fear. If his knees were OK, chances are he doesn't make it to us. I have heard from multiple media sources that say his knees have been bad since high school and that he has just played through it. If true, we'd be lucky to get 16 games at the NFL level out of him. NFL network is saying that several teams have taken him off their boards all together due to his health concerns. I don't want to risk him getting hurt early on and we're back in the same boat. With a second round pick we need someone without huge red flags.
  6. I love Watkins in a Bills uni. The real big question is still, can we complete our Oline? If not, I think EJ struggles to get Watkins the ball. Then what? If EJ steps up, next years #1 is a moot point. If not, it will be a long and painful offseason next year. Watching Cleveland with their own top 10 pick, plus our top 10 to go with it. The Bills franchise has made me a glass half empty guy. I need to see it to believe it. If we can get a starting RT in this draft, it will all fall on EJ to make it work. If we don't get one, EJ still has excuses, but no #1 pick next year to rectify our problem. I do love that Whaley is trying, this is not the same old Bills regime.
  7. First off let me say that I love Dareus as a Bill. Happy we have him on our team. With that said it is against the rules to smoke weed. Right or wrong, that is the rule. I would love to be getting high right now, but my job does not allow it. Since I need my job, I go by the rules. Yes he is young and has millions in the bank, so maybe he doesn't get it. Hopefully he will for the sake of our team.
  8. Yes I would take Bruce over Kiko and McKelvin. My only arguement would be that McKelvin should not have been our #1 pick, but your logic does make sense. I would also add that if Clowney is the next Bruce Smith, don't buy his jersey, cause he will be gone after year 5. Kiko and McKelvin could actually retire as Bills. Now I am just nit picking, I know, the negative Bills fan in me always finds a way out.
  9. About Murray, I like that you brought in insurance against EJ either getting hurt again, or busting. I fear that Murray may have already reached his ceiling. Is he a good QB, yes. Will he continue to grow as a player, not so sure. The guy I like is AJ McCarron. I think he is this years Kirk Cousins. I think AJ was actually held back at Alabama. He was never asked to put the team on his shoulders, but when he had to he could. He had some huge passing games that went unnoticed, mainly because Alabama had so much else to talk about. With that said, I think you have to grab AJ by round 3 in order to get him.
  10. All valid points. Like I said in a different thread about the same topic, there are going to be 2 sides on this debate. Me personally, I would like to see as many new faces as possible on the team come September. The guys we had last year just didn't get the job done. Having a player like Clowney takes 2 or 3 new faces off this team that could make a difference, or maybe not, who knows.
  11. My point was for as much as we ran the ball, we didn't get quality production from running it. If you lead the league by miles away in attempts, are you happy not to lead in yardage gained? For every 10 yard run Spiller had, he had 3 stops behind the line of scrimmage. I agree we need WR help, but we still need Oline help too.
  12. Best Bills mock I have seen. Love Van Noy at two, but do you really think he is the best all around LB in the draft? Kalih Mack? I would take this draft today and go home if I were the Bills. I think this mock addresses our 3 biggest needs in the first 3 picks. Just what you would want.
  13. And Clowney, while he looks the part, could fizzle just as easily as the 2-3 draft picks we have to give up. And they will not be late round picks to move up to number 1. We are going to have to give up multiple picks in the top 100. The chances of striking out on those picks are not as great as beyond the top 100. I foresee us as the NY Jets if we got Clowney. Very good defense, below average offense, losing games 17-13 each week. Wishing we had someone bsides Pears as our RT. Wondering why we are stuck with an aging Keith Rivers at LB. Who are we going to draft late in the 2015 draft to replace Spiller, since we won't have early picks? Wondering why Chandler is still our leading receiver. Too many holes on this team to give it all up for Clowney.
  14. That and a couple of dollars will get you a cup of coffee. There are going to be two sides to this argument. I stand on the side of not giving up what we have on a hope and a prayer. We need picks. We need starters and depth at more than 1 position. We need picks to fill those voids. I could care less about losing Spiller, but those picks we will have to give up, are in my opinion, what will get us to the playoffs, not Clowney.
  15. I would love a new stadium, but would absolutely hate the high ticket prices that will inevitably follow. How many people think we sell out a new stadium if ticket prices suddenly double? How many season tickets will get sold if you have to buy PSL's in order to by season tickets? I won't even get into the fact we are not really worth watching at the current ticket prices. I get the need, but I also completely understand that WNY is in serious economic depression. We struggle to fill the Ralph with some of the cheapest ticket prices in the NFL. I think that is partly why the Toronto series failed. We couldn't sell out a 50,000 seat stadium 90 minutes from Buffalo, due to ticket prices and the product on the field.
  16. The NFL wants a new stadium in Buffalo. The owners want more revenue from our area. This is more about keeping up with the Jones', than keeping the Bills in Buffalo.
  17. I want a starting tackle, LB depth, RB depth and a QB to push EJ. We are not getting that by trading away picks. I don't see Clowney as the one player that gets us over the hump. All getting Clowney would do is assure that Mario is on his way out, get EJ killed on opening day, and we are talking about the draft again by November. The only thing the Bills will win this year is the first round of the draft. News flash, this team is not good. We need players, and lots of them. This reeks of the TO marketing scheme.
  18. If you read that report in the first line it says he is not overly physical. Then the very last line it says he has the toughness of Percy Harvin. How can you be tough but not physical? I think we all also need to remember that just because we seem to have decent WR's on the roster this year, doesn't mean we are set. I think it is a very real possibility that Stevie is a cap casualty next year, especially if his replacement is already on the roster going into next offseason.
  19. I agree with your assessment. The only thing I can think of to argue against your point is that we do not have a true #1 out of all of the WR's we do have. Can Beckham be a true #1? I kind of think he falls right into what we already have in Stevie, Woods, and Williams. A decent to very good #2. I do like him better than Goodwin, TJ, and so on. I would rather wait until the 2nd and grab Jordan Matthews, another #2 most likely. But then again, I could be wrong.
  20. I thanked you for this post, but I am not sold on the fact that our WR's were that bad. I think it had more to do with a rookie QB and nothing in terms of depth behind him when he got hurt. Woods and Stevie are capable WR's from last years squad.
  21. Watkins is the real deal I believe. Watkins catches everything, even in heavy traffic, and can run after the catch. He will not get past the Rams at 2. They will get their OT at 13, either Lewan or Martin. The Rams would be beyond stupid to pass him up, since they have needed a WR since Tory Holt retired.
  22. I like Martin. I am hoping we can trade down with St. Louis and grab him.
  23. I think there is a small window in 2019 that lowers the relocation fine considerably. Then it goes back up. I could be wrong though.
  24. So if a potential owner keeps their intentions a secret, then this is all a moot point? It says "the club shall not "sell, assign or otherwise transfer the team to any person who, to the Bills' knowledge, has an intention to relocate, transfer or otherwise move the team ".
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