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  1. Need more detail on the seriousness of the injury. Torn pectoral is kinda vague. Could be a full blown tear or a slight tear. I'm no doctor, so I don't know the difference in recovery time, but since it's still July, I'll wait for the team to tell me if it's good or bad.
  2. He throws a lot of balls away too instead of forcing. He doesn't throw a ton of picks.
  3. Can you quote where anyone said they have a problem with End Racism written in the endzone please? Can we now let DeAngelo Williams wear pink highlights in his hair to support his mother and breast cancer awareness, or is that going too far? Hypocrites!!
  4. So are the Bills being snubbed, or is McDermott and company that good at getting the most out of average players? Like it or not, we are and were last season, a top 10 NFL team. 47th is our highest rated player?
  5. Great story, be even better if he won. But can't we stop with Reggie Bush as a Bill?
  6. I bitch about LB depth yearly. I've never been completely sold on Milano, he's a nice player, but we could do better. And I thought this prior to last years playoff whiff that cost us the game. It would have been nice to draft 1 or 2 lb's to compete.
  7. PR move to appease the season ticket holders that left with Brady. Newton is broken. I'm not worried.
  8. Frankly, Kim and Terry's opinion of the man mean very little to me. Hoping for the best, it's what we always do.
  9. The game was blacked out in Buffalo. I went to a friend's house who lives on a hill, turned his outdoor antenna east, and watched the game on a fuzzy Syracuse station.
  10. I'm guessing barring injuries, Bass would need an entire camp to unseat Hauschka. He may not get a fair chance to become our kicker.
  11. We probably should be taking into account that this will be only his 4th year as a head coach. I would imagine, much like a college player having to adjust to the NFL game, 1st time head coaches too could have a learning curve. Hopefully McDermott can grow on the job just like we hope our players do.
  12. KC and San Fran will take herculean efforts to win. I think Seattle having to come here hurts them, making that a winnable game. Arizona is kind of an enigma right now, but I'd say it's a toss up. Drew Lock will hopefully struggle mightily against our defense, not too worried about Denver, although we still have to score.
  13. I'm already making plans for my long awaited return to the Ralph. Sunday night December 13th, all day tailgating. It'll be fandamonium! A Bills loss to the Titans in, I think 2012, was my last trip to the Ralph.
  14. Unless they use him differently than us, straight up the gut, he doesn't worry me much. Happy for him though.
  15. The only way we're winning by 25 is if this defense pitches a shutout. And even then the offense still has to score 25.
  16. I sincerely hope the 2020 Bills don't turn out like the 2019 preseason darlings, the Cleveland Browns.
  17. I wanted o line in the draft too. The pick up of Adam's is potentially a steal however. I do think our line is ok, but not great. They won't dominate too many d lines. If someone like Adams or Williams could step up and take the RT job, allowing Ford to go to RG, I think we would be set with starters and quality depth. Basically I think our line is leaps and bounds better with Ford at guard.
  18. I'm ok with the draft. I'm factoring in Diggs as our 1st round pick. I gave Mcbean a B. Would have liked more Oline and LB depth, but everything else seems set.
  19. I just posted in another thread, we got a poor man's Shaq Lawson. Not sure what makes you think he's better. They're both good run stoppers, but Shaq is a better pass rusher. We downgraded.
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