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  1. Daboll might get poached, but it's not a definite. His resume prior to this year is almost laughable. Aside from the 1 year as Alabama's OC, it is laughable. And I don't think him being the TE coach in New England raises his stock.
  2. I think offenses have finally figured out how to use the rules against the defenses. There are way too many rules restricting defenses from doing their jobs. That's a league wide thing. On th home front in Buffalo, our Dline is just not as good as last year. Nobody on the line is as good as Star and Phillips were last year. Lawson is missed against the run as well. We are generating almost no pressure on QB's, and with the zone coverage that we seem to love to run, I'm guessing due to our lack of LB's (we miss Alexander too), our DB's are left to do all the work, tackling and covering. Our draft will be defensively dominated next year. We need run stoppers and pass rushers badly. I'm also starting to think Edmunds would be better at outside LB. He always seems like he's a step behind. I wonder if he's busy thinking instead of reacting?
  3. Me and a buddy were talking about Brady in Tampa opening day. He said he hoped Brady got destroyed. I told him I hoped Brady takes them to the super bowl. My buddy proceeded to throw insults at me, and I explained, how cool would it be to BEAT Tom Brady in the the Super bowl?? Kill 2 birds with 1 stone kind of thing, ending 2 curses at once. My buddy was all Mind Blown!!
  4. John McClain from the Houston Chronicle has been on every talk show imaginable just absolutely trashing Earl Thomas as a teammate. Thomas is apparently signing with the Texans. He said it was unanimous in Baltimore and Seattle to get rid of him. He made him sound like the T O of safteys. I know T O came here and was fine, but you know what I mean. Locker room cancer apparently. No thanks.
  5. If the Bills would have lost, it probably would have been a bigger issue. File it under no harm, no foul.
  6. So it was just execution?? I have a hard time believing that's all that's wrong. I don't think we have anyone playing DT this year as good as Star or Jordan Phillips. And for all his shortcomings as a sack specialist, Shaq Lawson was above average at stopping the run. I don't think we reloaded as well as the koolaid drinkers told us we did. Expect defense early and often in the next draft.
  7. We need to start off fast on offense. They are going to run and use Waller over the middle to control the clock and keep Allen and company off the field. Offense will need to be efficient since our defense hasn't really stopped anyone except Gase.
  8. Letting Jordan Phillips go hurt, and apparently Star was more important than I thought. No depth at LB. Defensive ends aren't as good as advertised. And Josh Norman is the new Shawn Merriman.
  9. Come on man don't be like this. He could still shit the bed. But I think you're right.
  10. We should win easily. But until these Bills prove to me that they're not the same old Bills, meaning what we've been accustomed to for the past 20 years, then they're still the same old Bills. I predict today might get hard to watch.
  11. I'm guessing the acoustics are very different from stadium to stadium, when you have to consider where the announcers are sitting and what their microphones are picking up.
  12. It's starting to become maddening. I'm a Josh Allen fan. He's fun to watch and I feel like we're never completely out of games because he can move the offense. But that's starting to fade, because I'm almost equally confident that he will do something boneheaded. For all the good he does, his 1 or 2 mistakes seem to offset the good.
  13. More than likely for the same reasons he had a first round grade but slipped to the end of the second. He's not ready for the big time.
  14. Just pizza for me, since unfortunately wings aren't considered food.
  15. He has to be released in order to get put on the practice squad. This isn't necessarily an indictment on the kid.
  16. Maybe 75,000 or more Bills fans can show up and tailgate just off property, bring your big screens you bought with your Trump stimulus checks or got looting and call it a protest.
  17. I think Cam at the time, was signed to appease the season ticket holders that were jumping off bridges.
  18. I'm happy for McCoy to land on a playoff caliber team. I think he'll to well in the pass happy Arians offense. He's going to get a lot of Brady dump offs, plus he's a decent pass blocker.
  19. Yeah at guard. Don't forget he's our primary backup at center too. While Morse faired well last year staying healthy, he's still a big injury concern for me.
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